DA Confusion for the 28th of September, 2018

Don’t be confused before the Grand Final this week. Get your confusions straightened out right here.

48 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of September, 2018

  1. Done and dusted. About average I thought for DA.
    Nothing outstanding for me – maybe 6D.
    Happy solving all.

  2. I agree with Ray, nothing outstanding. NE corner first completed, NW corner the last. 15a and 17a were first in.
    Good luck all and Go Pies!

  3. Well I was happily misdirected all over the place today. ‘Copied Astle cryptic’ led me a merry dance. until I got crossers. Several stabs at anagrams that weren’t, fooled by the letter counts. Got my luxury cars and their designers’ origins wrong. Learned something I should have known about the English composer.
    Enjoyed the play on ‘still’. Freud was fun, for once. Liked the boomerang clue.

    Quibble about the definition in 8D.
    Was looking for a rebus type clue in 1A, but couldn’t find it, so I still don’t get the ‘naive’. Or is the whole clue a cryptic definition?

  4. Just over 30 minutes today. FOI 4D, LOI 1D.

    Agreed on 8D, IMO def should have started with “giving” not “getting”.

    Still working on ‘naive’!

  5. Done and dustied, just like he was sadly. I’d love to know what time you 6.00am finishers start!

  6. Pretty straightforward today for the most part I thought.
    Having said that, could I please request a subtle clue for 14d?

  7. Will have a go at subtly scratching the surface for 14D JRRRRR. The clues give Letter 1, and Letters 2-8. If you need more , sing out.

  8. Thanks Gayle, I was on the right path but turns out I had 15a slightly incorrect.

  9. All out, all understood. Favourite the definition for 24A. Instant answer 20D. Head scratcher 21D (finally twigged). Spent ages I shouldn’t have finding first word of 12D. Had never encountered 14A as defined. 16D was very clever! Also liked 11A, once I realised it was only a partial anagram, the puzzle opened up for me.

  10. Took a while for the penny to drop for 1A.
    Agree on the iffy definition for 8D.
    Still not sure of the wordplay for the last word in 6D.

  11. Tim C, 6D is &lit. the whole clue is the definition, the typography contributing!

  12. All done, had some spelling issues on a couple of clues but had the logic right.

  13. Just starting

    While red-lining the word boundaries, two fell out instantly … 11A and 5D. I have been waiting for YEARS for someone to clue 5D.

    Hopeful of getting it out in short order today

  14. Celia,
    you can’t really say it’s an &lit. The whole clue is definition, yes, but only a portion of the whole clue gives the wordplay. An &lit involves entirety for both facets.

  15. I haven’t quite figured out all the wordplay for 18D. I see the obsession but can’t parse the final 4 letters.

  16. StuartR, last 4 obtained by a two-letter word for “on” quitting a six-letter “attire”.

  17. OOPS, sorry all – accidental spoiler in last post. Should have read “outfit”.

  18. I believe I know the answers to 2D and 14D, but cannot work out the wordplay for the life of me.

    Just a few more in the NW to get.

  19. As soon as I posted that, I pegged 2D wordplay but I feel like “Doctor” is incomplete.

  20. Am I missing an Aussie slang meaning of ‘lob’ in 24a? (I have DA to thank for a lot of my acquired knowledge of Strine, starting with ‘come the raw prawn’ in one of the first crossword of his I ever did – but my ignorance is never-ending!)
    I’m left at a loss with 19a, which I don’t think anyone has mentioned – I have all the crossers and the first word seems obvious, but #7?

  21. Mr Indigo, “code ignoring lyric work gives letter 1. 2-9 are a synonym for even ‘on recital'(sounds like).

    Mary, #7 refers to a letter. Start counting.

  22. Mary, ‘lob’ colloquially, usually with ‘in’ or ‘up’. He always lobs up in time for dinner.

  23. Thanks, Tim & Gayle. My ignorance showing again – I’ve never come across that use of #

  24. Not sure if you have the definition, Mary, for 19A. It requires a bit of Aussie local/ remote/underground knowledge.

  25. Evening all, long-time reader, first time poster here. I’m more of a Thursday cryptic plonker, and am usually lucky to get a single word on a DA, but with the public holiday today I’ve scrapped my way through to almost completion (cheating all the way with thesauruses, crossword solvers, anagram solvers, and all of your clues). Please help me finish! I just need help on 1D, 12D, 13A

  26. Will :
    1D – reverse a car. Defn = last 2 words.
    12D – defn = first 2 words. Hard to give much else without given it away.
    13A – defn = last 2 words. “converts” = anagrind with fodder the first 3 words.

    Hope helps completion.

  27. Sorry – 13A – defn = “Still” – last word gives letters 1,5. And letters 2,3,4 come from “in gear”.

  28. Thanks Ray, that did it! Never heard of that idiomatic use of 12D before…

  29. All out without needing the Trippers help but a few not understood. Would love help with the wordplay for 2d, 7d , 18d plus the 13th letter of 19a.


  30. Jason L:
    2D – “Doctor” gives 1,5,6,7.
    7D – 5,4,3,2,1 and then 6,7 for “extreme temperatures”.
    18D – explained above y AG at 1:59
    19A – 13th letter= #7

  31. I was pleased to get it finished, and thought there were some nice plays there. I had to confirm my guess for 21D with Wiki, and don’t quite get 14A though I’m sure my answer is right.
    What does &lit mean?

  32. Phil – 14A is a modern term referring to people who impersonate others online. There’s actually a great film out at present – Searching – in which it features as a plot element. &lit refers to where the the whole of the clue acts as the wordplay, and also as the definition.

  33. Thanks IanF and Margaret. I find I often pick up a bit of general knowledge (or uber trivia) doing DA!

  34. Lots of fun clues this week, but need help with the wordplay for Freud! (Hope the Pies lose by one kick after the siren -thats schadenFREUDe for you .)

  35. Julie W please cite clue no. when posting, helps searching!
    For 16D
    Try some initial letters for 1-4 & a German connector for the balance!

  36. Julie W. – 16A – Defn = “Freud”.
    “Study In Gender Measured faces” gives SIGM.
    “plus” = and (in English) = UND (in German which is Freud’s nationality).

  37. Ok Celia – I promise ! Also I agree with you that 6d was entirely &lit – there are no ‘O’s in the word ‘venue’ so the wordplay, as well as the def, was the whole clue. Cheers!

  38. Oh thank you, Julie W, I didn’t want to get into another argument with someone. 6D definition was the whole clue, the caps pointing to the type of venue. Any element removed, you’d be lost!

  39. Julie W and Celia: The definition of an &lit has been stated many times in this forum. The whole clue needs to be the definition and whole whole clue also needs to be the wordplay. If you accept that the whole thing is the definition, then the whole thing independently must also be the wordplay for the entire answer. I can see a number of Os suggesting part of the solution, but that’s as far as it goes.
    DA never misses a chance to blow his own trumpet, so always uses an “!” at the end of clues he believes are &lits. There’s not one here, so it seems he doesn’t consider it to be one.

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