DA Confusion for Friday the 13th of July, 2018

Get your DA confusions sorted out on this crazy Friday the 13th.

37 thoughts on “DA Confusion for Friday the 13th of July, 2018

  1. Pretty straight forward I thought today. Still to get full wordplay for 9A.
    Don’t think any clue was a real standout out for me today, but did like 5D.

  2. I enjoyed today’s classic DA, especially the phrases. Favourite was the implement 11A. Also liked the craft 101, Tokyo drama and sceptic’s response.

    Am stuck on 15D. Pretty confident of the crossers, but can’t fill in the gaps.

    Me too Ray for 9A. It was my first one in as DA has used the German quintet before and I remember the quibble re the pronunciation, but I didn’t enter it until I had some crossers as I wasn’t confident of the parsing of the rest of it.

  3. Yes, I’ve been working on that throne all along, but still can’t see it.

  4. 15D – “demented” – 7 letters – 1st letter removed (“leader quitting”) for letters 1,2,6,7,8,9.

  5. Snow on the mountain and frost on the lawn here in Hobart…only 2 so far
    I thought it might be Kafka’s city K at first but got it.
    Any more gentle hints are welcome

  6. Nice 89th birthday present from DA. Two days, 12 & 13, since birth certificate disagreed with my mother. Nobody knows! Have got all but six or seven in SW corner. My Deutsch is fragmentary, I thought the number in 9A was actually four! Don’t know how letters 3-6 in 14A are clued. But, happy birthday, Arthur!

  7. Had barely heard of 4A and never heard of 2D, despite being a fan of the genre!

    ArthurC: 14A: ‘madcap’ gives letter 3, then take a 5 letter word for reef (or strictly speaking part of a reef) and strip the first and last letters off it to get letters 4-6. And happy birthday!

  8. Thanks, Andrew T, i had eventually sorted that. Done now, 27A. Not clear on how it fits?

  9. 10A – shouldn’t that be a Swiss or French banker rather than German ? Or do I have 7D wrong – a sheepish animal left in ?

  10. DOM: you are right! I suspect DA started with the German banker that is spelt very similarly, obviously with a different 7D, then changed to the current answer without adjusting his clue accordingly.

    Like his famous weir/pier debacle a few years ago.

  11. Happy birthday Arthur! I hope that I’m still able to do DA cryptics when I am 89!
    I liked 22A- took a while to get. Defn is first word.

  12. Thanks, Mary-jane, first one I’ve finished without help for some time, so a good birthday present.

  13. Thanks, Mary-jane (1232), first one I’ve finished without help for some time, so a good birthday present.

  14. A much nicer experience this week, thank you David. My favourites were 11a, 15d. 14a & 25a are new words for my lexicon.

    Happy bifthday, Arthur. I hope I still have all my marbles when I’m 89!

  15. 12A! Despite the tips above from Gayle and Ray, I don’t get it. Is
    advertised” a homophone indicator?

  16. Mike: I assume you mean 9A. No, “advertised” is not a homophone indicator in this case, although it often can be with DA. What you want is a 6 letter word for “advertised”, which you treat with b-out to give letters 6-10 of the answer.

  17. 12D: def is “crazy”. Take a word meaning “popular” (on the internet) and drop its first letter (“not originally”), this gives letters 1, 2, 9, 10. A word meaning “helping” (as a noun) gives letters 3-8; it parts (splits) the previous bit of the answer.

  18. Doh, Doh. Many thanks Andrew T for a) understanding, and b) answering my query. I didn’t really want to know the rest as Friday is for suffering under DA.

  19. Archangel – 25A – 3 letter would for “Tokyo drama”. 2 letters for “hurt response?”. Defn = “Never”.

  20. A nice one to ease back into DAs after a lovely long holiday :-)
    Happy Birthday, Arthur, if you are still looking in.

  21. Happy Birthday Arthur from me and ‘She who must be obeyed’
    And thanks Andrew T for parsing 9A.

  22. Happy birthday Arthur! Hope you had a lovely day following your DA success!!

  23. Thanks for all the assistance everyone.
    BTW does anyone know of a site that assists with the Spectator crossword?

  24. Happy Birthday Arthur.
    Love your contributions.
    Could somebody please parse 7down for me?

  25. Peter H – 7D – Defn = “Glory in”. “personnel also ends” gives L and O as letters 2,3. “gun” gives “GAT” for letters 1,4,5. “toting” is the container indicator.

  26. Thanks Trippers !
    I needed help for a couple.
    I especially like 11a.
    I read it as two definitions for the answer with one definition also being an anagrind and the other the grist …

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