DA Confusion for the 15th of June, 2018

I still don’t know what’s going on with fahrenheit, but I’m growing fond of miles: I’m still in the USA, and I’m a little less confused.

Be less confused: read this DA thread.

46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 15th of June, 2018

  1. Easiest DA ever … all out [on grid paper mockup whilst awaiting print ed.] & all understood except for wordplay of 25A & 28A.
    Now a sleep, then SFF. Happy solving!

  2. Unlike Celia, I was slow to get into this DA, but fell into place once I got going. I found RHS easier than LHS.
    Clues I enjoyed were 2d, 5d, 9a…., and of course 26d.
    For those needing a start 1d, 13d and 19a are straightforward.
    Good luck solving.
    Will try to look in, as I’m working from home today.

  3. I agree with Andy. The SW corner held me up, pushing solving time past the half-hour mark.

  4. Thanks AndyW, a double face-palm ?‍♀️?‍♂️ and a double extinct bird (d’oh d’oh) for those two from me.

    Speaking of birds … watch out for beaut Lithuanian wordless sound & vision nature film, The Ancient Woods, if it surfaces at a cinema near you. May be in forthcoming Melbourne FF! Brilliant

    Cheers, happy solving!

  5. Not too tricky today, but still a handful of fun clues. I was in the process of writing a request for help on the wordplay of 15A when it clicked. Can’t say I’m familiar with letters 1-4 of 5A, either. Anyway, happy solving all!

  6. Haven’t looked at the Cryptic yet, but does anyone else think there is a mistake in the Kenken?

  7. 15A: def is first 3 words of clue. ‘leaked about’ gives the first word of the answer, and ‘springs’ gives a word sounding like (“we hear”) the answer’s second word.

  8. Thanks, AndrewT. And no, Jason.

    Pretty easy cryptic today, methinks. Done in an hour (which is quick for me!).

  9. Very slowly getting towards the end, five left in SE corner. But I’d like some kind person to explain the wordplay in 1A and 3D, where I think I may have the right answers but don’t understand them.

  10. Arthur, for 1a, a word for “under a cap” has its beginning off. Placed after “m” for male. I’ll let some other kind soul explain 3d!

  11. Oh, all right, for 3d, first four words are definition. “Hoist off stern” is letters 1-3. “After storms” is 4-8.

  12. AHA! Yes, Geoff M, I see how 1A works now. And 3D. Ta Muchly, I had right answers, but not fully understood.

  13. Does anyone know if Kenken is available on the iPad SMH subscription? I’ve moved to the country and am really missing the paper version of the newspaper.

  14. Pat, for 23d, start with a six-letter word for “agent”. For 22a, read the clue backwards.

  15. > Does anyone know if Kenken is available on the iPad SMH subscription?

    Pat: It is not in the digital part, we only get the two crosswords and 3 sudokus. However the “today’s paper” facsimile section has everything in the paper version, if you have a way to print it out.

  16. Keli
    22A: counter is a reversal indicator
    23D: take F from a word for agent, leaving someone who uses an agent

  17. Explanations of the clue for 9A….. please. Typical: you start to ask and then get it! That was by channeling my son for the meaning of “wicked”.

    Pat. The Kenken is there in The Age iPad version. It’s hard to work out where it goes wrong

  18. Loved 21a – one in the eye for people who complain if DA uses this in a clue with no apparent reason!
    Jason & Rob – my Kenken solution seems to have no problems in column 2

  19. Thank you, Geoff and Andrew. I hadn’t seen the Today’s Paper at the bottom of the page! I’m feeling much happier with the ap now.

  20. Filled in all the squares, but uncertain about 21a, despite clues above, which didn’t help. Is this something i’d find connected to Nevada?

  21. Arthur C
    If you mean 22A, then yes you are on the right track.
    If you mean 21A then no you are way off …

  22. I’ve been lurking for around a year and today’s just the second time I’ve finished before visiting. Still needed help with parsing a few and remain unsure of how 21 a (after dwelling hub) is assembled.

  23. I still don’t understand the wordplay for the first half of 9a? Favourite clue definitely 21a!

  24. GM, apparently in some circles the first three words of the answer are slang for “wicked”. Or vice versa perhaps?

  25. Andrew O’C, think of “dwelling hub is”. The “is” is important!

  26. Hi GM, I’ll swap you. The first 3 words of 9a are what my 11 year old would call “Wicked!”. 21a?

  27. ..sorry, I meant Geoff M. Thanks to all you clever cruciverbalists anyway.

  28. I’d appreciate someone parsing 11a and 29a. If I got 11a right it’s a word for individual – by adding a ‘zero’ and then a word for tax – maybe not the most common meaning of tax. 29a I just have too many thoughts on this one. None of them fully satisfying.

  29. Bernard, 29A definition is “idler”. “roll around” is a reversal at 3,2,1. Then snub the “I” from the second idler and place it at 4-7. Well, wad ya know?

  30. Bernard, if something is “trying” it is “taxing”. The “individual” is a word like “sole” but with no “E” & it needs to lose its second letter (“o”) to fit 1-3.

  31. Gilly, the definition is “by comparison”. “I’ve” is letters 6-8, “travel tips” is 5 & 9, and “transfer” is 1-4 & 10.

  32. Most straight forward today, I only needed help for 11a … once I finally got to the crossword !
    Thanks Trippers

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