DA Confusion for the 6th of July, 2018

It’s tax time for the new financial year, so be sure to get DA done quickly with the collective hive mind of the DA Trippers.

Bring it, right here.

97 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 6th of July, 2018

  1. I am pretty sure DA is out by one.
    Think the clue should have read as 8 including one surname.
    And I am not including 13D in above.

  2. I’ve nearly given up on this. Needed some form of online help for most of the clues, and not a ‘theme’ that is very familiar or appealing, to me anyway.

    Should 4D be ‘stars’, and not ‘starred’? Or is ‘with wrist ornaments’ an adjectival phrase? Not that the word or its final letter matter in the bigger picture.

  3. Gayle – adjectival phrase as I read, so therefore “starred” is correct.

  4. I have managed to get 23D/12A and guess that this is the theme but I cannot even think of any other names that fit the theme.

    My screen name may provide a hint to the name that I have solved.

  5. Very witty, Bottom. You are on the right track with the theme. Have a go at 9A/21A. The first word means unsteady and is much better known.

  6. Fruitless search for answers. Found one anagram, the rest is a wasteland. Never saw the referenced film, no idea who henchman might be. Hopeless altogether.

  7. Arthur, the French Connection does not refer to the film but gives first two letters of the answer.

  8. I’m on a roll now that I’ve discovered the theme. Liked 27A- punny double meaning

  9. Thanks, Peter (10280. must search to see which clue that was, i’d forgotten.

  10. Am I going crazy? I have nine names (including 13d, the odd one out?).

  11. Kenneth – 13D has a defn – and is not really of the same ilk as the others. So 2 reasons to not be included.

  12. Besides the inability to count to 8, there appear to be a couple of ropy clues today, viz.
    13D, 24D and 26A. I must admit also that I’ve not heard of a 18A.

  13. I make it eight, not counting 13D. I liked the cluing connection between 11A and 24D. Imagine if the latter had said “Go ahead, make my parsec!” (Yes, I know: parsec is a unit of distance, not time. 24D didn’t.)

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  14. I’m surrendering today. Got about two thirds out, no idea of the theme, but suspect it has to do with American films that DA seems to watch rather more than I do.

    I gave up on the “US-style” wordwit too …

    I’ll try again next week.

  15. Four left but completely stuck. Wondering if I have a cross letter wrong.

    Any help parsing 13d or 26a would help me eliminate that concern.


  16. JasonL – 26A – “Polynesian capital” = 1. “can stuff” = 2,3. “gold” = 4,5. Defn = “found in the Pacific”.

  17. RE 13D expressed is a homophone indicator for word meaning “want” as a noun.
    RE 26A, letters 2,3 is second half of a 2 word phrase meaning “and stuff”

  18. Very quiet in here today , maybe I can get things going , anyone help with 1D please. Not a big fan of these Google DA’s.

  19. JasonL
    26a seems to have the defn twice, but the answer is not a Polynesian capital ! So the defn is the last 4 words. I can’t parse it fully but there is no other possible answer.
    13d I can’t fully parse either, but google 24d enemies will make it pretty clear. think “attacker” minus the first 2 letters…

  20. Still struggling, any help with 15d 27ac ,Thanks, if these don’t help it’s in the bin, not a very good puzzle today only have about 8 answers, very tough.

  21. Terry, 15d is a straight anagram. The answer is a word I hadn’t come across. First four words of clue are definition. I have 27a but I’m not sure it’s right, so someone else?

  22. Clark: 20D is “us” as far as I’m concerned, unless it has another meaning of “grumpy”.
    Far too Googling to get answers to a very broad “theme” – plus some horrific puns.
    Best bit was to find out about a nation with 70 people per island.

  23. Thanks Andy W and Geoff M, appreciate the help, Had never heard of 15d either.

  24. Thanks Carol, thank makes sense.

    20d and 28a to go. Subtle hints appreciated.

  25. JasonL, 20D is a body part, but not yours. 28A defn last three words, and you probably need to be over 50.

  26. JasonL. 28A think of word 1 as a verb.

    A few poor clues today, but things went quick when I realised the theme.

  27. Re 10A: I’m pretty sure I have it, but I don’t get the ‘scrap’ part.

  28. Hey trippers,
    Long time gleaner, first time poster.
    Stuck on a few but need to know what in absolute tarnation is 6D?
    Totally agree on today’s Googlable mess…it’s a bit of a headache tbh!

  29. Thanks AG and Tim C. Those hints got me across the line.

    Re: 28a, I think my nationality rather than my age was reason I was stymied :)

    I had thought of that kind of setter but I took the quips above (“that’s us”) as tips.

  30. Re: 6D, it’s one of the themed clues. My 22 year daughter and her friend got this instantly so that should tell you something about its popularity and era. Try typing combinations of the letters of words 2 and 3 into Google.

