DA Confusion for the 12th of October, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

30 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 12th of October, 2018

  1. All finished, quickly for me today. Had top mostly done first, which led to the 2 long clues and the rest fell out easily after that.
    Some insipred guessing helped.
    Liked 25a, 26a, 27a and 5d.
    Good luck all.

  2. All out. Very quick for me.
    Had all but 3 out before I went to bed. They fell out this morning.

  3. That was the easiest DA ever I think, for me – under 12 minutes. FOI 5A, LOI 13D. Fave probably 12A.

  4. Morning, fellow Trippers!

    All out, but unsure of my answer to 18A, don’t quite understand parse. My answer fits the definition more so than other possibilities, though. Sure of 12A, and where its “mean” sits, but not how the rest is derived.

    Also, Arthur C. headed off to hospital for an op, copy of today’s DA in hand. All best wishes for a full recovery …

  5. Celia: put the first word of the clue and the last word of the answer together, as a phrase.

  6. That was for 18A of course; for 12A could be another clue error, ‘on’ might be meant to be ‘anon’ or ‘know’, something like that I think.

  7. Celia,
    12a, my solution was the word was flanking and reversed; based on wings and losing. Happy for a better explanation from someone else.

  8. Andrew T (and Margaret)

    Sorted the wordplay for 12A … if the giant becomes wingless …

    Your hint for 18A makes no sense to me! … because haha, I had the wrong 2nd word, I’d taken “crew” as a verb. Would suggest “crew, say, …”. So all out, all understood, happy solving everyone!

  9. I have a different take on 12a, with ‘wings’ as an inclusion indicator and ‘losing’ as a reversal indicator.

  10. Help please 25As. I don’t get the wordplay for the first two words of the answer to 1d,7d

  11. Mike
    My take for 1,7: drawn to = 1-6, pitch =7-9

    25a baked is anagrind, perform the last two words first!

  12. Well, I didn’t know 5d 23d was Peruvian till today. Life’s full of surprises.

  13. GeoffM
    The two films are great, particularly the back story that opens the first film! But after seeing either, you’ll likely never use a toothbrush again?!

  14. Neanderthal, I just thought that losing might switch the ‘on’ around. A bit lose, but I am not convinced by other explanations.

  15. SandyM re 12A, the “on” could be replaced by “if” or “when” and would not change a wordplay that leaves the “wings” only indirectly clued. The clue ends with a question mark, after all, and can be translated as “Video giant is ‘mean’ if it loses its wings”; there is no need to clue the “wings” as your general knowledge should supply those missing letters.

  16. Celia,
    I can see that as an answer. In this case it is unfortunate he used “on” as it muddies the waters a bit. I still think losing could be thought of as a “backward step” but your answer is more elegant.

  17. Margaret, probably just a coincidence, can see neither hint nor red herring in the clue’s construction.

  18. Thanks Celia, I just got it. I was working the wrong way. The video giant is mean on losing its wings. I had broken up the clue and was trying to work out how to put the two letters around mean.

  19. Arthur’s 89, so could be troublesome for him, and while he’s in hospital I can’t contact him directly. Will pass on best wishes when I can. At least he’s armed with a copy of today’s puzzle, hope it doesn’t make him cranky though!

  20. Celia’s take on 12a satisfies me. Thanks Celia. Otherwise a quick Friday — thanks David for the extra half-hour in the veggie patch.

  21. Celia,
    Thanks for passing on best wishes. Hopefully today’s won’t be too bad for him. Not as difficult as some have been.

  22. A quick one for me too, which is nice. Good to have a range of difficulty. Some parsing issues: I still don’t get 12A fully even with the explanations so far. I can’t quite slot in the letters of 8D although got the answer fast.

  23. 12a – take the wings off the video giant to get “mean”.
    8d – reacts to – answer.
    Sneers – sporadically up
    Pole aboard spacecraft.

  24. Celia, Ta. Back home today, keyhole surgery to correct two hernia, small umbilical, larger sinistral inguinal. No heavy lifting for three weeks, so probably should have ignored DA, have scarecely looked at it, half a dozen answers.

  25. I have ideas about 16D and 17A but can’t make them work. any suggestions? For the rest, perfect return for me after 3 months DA-free!

  26. Tony Maher
    17A double definition
    Sees/oasis tucker
    16D a reversal (uppity) of witness 8,7,1 enclosing old money (old money is 2-6) defn “schools”

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