DA Confusion for the 21st of September, 2018

Don’t be confused: it’s Tiger-time.

Sure, get your DA on, but make sure it’s all done and dusted by the time you see Dusty at the ‘G and the Tigers proceed to the Grand Final.

48 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 21st of September, 2018

  1. All done and understood.
    Not too hard today for me. Plenty of starters today.
    I liked 20a, 28a, 29a and 17d.
    SW corner was last.
    Good luck and GO PIES!
    (& STORM).

  2. Snuck in under 30 minutes today, not great but okay for me.

    FOI 6A, LOI 17D.

  3. Any hints on easy starters please?
    I have 11and 14 but ground to a halt
    Thank you

  4. I started with 6A, other fairly easy ones (IMO!) include 24A, 26A, 8D, 4D, 6D.

  5. All done, though some issue with definition component of 25A.

    Faves: 2D (first out),3D, 5D, 23D (sneaky), and 29A.

    Happy solving.

    p.s. Arthur C. is off grid for a while if anyone’s wondering where he is.

  6. All done except for understanding the wordplay for 13A. Favourite was 2D. Never come across 1D, 16D or 18D before.

    Try 9A, 6A, 6D Melanie.

  7. 25A is sport related Celia. Adding another word in the clue gives a better definition. The attempt to obscure has led to a poor definition.

  8. Tim C,
    in 13A, 1-4 is a reversal, 5-11 is a slight adjustment to another word.

  9. I can’t get 3D, despite having all the cross letters (unless I’m wrong about14A, which I strongly doubt). Otherwise, I’m slowly getting there.

  10. No, 3D answer is not a colloquial term.

    “up” is a reversal indicator for a synonym of locks at letters 8-5 and a synonym of zip at 4-1, with a bearing at letter 9.


  11. Oh, and the defn for 3D is by 26A as an example, not a physical item, rather an attribute.

  12. Thanks everyone
    Just returned from walking coco the jack Russell
    Brain is ready to go!!

  13. 16D Def is last three words ‘One lobs’ is letters 1-2, 4-9 and ‘negative’ is 3-4.

  14. 28 Is DA able to point to an authority, other than himself, that ‘discontented, means to take the contents from? If he can’t then a question mark is in order to indicate that the clue is out of the ordinary. See 23 for appropriate use of ‘?’.

  15. FHF, why would DA need an “authority” ? He is the compiler and is free to write clues as he sees fit. And I can’t see why a ? is needed at all.
    Are you fairly new to his efforts ? 28a is classic DA as far as I am concerned.

  16. dom
    No compiler is ‘free to write clues as he sees fit’. There are rules and conventions which are required if a solver is to make sense of cryptic clues and if the compiler is to be comprehensible. The clues are written in English and should follow the normal conventions of the language. Such little matters as agreement on tense, number and gender. The question mark is needed in 28a as ‘discontent’ is given a meaning which is not its usual meaning and the question mark is the compiler’s indication that something out of the ordinary is going on. Would you have anagrams without anagrinds, reversals without reversal indicators and homophones without proper indications. Would you say a ‘?’ is not needed for 23? As an
    aside, I have followed DA for many years.

  17. Dom , don’t waste time replying to FHF. He is a known troll here although he’s been missing for a while. He is one of several reasons that I stopped contributing to this forum after being a regular for many years.

  18. Peter, I was not aware of that. I am currently ROFLMAO in wonderment at how a person could actually think like that !!

    Is (s)he the Peter Dutton of the cryptic world perhaps ??

  19. Nearly done but both of the 22s have defeated me. Any hints to nudge me in the right direction? Thanks

  20. Jason, 22A is an anagram of words prior to the anagram indicator “unpacked”, defn last two words.

    22D start with a 9 letter synonym of “mocked”, and remove the string “IRIS”. Definition is “stuffed”.


  21. Thanks Celia.

    Had heard that phrase but didn’t make the connection. Didn’t spot the anagram either. I think “most”, “model” and “unpacked” distracted me as DA has used each of them as other types of indicators in the past.

    No excuses for missing 22d though. Synonym obvious in hindsight.

  22. LJ, I thought it should have been “free kick” but then the clue wouldn’t read well. “Free” is not given as an abbreviation for “free kick” in Chambers. Maybe Macquarie has it (I don’t have a copy).

    Interestingly, one definition of “footy” is “mean”(adj), so you could say that it’s a “footy clue”. ;)

  23. Would someone be kind enough to help me understand wordplay for 23D please? (I need more than “sneaky” and “appropriate use of ‘?'”).

    FWIW I thought 25A was the most amusing clue in the whole thing.


  24. Mr Mutundis, split bootlaces into two words, remove the “way” from “tastily”, and you’re halfway there. Ciao!

  25. Mr M. 23D, split second word in two. First part with first word is definition. Second part is anagrind with third word the fodder after applying way-out.

  26. Peter, rather than responding to my point that compilers are not free to write clues as they see fit you engage in personal insults. To query some of DA’s cluing practices does not make one a troll. (See DA Confusion for 14 th September for a comment by Neanderthal at 11:51 pm. Does his mild criticism make him a troll?)
    Dom, do you really believe that no rules or conventions apply in the world of cryptics? And, no, I am not the Peter Dutton of the cryptic world. I’ve got too much hair on top for one thing.

  27. FHF, please provide the authoritative source for your statement …No compiler is ‘free to write clues as he sees fit’. There are rules and conventions which are required if a solver is to make sense of cryptic clues and if the compiler is to be comprehensible…

    That is simply your opinion, and if you don’t like DA clues, then you are free to not look at his crosswords. They are NOT mandatory.

    Please refrain from making silly comments.

  28. Both of you, please stop! Cryptics are fun, let’s keep arguments about what goes or what doesn’t go out of this forum. Please?

  29. All done.

    Cryptics are I’m the eye of the beholder. I have a friend who thinks DA can be unsporting, and I do find him a bit convoluted at times, but I enjoy them. We are here to help each other out.

  30. dom, three ‘authoratative’ sources : Alec Robins Crosswords Hodder & Stoughton 1975; Don Manley Chambers Crossword Manual 5th ed Chambers 2014; Jonathan Crowther A-Z of Crosswords Collins 2006.
    These I own. If you go to the Book Depository website and type in cryptic crosswords I sure you will find others.

  31. Like Tim C (2:37pm Friday) I’ve got a blind spot on 5-11 of 13A – can’t see Neanderthal’s (11:56am Friday) “another word” or how the wordplay (“where cops ultimately wandered in beat”) clues it. Help please? – “D’OH!” is standing by :-)

  32. Johnno2
    Think of the ultimate letter for “Cops” and see how it has wandered for a word that means beat.

  33. “D’OH!” as forecast, Margaret!
    And answered in just the right measure of retained crypticity, too :-)
    Many thanks!

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