  31. Hi all. Thanks for the tips. All out except 27a. The grammatical patient is at odds with 24d and 13d. Help please?

  32. Cheese Dreams re 6D/22A, Are you hungry? Care for some game?

    Just dropped by today because I couldn’t fathom 26A, but only had the second letter wrong. Think my dinner tonight was something along the lines of my incorrect answer, fish in a slow cooker with basmati, garlic, pink onion, and spiced cold pressed olive oil.

    Also, re 27A, what is truant, or what is “truant” ‘s function?

    A fun puzzle today, except the dodgy homophone for “want” in 13D.

    Happy solving

  33. CroydonMal re 27A, your two intersecting letters should be O and R.
    When you visit the theatre you are a theatre ????, when experiencing some ordeal you are an ????? ????

  34. Just when we thought that there would be a Fateless week, along pops up Celia with nothing to contribute but her own lack of genius.

  35. Brian, why don’t you kindly fuck off and/or keep your rudeness to yourself.

  36. I’m really stuck with 24d
    Is anyone still up and doing xword while watching the tennis?

  37. Melania re 24D, this is the surname-only themed clue, from the same franchise as 13D. Wordplay, a 2,3-pattern phrase meaning “really sad”, truncated (“finish early”) to four letters.

    Hint: Killed by his son in a recent edition of the franchise.

  38. Melania. 24D. It is themed clue, so has no definition. If you have the answers to 11a and 13d, you should be able to work out a name the is a homophone of a two word phrase meaning very sad (less last letter). If that doesn’t help, think Man from U.N.C.L.E character.

  39. Brian. Tsk tsk. Publishing is not compulsory. Celia, I have always appreciated your help.

  40. Hi there. Is there any website that will assist with the parsing I’d pretty much any of DA’s clues? Very happy dealing with most cryptics but I’ve never come across a setter who seems to enjoy in making things quite so undathomable and recondite as DA appears to enjoy. Else I’m unaware of an entire set of cryptic conventions that no one seems to use? Kind regards

  41. Thanks all. Twas 23d that was a problem, not 27a. All done and appreciate the help.

  42. (… who was that twerp?)
    Thank you Ray for 10A hint
    Celia, re dodgy homophone, I thought I must have been mispronouncing it all these years.

  43. Piers, you could try the “DA’s Tricks and Cryptic Shorthands” link at the top of the page.

  44. Could anyone provide a hint for 23D/12A ? (I’m thinking it might be an anagram.)
    I’m also baffled by the earlier hint for 26A that “can stuff” equates to letters 2,3.
    Any help appreciated.

  45. Hello GeoffD. From hints somewhere above I learnt that “can stuff” are both nouns. I’m still only about halfway there, even with all the help. The theme is completely foreign to me! Plodding on.

  46. GeoffD, see my comment at 5.10 for 26a. And yes, the other one is an anagram.

  47. GeoffD re 26A chemical symbol for “can stuff” occupies 2,3.
    23D/12A anagram of first two words with one letter deleted. Surname same as a Matt Damon character! Female heroine of space sci-fi horror franchise.

  48. Yay. I’m all out. With much googling and much help from here. Till next week. In the meantime happy rallying in Sydney on Sunday

  49. I’m not sure I agree with the apparent frustration over this one. The only one that needed google was 15D, and that only to confirm what I already had, and I always enjoy being introduced to new words. Thanks Ray (3:47) for clearing up letters 2-3 of 26A too. The puzzle kept me well entertained on the train to Marseilles and I’m all done just in time to watch the soccer. Allez les Bleus!

  50. Also, if Piers is still around, if you’re after DA parsings you can always head to the Australian Crossword Club’s “deef” (geddit?!) section, where DA has his own forum where one of two or three expert solvers break down each clue and give their (often quite critical) rating. I’m not sure if links work/are allowed here, but here it in case: http://crosswordclub.org/deef/viewforum.php?f=4

  51. Having just looked at the solution, I’m glad I gave up when I did yesterday. Fingers crossed that next week DA doesn’t fill up his crossword with people (Americans) I’ve never heard of.

  52. Hi, Geoff M, re the theme,

    All characters were fictional, the lead (or a major character in an ensemble cast, e.g. 24D) from popular film franchises not all of them American. Google the names then marvel at how many you have seen! No Marvel characters, though.

  53. Thanks to the suggestions for the parsing Luke and Carol – much appreciated. I think my brain isn’t quite on the same wavelength as DA. Best of luck

  54. Thanks for all the help on “can stuff”. The penny finally dropped. Unfortunately I have seen none of the relevant movies except for 25A and many of the characters I have never heard of.

  55. Piers, once you get the hang of DA’s, they’re more fun than a lot of the others. It’s true that sometimes he can be diabolical and I’ve had to bin quite a few rather than waste another minute on them, but somehow, solving a DA clue is very satisfying.

