DA Confusion for the 14th of September, 2018

I’m in Melbourne so I’m no longer confused about what’s going on around me.

But I’ll still be confused by some DA clues, I have no doubt.

54 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 14th of September, 2018

  1. Wow. I struggled early on. Took forever to get 14D (had nearly a third in / guessed).
    First in was 23A.
    That led to first hint via 19D.
    Think 2D was my favourite.

  2. I got 16d & 23d first then 19d and then this led me to 14d, from there it was a bit of a slog.
    I liked 17a, 8d, 1a, 1d and 20a.
    Good luck.

  3. I liked the last bit of the instructions, “All other clues are normal” , normal for who? When have DA’s clues been normal?
    Have a good day.

  4. Same here. A bit slow going. Like Ray and AndyW, SW corner was my ‘in’ . Got 14D early on, but despite that still a workout. 2D so far my favourite too. Also liked 17A and 20A.

  5. So hard!!
    I have 16, 23 and 19
    Any help with 14 would be gratefully received

  6. Not a good day … over an hour at this one and barely half done, mostly the southern half. Finally got 14D but it hasn’t helped me much!

    FOI 13A. Others that are good starting points are 21D, 28A, 16D.

    14D: def is last two words of clue. ‘Ready-made’ gives letters 1-5, ‘contract’ letters 6-10.

  7. 25D must be one of the 14?

    I can see how it works – sort of:
    Definition is first three words. Carry out 14D down on a 14D first word, substitute with doctor. The first three letters are an abbreviation for a 14D first word.

    Does this, or something similar apply to the other 13? I think 21D works this way?

    I have 24 across- almost but not quite an anagram.

  8. GeoffL: 25D is indeed one of the themed clues. I think the 14D process is carried out on the completed 25D answer, what is then left gives you a ‘doctor’.

    21D is not a themed clue.

    24A is a themed clue. Def is last word of clue. Theme gives letters 1-3, ‘A-listers’ gives letters 4, 6-10, ’50’ letter 5.

  9. Thanks AndrewT – becoming clearer now

    Does the theme always have a fixed number of letters? I can see such in each of 19D,27A,24A,25D

    I am yellow-highlighting them on the paper copy

  10. > Does the theme always have a fixed number of letters?

    All of them I’ve found so far, yes. And given there are 14 of them, I suspect there are 2 each of the 7 varieties.

  11. For the 14 themed clues, there are 3 or 4 letters not given in the wordplay of the clue.
    These are explained by 14D.

  12. Melanie: Let’s take 20A. The def is the first two words of clue, and is a fairly well know term for that.

    When you get a possible answer to that, use the operation implied in the theme to reduce that word to a remnant segment; ‘ending in battle’ clues part of that segment and ‘zone being evacuated’ the rest of it. If that works out your answer was right!

  13. All out bar 18D. Is it themed? Is it a green? Is it a city?

    Had a “green” answer but its 4th letter zapped by 24A (AndrewT’s parse @ 11:07)

  14. 2 hours, a new record for me in the worst way … 12A LOI.

    18D is not themed – you should have all 14 themes already? Def is first two words of clue. ‘fine’ gives letters 4,5 , ‘quarter’ letter 6, all in ‘Italian city’ letters 1-3,7.

  15. Thanks everyone
    I had the wrong 3 letters doh
    Now 19 answer makes sense!

  16. thanks AndrewT, I’d counted 13 themed, but had overlooked one.

    Liked 5A, 17A, 27A & 25D, some others.

    Happy solving everyone!

  17. AndrewT said: I suspect there are 2 each of the 7 varieties.

    I am very much inclined to believe this but I have it all out, with only 13 theme words, one of which appears three times and two of which appear only once.

    I must have something wrong elsewhere

  18. I fear so, if the iPad answers guide me aright – there are exactly 2 of each variety in its solution, confirming mine.

  19. Is “ordered more issues” the definition in 9D?

    Is the answer to 26D a last testament?

    Jed Clampett would sure like 17A.

  20. I definitely get 2 of each. Enjoyed 2D. Thought 7D and 21D were poorly clued, but maybe I haven’t understood the wordplay properly.

