DA Confusion for the 5th of October, 2018

Get your confusions about the AFL trade period and DA’s latest sorted out right here.

45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of October, 2018

  1. my autocorrect is feral, so “a tissue” is autocorrect for “a tussle”.

  2. Will have to listen to that later Celia when the rest of the house is awake.

    I found some of today’s non-themed words difficult to parse, mainly because of unusual indicators. Lack of knowledge in the visual arts also let me down. But otherwise google-free.

    Haven’t parsed the key 30A yet. I can see a possibility if the last letter was different. But in the dark right now after being woken by the wonderful sound of rain. (No hints please. .. too early.)

  3. Wow I struggled today. Just could not get it. Over an hour and only had two. Then finally lucked one of the themed clues. Boom – done.
    But really just good luck rather than good work today for me.
    Agree with Gayle regarding cluing – DA was a bit harder today I think.

  4. Gayle, I think DA may have misclued 30A wordplay … the “like” and “main” overlap, and the final letter is stranded.

    I’ve only scanned the crossword so far, but able easily to do seven in my head, though 1A and 2D of those belong in the visual arts area, 1A in wordplay at least, and there are at least two films with 2D as their title.

  5. Complete, but can’t help with 30a parsing. I had 4a, 12a and 13a which led to my answer for 30a.
    Got top half very quick, but very slow with bottom half.
    NW corner completed first (and quickly).

  6. Don’t understand 11A at all. Have first & last letters. Any hints to help find the central letter?

  7. Leica,
    11a, definition is first word. …. case blown, means remove outside letters of a word for finance.

  8. Funny how it goes, AndyW. Bottom half went in first for me,
    Maybe there is an error in 30A, which would be an unfortunate bungle in the key to a themed crossword. As a standalone word and using the clue as is, my take is that the 5th letter should be the same as the 2nd, which of course is not the correct answer and won’t fit with 17D.
    Doing my head in. Ray, are you still there? Anyone?

  9. I spent way too long on 11A, my first attempt, jumping on it as a possibility for a themed word, thinking that they were going to be acronyms. I only got it after getting 29A!

  10. Yep – back – was literally “in flight”.
    30A – I am not sure, but had the 5 letter word (rather than the 3 letter word) for “main” and had “like” board. But it is iffy I agree.
    Could well be mistake as detailed above, but I tend to think not at this stage.

  11. Easiest one for a while for me, as the theme was easy and gave it all away. Done in 28 minutes; FOI 30A, LOI 24A. SE corner was all in before I got any others.

    Either I cannot parse 30A or it is broken!

  12. Returning after three internetless weeks. Only found three answers so far. Mrs C 90 yesterday! Got a manual typewriter for a present, inspired gift from elder daughter.

  13. Flying along now. But city in 21D. I think I have right one, but how does it fit clue?

  14. From David Astle …

    Aunty isn’t the only one with ‘board’ problems. Sorry for the glitch. Try ‘…treaty group and deficient main boards (5)’ @smh @theage #hardenough

  15. Having listed the members of two treaty groups (thanks, Wikipedia) I found the solution fairly simple – but it still took a lot of time (I wish DA was on a Saturday). I came here because I was perplexed by 30A. The mea culpa from the great man assuaged my chagrin!
    Catch you next week!

  16. ArthurC 21D: “quite daring” gives letters 1-3. “Travel over” letters 4,5. “Centre of Panama” letters 6,7.

  17. thanks Andrew T, I couldn’t think of another city that fitted my letters 1,3,5,7 but still have trouble matching your clue above, so maybe I’m still wrong? Italian city? food related?

  18. How does 16 down work? We have all the answers but are still (as usual) confused.

  19. Helen Aitchison – 16D – “Current PM’s” = 1,4,5,6. “completely depleted”= 2,3. “cracking up” = 8,7.

  20. Ray Haha! I see. I thought Sir Astle had made a mistake and was referring to our previous PM.

  21. You weren’t alone there, I did too, Helen, the crosswords are submitted well in advance of publication. A nice red herring, though!

  22. All done.
    Glad I wasn’t alone with the issue for 30A.
    Got the idea for the theme from 18a.
    I liked 25d.
    16d could’ve been a risk; given the parlous state of politics and the time between setting and publishing.
    I did find some of the answers just a tad convoluted.
    I always like the themed ones.

  23. Hey, Bulgaria was in the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence but never formally part of it.

  24. When looking at the clue for 12a I was amused when I thought of another “Greek with Attitude” that fits, fairly well, with the clue. I wonder if DA was implying this as well.

  25. Started about 4PM. 30A was dead obvious apart from the error in the wordplay, which I ignored. That immediately gave me a list of ten potentials, which I gradually winnowed, rather in the fashion of sudoku (at which I am totally hopeless). Finished about 2 hours later. The big bug was one of the ten (the 5-letter one) that uses a different name nowadays from the name in the answers.

  26. hi Pal, not the best clue in the world, 24A is two homophones (“reporter” is a homophone indicator) with the definition “swinger’s pastime?”, “outcry” is loosely 1-7, “break down” loosely 8-11. Answer is a sport similar to two or three others. I could be more specific, that would be a spoiler, but to ease you,along the 5th letter might give you a hint to the fourth. Hope that helps.

  27. I liked this one overall, a nice start to the weekend this morning. I also assumed 30A without quite getting it. I missed the parsing for 11A but got it from 29A. I don’t get the parsing for 22Dat all, can anyone explain it to me?

  28. 22d – “2 way” is first and last letter and symbol is “inscribed”.

  29. Carol re themed 22D
    Two way letters 1 & 6
    symbol letters 2-5
    inscribed a clever illusion indicator.

  30. Sorry Phil for replying to Carol, got discombobulated, had a reply ready to send and lost it somehow.

  31. If anyone looks in this late, I only got to it today and have managed except for 17d, of which I can see nothing above. I think I have an answer, but I have no idea how it works.

  32. SandyM, re 17D,
    Apply “barely” to the two words following it! Cheers!

  33. I’ve been at a conference and didn’t get to DA until this afternoon on the plane. So relieved to find out about 30a!! I was totally stumped on the wordplay, even though I was pretty convinced of the answer pretty early on.

    Rob L. 6.51pm – yes, a rare slip in the DA Quick!!

  34. No worries Celia it’s all good! I didn’t mean to ignore your post, I didn’t see it till after I had replied to Margaret for which I received a notification.
    You’re a DA champion.

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