  56. Sorry, no satisfaction from clues that need googling as most do here
    There should not be a necessity to have seen sci fi movies, those clues are general knowledge quizz type
    Glad there’s the Saturday cryptic

  57. Hi all,
    I’ve read through all of the above, but I am still not sure of the parsing of 13D. I understand the first word being a homophone of ‘want’ but I just can’t get my head around the ‘for attacker to visit’ giving the second word. I can see that it is a word for ‘attacker’ missing the first two letters, but how is that indicated by ‘to visit’?

  58. Ok. I give up. 18a and 19d have stumped. I thought a 24 hour break might help but it didn’t! Any hints most welcome.

  59. Kes – 19D – Defn = “Finance”. “beginning to subside” = 1. “needy” = 2,3,6,7. “nervous banks” = 4,5.
    Hope helps.

  60. Is it late enough now to ask for detailed help for 27ac? I’ve read all the above hints, believe I know the answer, but just can’t get it from the clue. Anyone please?

  61. Debbie a truant is one who doesn’t go to school enough. A surgery patient is one who undergoes an operation.

  62. Debbie , another thought: the patient also goes under an anaesthetic.

  63. Thanks Peter – that’s the reasons we came up with too, or more correctly – the reasons the other half came up with, but I wouldn’t believe him! I just wasn’t sure the answer was a real word? But thanks heaps for the confirmation:)

  64. Jeez I am glad to have weaned myself off this place.
    People whinging because they don’t know who Dirty Harry or Ripley are?
    Get real, all words and all aspects of culture are fair game to DA.

  65. I’m not sure anyone is still reading any of this, … but
    Re Brian -I agree with the sentiments of others responding to this troll. I too am grateful on occasions for the assistance provided by Celia and others, esp for that last word or three and/or the parsing of words.
    Like I suspect many, I rarely post, but I frequently drop in to visit the Trippers- and, on that note thank you Geoff for the explanation above as I’d given up on finding an explanation for the absent two letters.
    In addition to the helpful hints, I especially like that it this is generally one of few cyber spaces I can visit which is almost always pleasant, respectful and helpful (and often witty). I also like the varied range of ages and experiences of the Trippers.
    As to this week’s puzzle:
    I thought it was ‘very tough’ but fair, as evidenced by my only completing it earlier this morning when the penny finally dropped and I finally ‘got’ 1D – doh!!! (my only excuse is that I was hampered by the arithmetical error and hence unaware it was missing a definition).
    Pretty much completed and understood the rest without Google or Tripper assistance – aside from:
    – spelling of the “winger catcher” where I needed to check my answer was a word;
    – 11A where I initially had the last three letters as ‘way’ and came to visit the Trippers to help with parsing/understanding/checking – thanks Rob B for your assistance/reference to the link with 24D which finally caused the penny to drop ; and
    – not yet understanding 1A; possibly due to my lack of knowledge of musicals (I’m apparently better on movies).
    In the unlikely event any Trippers are still around, feel free to put me out of my obsessive misery about 1A..
    Finally, if Piers is still around – it wasn’t all that long ago that I rarely, if ever, completed a DA and generally felt pretty pleased with myself if I got past half-way.
    But, then I found the Trippers and decided to persist and I’ve slowly become used to some DA’isms (including, for example, dodgy homophones) and better able to solve. I now find I can usually complete, understand and enjoy the Friday DA (well, at least getting to within one or two of completion) before coming to this site for clarity around anything not quite understood and on very odd occasions providing assistance to other Trippers; and with minimal if any Google assistance prior to this.
    As it is often Saturday before I can get to the Crossword, I suspect I gain much more than I give to the Trippers – so if any Trippers are reading this: Thanks for the assistance and friendly cyber-space and I hope everyone has a great week.

  66. PS – apologies for the long post – I only realised quite how long, when it went thru’.

  67. Hi LJ, agree with all your comments, especially about how helpful Celia et al are! And I think this is the first time I’m able to offer help back to someone :):)
    For 1d, read the first word as dis – covered, that is, take the cover off… the musical (which is one of the most famous, so you will know it). That then gives you – body organ, again a big and well known one!

  68. Hi, Trippers. If anyone is still looking in and can provide a copy of Friday’s DA, I’d be most grateful.

    We move back to Scotland on Wednesday and this would be the only one I’d have missed. After a busy weekend, I have only just sat down to look at it and to my dismay realised I’ve picked up Thursday’s SMH rather than Friday’s (I usually take the office copy after work on a Friday, which failing purchase the paper). In this case of course I assumed I had DA in my bag and didn’t buy a copy.



  69. LJ, musical in question is based on a Dickens novel, film version in the 1960s by Lionel and Bart.

  70. Thanks Debbi & Viv (& doh! Now the parsing makes sense. I was trying to work out why ?????Y was a musical)

  71. @Jonathan, thats so kind of you. Its petebegbie AT hotmail DOT com.

    Thank you kindly.


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