DA Confusion for the 31st of August, 2018

No need to be confused by Korean writing: despite looking like pictograms, it’s actually an alphabet organised in syllable blocks!

(I’m in Korea!)

This is cryptic crossword in Korean (summaghineun natmal): 숨막히는 낱말

And no need to be confused by the DA: have the Trippers set you right.

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 31st of August, 2018

  1. I have finished, the RHS was very slow compared to LHS. No standout clues.

  2. Same here Andy. I don’t know if there were more anagrams than usual, or that they seemed easier to spot. 7D was a new word for me. Liked 8D.
    Shame about 10A. It almost worked. I was awake to the DA tricks in there, but the surface was a bit iffy. I suppose that’s why the ?
    I’ve fallen short of 28A, despite the 3 crossers, of which I’m pretty confident.

  3. Gayle I think you may have 25D wrong if you cannot get 28A. 25D is a collective noun.

  4. Ah, thanks Andy and Peter. I did have 25D wrong. I could (almost) justify it. :-(

  5. Ray, that letter is the hub of ‘tourist’.

    All: letter 8 in the answer to 27A is incorrect in the iPad edition.

  6. AndrewT – thanks. My version of SMH has the clue as:
    “15A – Club restriction on return flying, unfortunately covered airport hub”
    So is “airport” = “tourist” in your version?

  7. Ray: yes, the clue ends with ‘covered tourist hub’ in the iPad edition.

    A few publishing issues today!

  8. Test posting as Arthur C. who’s having problems posting, it’s asking him for a website

  9. Thanks Andrew and Ray – was also confused by airport. Now all makes sense (aside possibly for the parsing of 7D).
    And agree with AndyW that RHS was harder/slower and also that there weren’t any stand outs today.
    All done at a record time (and time of day) for me.

  10. LJ, 7 down is “after game in AFL seconds” 1-4 + “borders on idyllic” 5-6.

    Can someone please parse 2D for me, am a little confused where one component of the charade ends and the next begins.

    Otherwise, all out, all understood.

  11. Celia, 2D: Herb is defn. Butter boosted = 1-3. Stuff = 4,7,8. Or is filling 4,7,8.

  12. Was all going well till the end. Still stuck on 10A and 7D. I thought lunch might help my brain. Clues?

  13. David T,
    hint re 10A start with a buck’s night …

    See my post 11:42 for 7D

  14. Thanks Celia. I saw your post at 11.42 but couldn’t get past the letters for 4-6 which I already had.
    I thought I had 10A but wondered if DA had got the job wrong. That is if I have understood the use of the first word in the clue correctly.

  15. David T a “prompt” is a specific type of 10A, 1-4 is “men only” & 5-9 is *had enTangled”.

  16. Alice, hint re 11A, better and worse are two examples (“say”) & for starters the aircraft is letters 3,4,6 enclosing the captain at 5.

  17. 7D and 25D were new words for me. Otherwise fairly straightforward this week, apart from the apparent misprint in 15A.

  18. Managed to get it all filled in, was left with some uncertainties, but think my answers OK. Second word of 16a, 17D, maybe a couple of others.

  19. re 16A letters1-5 are a fish with its head cut off and “salad” is an anagrind for the words that come before

  20. Thanks again Celia. Maybe I’m being too pedantic but a 10A doesn’t usually prompt.

  21. Finally did sort them all out, first DA I’ve completed without help for ages.

  22. David T, inclined to agree, near enough is good enough sometimes with DA, so park your pedant at the door when entering a DA crossword.

  23. All out.
    Knew the wordplay for 13d but didn’t know the word.
    I’m pretty sure the answer is incorrect for 27a in The Age app. I think the 8th letter is wrong. Could anyone else who uses the app please confirm/deny?
    I also agree that 10a doesn’t usually prompt.

  24. JimH, re 17D
    Defn: roasted
    “grouse” letters 1-4
    “famous” a 5-letter word starting with an “f” which is removed (“without topping”) to give letters 5-8.

  25. Only 27% of today’s post are yours, Miss Fate. A little fewer than your usual 30% or more.

  26. Braindead, you’ve only had this one post today and you chose to use it to troll a regular and helpful contributor! You’ve not contributed anything of worth, so just go away, and stay away until you can contribute something positive.

  27. Celia thanks for confirmation, the app has an x. Drove me nuts as I couldn’t work out what I had wrong, turns out I didn’t.

  28. I’m still stuck on a few. A gentle hint for 23A might get me moving again, if anyone’s still around.

  29. I agree with Celia Re 10a. But probably true if it’s in an amateur situation?
    I appreciate your help Celia

  30. Belatedly, …
    … Thank you Celia for the assistance you have often provided in the past & I agree with Amanda at 9:46 pm.
    Till next time trippers

  31. Leo, The 24A definition is “found”, not in this instance the past tense of “find”.

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