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  1. Good puzzle today. I got 6D early on, made all the related clues easier.
    I liked 15a and 16a, first in was 4a and 6d, last in was 23a.
    Good luck.

  2. Morning, fellow trippers (is “fellow” gender neutral these days, otherwise the masculine shall imply the feminine etc.) …

    Have only glanced at today’s puzzle, but without lifting pen to paper solved 4A, 6D, 1D, 5,20D in just a few minutes. Looks easy peasy, this. Anyone seen the reasonably recent film, A Month of Sundays? I’m reminded of Anthony LaPaglia’s internal monologues therein.

    Cheers, happy solving!

  3. Oh yes, interesting to see a rare and belated correction to DA’s geographic faux pas of 13 July, “German banker” now “Swiss banker”.

  4. Very brusque comment by our host this morning! :)
    I thought he might have referenced the merger, but perhaps the news has made him too cross… (NPI!)

  5. Celia: fellow as an adjective is certainly ungendered. As a noun, not so much …

    Agreed that this was one of the easier ones of late, under 24 minutes for me. Once you get 6d you can make good guesses at half the grid. First in 4a, last in were 18a and 16a.

  6. I enjoyed my Channel 9 cryptic today, thank you David. It was 7d. The vital clue, 6d, was pretty easy, and the rest fell into place. 22a took a bit of research.

  7. GeoffM, DA’s cryptic is the subject of this forum but he otherwise has nothing to with it. Direct any message to him via website http://www.davidastle.com or Twitter @dontattempt. Cheers.

    I think 22A’s major claim to fame was starring in a film but dying of a drug overdose before its completion. A replacement actor having to cover his face with a caped forearm for many scenes created much unintended hilarity and thus it became one of film history’s greatest Golden Turkeys!

  8. Thank you Celia. I have communicated with DA a number of times over the years (under another name), and contributed to Wordwit. I suspect (and I seem to recall reading somewhere) that he occasionally reads these pages, possibly to monitor and perhaps tweak the level of difficulty of his puzzles. And if perchance he doesn’t read my post, I can probably live with it …

  9. Celia: yes you are right, if you include formalin as a drug! The replacement actor was, IIRC, the director’s dentist, and was a full foot taller than 22a.

    The film was Plan 9 From Outer Space. Worth watching for the so-bad-it-is-good value.

    The director was Ed Wood, there is a film about him starring Johnny Depp. Also fun.

  10. AndrewT, I think he died in his sleep, actually, after double checking. I purposely avoided naming the film, a possible spoiler. I knew about Ed Wood, and the Johnny Depp biopic, but haven’t seen it.

    As so bad they’re good films go, I haven’t seen The Room, either, but have seen and enjoyed The Disaster Artist. Cheers.

  11. spijk if you have Twitter a/c, DM me your email to @ABCRustedOnToRN
    specify link or PDF. Cheers

  12. Stuck on 14d. Is the fact that the second word of the clue contains an anagram of a synonym of the first word relevant?

  13. Dave R, re 14D
    No! “cake” definition is a verb, “recollected” an anagram indicator not much more to say than that.

  14. Alice re 16A, “airplay” is a homophone indicator, the two-word homophone being a possible “queen’s reward”. But the definition “queen” is I think an example of the desires single word answer.

    My first stab here incorrectly resurrected a queen from a famous Theban play – the cross-letters matched – but common sense prevailed!

  15. AndyW, I don’t believe 16A is a double definition, but “queen” certainly does double duty.

  16. Celia and AndrewT, the great thing about the movie titled Ed Wood was 22A being played by the great Martin Landau, who won the best supporting actor Oscar for his performance.

  17. Hi everyone
    Nice to see You back Celia
    Any hints for 1d?
    I seem to have all rhs and none on lhs ?

  18. 1d: def is “6 down’s dump” (ie a term a 6d would use instead of the word ‘dump’) so having 6d already would help. ‘Fluctuation’ is an anagrind, with the grist being the 3 remaining words of the clue.

  19. Melania, 1D is clichéd 6D code for a derelict construction requiring much work on the part of whoever buys it. All the 6D-themed clues are along similar lines, they’re 6D-speak. Except 5,20D, of course. See the post before this, though, for wordplay.

  20. I saw 16A as a double definition. First word is a definition by example. The “reward for airplay” is the other definition (a payment to creative types)

  21. Thanks, Peta, and my apologies to AndyW, you are both right, it is a double definition in 16A. I saw it as a homophone for jam & scones with EIIR, what a dill! Ignore my 12:03 pm post. And me a community radio broadcaster for almost 30 years!