  21. Jack, re 9D, yes.
    Re 26D, no. First word is the definition.
    Jed Clampett and me liked 17A.

  22. Tim C, 7D wordplay looks fine to me. Detailing it here is difficult without a too-obvious spoiler on the definition.

    Plugging away here, about 1/3 to go, mostly in the north. A faint clue on 1A or 1D would be appreciated as my usual collaborator is away.

  23. 1A the first word is the definition, coach is 1-3 and the rest is 4-8.
    1D is a theme clue

  24. > Is “ordered more issues” the definition in 9D?

    Yes, ‘issues’ in the sense of publications.

    > Is the answer to 26D a last testament?

    Different first letter. Def is ‘stuff’ as a verb.

  25. I see it all now

    29A was the only wrong’un … but there is a “track” that fits and has a theme – found it on Indian Wiki

    Didn’t spot 2 because I entered them by rote (3D I got only from the first word – bit of knowledge of plant genuses at work)

  26. Is anybody still around? I’m left with 17a, which has me stumped.
    Does anybody else think ‘oddly’ should be ‘evenly’ in 21d?

  27. OK, got there in the end. Sheer ignorance on my part – never heard the expression or watched the programme.

  28. Yes Mary, I thought so too, re “oddly”.

    Re 17A defn is “crude” aka “black gold” aka … oh ya got it!

  29. Mary, the first word is the definition in 17A. Communique = 1,2,3,6; like = 4,5; essentially 23-across = 7,8.
    The definition can be heard in the opening lyrics of “The Beverley Hillbillies.”

  30. If you are still there Andrew T, thank you, I just got 20a
    I needed to sleep on it!!

  31. Hi all. I don’t understand 23a, but is appears most found it easy. Is the answer Brazilian ‘bread’? How does ‘ready for’ fit in? Also, how does ‘quarter’ clue letter 6 in 18d? Thanks.

  32. David S, re 23A “ready” or “readies” slang for money, Brazil’s currency is a word that in English means “concrete” i.e. “_not abstract”.

    … re 18D a “quarter” can be N, S, E or W, the main points of the compass!


  33. I have an answer for 12 a but cannot parse it . Where does the E come from ?

  34. Pommy – 12A. Themed clue (letters 6-8). Wise investment = defn. Remaining letters are all ‘in circulation’. Absolutely = 1,9,10 (as in an affirmative reply). Transport = 2-5.

    Now then! Am stuck on 2D and 10A. Anyone still round?

  35. Ian F – 2d. Def last 2 words. Themed clue, non theme letters 4,5 give composer (as in compiler).
    10a. def first word. crew letters 1-4, inner peace letter 5

  36. Thanks, Mary! My knowledge of Indonesian geography clearly needs work. Never heard of either.

  37. Your knowledge of Indonesian geography clearly matches mine of the Beverley Hillbillies!

  38. Thanks Celia, I’ve never heard of ready or quarter used in those contexts in crosswords. You learn something new every day, or every Friday (or Fri) at least!

  39. All out. My geography is definitely lacking had to guess the last 2 words based on the theme.

  40. David S, anything goes in cryptic crosswords. Having a broad general knowledge helps. And the more cryptics you attempt, the better you get. Cheers

  41. Re 21D, I have to agree with previous comments. This is the second time this year that I have been baffled by the DA’s use of ‘oddly’. I guess it’s used loosely to mean ‘alternately’ rather than every odd numbered position, so it could be either 1,3,5 etc, or 2,4,6 etc.

  42. Viv,
    you shouldn’t accept loose clueing by any setter. Of all the setters that I have solved both in Oz and UK, none of them use ‘oddly’ for the even letters. I think this was purely an oversight from DA.

    The problem with DA is that his admirable creativity is not always matched by his execution.
    It’s great that he tries to be different but don’t allow lazy, or inaccurate, clueing to be passed off as ‘just his style’.

  43. And David S,
    ‘anything goes in cryptic crosswords’ as long as the clue is fair.
    You shouldn’t need an expert knowledge. Any obscurity should be clued clearly.

  44. Missed this one – another got the DA from last week (Friday 14th September) that they can share?

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