DA Confusion for 20th of July, 2018

Get your DA in the depths of winter… hopefully without confusion.

31 thoughts on “DA Confusion for 20th of July, 2018

  1. Good morning all,
    I’m back from holidays and found this mornings DA straightforward.
    9a and 12a are nice easy starts.
    No real standout clues for me today.
    Good luck.

  2. Not a picnic for me, AndyW. 9A was my last in, and I still don’t get it.
    11A and 14A were my gateway clues. Some brought a grin/groan, eg antiseptic, the basic slide presentation and contrary responses.

    7D nearly made me throw it in. Only got it from crossers and filling in the gaps with a wordwizard. Not again DA! What sort of a def is that? And coupled with some convoluted wordplay. Not fair!

    17D only if you had one. And I wonder how many will remember the kitchen gadget?

  3. Yes, thanks AndyW. Had the right answer but had to play around with the grammar to see the workings.

  4. Thanks gayle and Andy
    I got six in quite quickly but have ground to a halt.
    Yes I remember 5down…a great treat!

  5. Slow start for me today, got down to 27a before I put in my first answer. Last in was 24a after 40 minutes of brain-bashing! My only excuse is I went under a GA yesterday, mind still a bit befuddled I guess …

    Slow start here too, only 5 posts so far?

  6. I have an entry for all except 7D. Perhaps I have made mistakes because, unlike Gayle, crossword solver gives me nothing meaningful. Any hints?

  7. Thanks, Alice. It seems word wizard is a more useful site than crosswordsolver.

  8. Ann, I meant wordwizard in the generic sense, and a bit of a nudge at the clue. I find Onelook a great site for filling in the gaps and definitions of the possibilities, although often there are too many.

    GeoffM I know it with an ‘h’ too but online dictionaries give the aitchless variant.

  9. Yes, I guess it is an alternative spelling for 8d. Oxford dictionary didn’t want to know, but plenty of others recognise it.

    Still a few to get in the SE corner. And 7d is probably someone I haven’t heard of, as I live a sheltered life. (I shall await further hints at the appropriate juncture.)

    Had a good chuckle at 10a!

  10. After a good deal of effort (and some online wizardry — wizardry, get it?), I finally got 7d. And no, I hadn’t heard of him …

    Just 25a and 22d to get. Might go for a brisk walk on the beach to increase blood flow to the brain.

  11. 19A was a gift for old Poms! I particularly liked 4D and its use in 6D.
    Stuck on the wordplay for 25A, letters 1,7,8,9. Help please.

  12. > Stuck on the wordplay for 25A, letters 1,7,8,9. Help please.

    Reverse those letters and add one more to the end, which gives you a certain kind of stock with the end (late) rejected.

  13. Didn’t feel like facing up to the Dastardly Antagonist this morning, still only six done, loved 15D’s northern crossing.

  14. Mike and Andrew T re 25a.
    I parsed differently. I saw ‘late’ as part of defn and the reversal of those letters being an exchange between certain stock (a pretty boring conversation)

  15. All done. Gippsland gave me grief for a while in 21a. Peta, I agreed with your interpretation of 25a.

  16. Peta@2.01. That’s definitely it! Great work, making my favourite clue. I’m just left with 24A – any help welcome.

  17. IanF. 24A. Defn is first word. A reversal for squash gives first four letters.

  18. All done except 21a and 22d. Subtle hints would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  19. JasonL. 21A. Letters 2-4 a township in Gippsland. 22D. Defn is first two words (answer is general sense rather than individual sense).

  20. Hi Jillian
    1A Defn = words 1 & 2. Letters 1-3 is a 4 letter slang for dubious (cut to 3). Septic is an anagtind.
    1D an anagram of 2nd word and last letter of 3rd around a 3 letter word for sucker. Not sure, but I think the clue is an &lit
    4D I’m not certain how to parse but 1st word is the definition (as my parsing is a tad strained- tho’ it is DA so … maybe)

    I also don’t get the parsing of 22D, so if anyone is still around …

  21. Hi Jillian and LJ
    4D If you take ‘on’ out of donating you get dating= going out.
    22D synonym for prize as a verb in the sense of value (someone), with its first letter removed (cap off) and reversed in a down clue (upset).

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