  22. I’m pretty sure I have 4d but can’t see how, especially the the first three words of the clue.

  23. Carol, with 4D, for spots think teenage years and then apply first two words.

  24. 13A was new to me – I must move in the wrong circles.
    Re 2D, am I right that letters 12-14 are clued by a very inelegant quasi-synonym?

  25. Mike, unless I’ve missed something, I don’t think 2d is one of DA’s better clues.

  26. Agree with earlier comments that this was one of DA’s easier ones, so I have a much fuller grid than I normally would.

    Need a couple more to finish. Nobody else seems to have had issues with them today.

    Any help on 17,3D or 12A would be great.

  27. Re 2D discussion above, I took cherished to be a containment indicator (took to heart) so that time (10-11,15) cherished living (12-14)

  28. Andrew re …

    Def. the theme
    “pickled” is anagrind for the three word grist following, and the “wine” gives the final 4-letters.

    12A defn finger food plateful? (I think plateful is redundant)
    Clue style: charade
    “mean” 1-3; “characters” 4-6,8,9; “hoarding” “one” at 7. Tuck in!

  29. I agree this one of DA’s easier ones. I am wrestling with 3 clues to finish this is new for me I’m generally still going well into Saturday. Would I be correct in thinking 8A and 18A are financial terms? 23A has me scratching my head more or less.

  30. Ahh, all out now.

    I had tried to use wine in my anagram rather than as a definition for the final 4 letters of 17/3D.

    For 12A, is plateful there to indicate that it is plural and not just one? Not sure who serves 12A in the singular though. I’m sure it must be illegal.

    Thanks for your help Celia

  31. Hi Ian,

    8 and 18 can definitely be financial terms.

    for 23A you need a word that means the same as the first word of the clue then discontent it (take 1 or more letters out) definition is 3rd word

  32. I’m having trouble with 8a and 18a too.
    Ian, a synonym for the first word with the middle removed (dis-contented) should get you a synonym for the last word as a verb.

  33. 8A – occasionally means use every second letter, scoffing = containment, definition is first word

    18A – definition is 8A, since (1-2)

  34. Thank you Andrew and Carol for your help, I walked away and did the washing up and 8A and 23A came to me.I think I have 18A but don’t get the word play think I have 18A. I’ll sleep on it Andrew, thanks again.

  35. Ian 18a has 8A def with since 1,2 adjusted 3-5
    I’m all done for once but stumped on wordplay for 13A it’s just a bit too canny for me. Maybe Andy’s heritage getting him into the races for free is tye’d into it somehow?

  36. Star sign, re 13A wordplay

    Split the clue at the hyphen, definition is “tie”, “breaker essentially” gives letter 1, “Andy Murray, maybe” the rest.


  37. Starsign, again, re 13A …
    Oh, yes, the “tie” shares a name with a famous racecourse!

  38. Thankyou Andrew M @10.25 pm for a plausible, and very DA – ish explanation, of the last 9 letters of 2D. I couldn’t unsee behind time, and see it as behind, time ……..

  39. I knew if I really struggled to complete (which I eventually have done with some assistance from above on 16A), I’d come on here to find everyone had done it in 20 minutes! For whatever reason couldn’t get 6D for ages. Does work the other way though, fortunately.

  40. Celia, I saw 13a differently. “Tie-breaker” is the definition, letter 1 is “essentially against”.

  41. Aaargh! From today’s Age on-line facsimile I had most of the black and white squares in the wrong places.

  42. If anyone is still around would you please explain the question mark in 23a and 24a. I have the answers and I think I understand the clue, not sure why the ?

  43. It must have been relatively easy, I finished it before the posts here had finished !

    Keli S, I can’t see a reason for the question marks, they aren’t cryptic definitions ?

  44. Went to check the solution in today’s paper and they have published the complete wrong grid. Hope it’s not next week’s solution. Arrrgh.

  45. Keli S, I don’t think there’s any need for the question marks in 23 and 24 across either, but I’m thinking that it’s because ‘discontented’ and ‘discredited’ are sort of puns, being used in a way that is not their actual meaning.
    Yes JD, completely wrong answer grid in Saturday’s online replica, but I have every word out except for 16A, even after reading above hints. I’m sure it will hit me soon.

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