DA Confusion for the 1st of June, 2018

Have your confusions sorted out this week. Should be less than last week. I’ll be in Seattle scrabbling away at this one.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of June, 2018

  1. Good morning all, welcome to DA Trippers, and a pinch and a punch for the first of the month (and watch out for … the hit and the kick for being so quick!). Happy solving, peace ☮️!

  2. Was going very well, but hitting a road block in SE corner. The rest done. I’ll keep plugging away, 2d a good start.

  3. Hi, AndyW, if you can work out why the toddler is peevish, 30A is a snap. 30A & 5D feed each other, if you have one the other is a near-anagram away. I have an answer for 25A but with a big Q? next to it. Otherwise, my SE is empty except 26D of course, first two words of a familiar metaphor.

  4. Thanks AndyW, the “Neo” should have been a dead giveaway. Not that recent though, my film diet consists of about 200 cinema sessions per annum, so “recent” is anything in the past two years.

    That also helped with 21D with 20A following. TIUT (back TUIT) …

  5. Have all out and think understood except for wordplay of 15D. Assurance to understand appreciated.

  6. Am a new SMH subscriber. Can anyone please help me with how to print out usable size crossword using an iPad? Many thanks

  7. Seems numbers are more my forte than words, have answers to six or seven. If 18D is the familiar comic and fil person, what does ‘largesse’ refer to? I have 30A, and 5A I think, can’t follow Celia’s suggestion of a link?

  8. Helen: you can either take a screenshot of the whole Xword page of the digital edition (google “ipad screenshot” for how) or go to the Todays Paper facsimile edition, enlarge just the Xword and do the same to that.

    Having got your screenshot you then need to get it to a printer; I iMessage it to myself , open it on my Mac and print from there

  9. Arthur C: yes, the answer to 18D is who you think it is. What does he have on his chest?

    The link is between 30A and 5D, not 5A. Take the answer to 30A, first off, add in a letter meaning pass, and there you have it.

  10. Helen Davies & AndrewT

    Don’t know if iPad version behaves the same, but in Today’s Paper in Android, double-clicking on the desired puzzle throws a pop-up page from which print option can be selected (after clicking on the menu symbol at top right). This then creates a .pdf file to do with as you wish, after saving. Hope that helps.

  11. Thank you AndrewT and Celia. Needless to say, I will ask my “young” granddaughter to help me with this over the weekend. Some recompense for years of baby sitting! I am very grateful for your help

  12. Helen, if finding “Today’s Paper” is the problem, click on your login alias near homepage top right, a drop menu appears on the left with”Today’s Paper” as one of the options. Alternatively scroll way down to the site map at home page bottom, and “Today’s Paper” is an option under “Products and Services”. You can also access your Subscriber Benefits (e.g. film freebies) from there. Enjoy!

  13. Can anyone explain how to get the first word in 4D, 19D. Know the answer, just don’t know why??? We get how to get the second word.

  14. All but three clues out, although one or two wordplays have me stumped. It’s probably obvious, but how does the wordplay in 10a work?

  15. Thank you Andrew T 91013), I’m always a bit slow in analysing the clues.

  16. GeoffM. 10A. I read as “box in nursery” gives 7 letter word with first letter removed (“needs lid”) for letters 1 to 6

  17. Steve and Di: I also got the answer without quite knowing the clue for the first name. I think it’s a word for well (de-tailed) around (an) and another word for drum (overturned). Not sure why “description of” means surrounding though.

  18. Steve and Di. 4D. Yeah. I think it is a 4 letter word for “well” with last letter removed for letters 1,7,8. Then letters 2,3 are fairly obvious. And “overturned drum” gives 6,5,4.

  19. Steve and Di, re 4D …

    I may be wrong, but here is my interpretation …
    “well-detailed” letters 1,7,8
    “an” 2-3 (from clue)
    “overturned drum” 4-6
    I think “description” is a container indicator to put 2-6 inside 1,7,8.

  20. I had no trouble with SE corner but am totally 9d in the SW! I can see how some of the clues should work but the necessary vocabulary escapes me. I started off thinking after last week this was a 19d from the Quick, but then came to a frustrating halt.

  21. Peter H. Celia gives some insight into 30A at 0644 this morning. Maybe they are a bit tired.

  22. 15A is an anagram of Words 3 and 4, followed by a word for “base” with Letter 1 (ring) removed.

  23. Ray,
    re 12:34 post,
    how does ‘seen from behind’ indicate letter 7 ?!

  24. Thanks, Jack, for 15d. I’ve finished now, but can’t parse 17a, which was my last one in and I put it in as the only word that fits the crossers.

  25. Bit too easy today, wish DA could find a middle ground.
    Liked 21D, agree with Peter at 8.02 re 19D

  26. Ray, re 30A the 4-letter hint I dropped @ 6:44 was accidental, I swear!

  27. Ray,
    I know that’s what he meant but how does that phrase actually work ?
    ‘from behind’ does not mean ‘last letter of’.

  28. Thanks to Patrick, Ray and Celia for explaining first word in 4D/19D. Although we still don’t understand why “an overturned drum” has to be inside “well-detailed”.

  29. Has everyone gone to bed already? If I have the right answers to 10A, 12A and 20A I don’t get the wordplay; and I’m stuck on 28A (which I suppose is a YA novelist), 29A, 8D and 18D. They must be a doddle as no-one seems to have struggled with these. Gentle hints welcome if anyone’s around.

  30. SB. Yes 28 is a well known Aussie writer for young people. Ruins letters 1-4, retreat letters 5-7

  31. SB. 29 is double definition that I found easiest by thinking of trifling

  32. Hi SB, I’d try to help you but I’m really busy with an important project. I do know that 10A was explained in at least one of the posts above. Use the Find On Page option in your browser to search for “10A” and similarly other numbers.

    In 12A the “soldier” is at letters 4-6; remove those to get how soldiers move.

    20A “broken-down” is 1-4, “heartless permit” 5-8.

    28A is a charade clue “ruins” 1-4+”retreat” 4-7

    29A hint: not mumps!!!

    8D a homophone definition “transport”

    18D say “largesse” slowly pausing between the two syllables, for a hint to the character sometimes surnamed Kent.

  33. Thanks Netty and Celia! Bottom half all good (I’d misspelt 24D duh.) Now just 10A, 12A and 8D to go. Maybe one of my down answers is incorrect. For 12A I have FNIE in 3,5,7,9. Will go back through the posts.

  34. Steve and Di at 7:22 pm, I too have had a long, hard look at 4D. I couldn’t parse it at all until reading the hints from Patrick, Ray and Celia. However, I struggle to see how ‘description’ can be a container indicator. I know DA’s container indicators can be pretty obscure, but looking up the definition of ‘describe’ in the Oxford in no way touches on enclosing or surrounding something. I wonder if describing a map or shape in geometry terms means to enclose or encircle? ( I should know as a retired maths teacher, but I don’t think I ever came across the term in that sense.)

  35. All done. Thanks for the hints. Kicking myself that 18d took so long. Liked 12a. Didn’t understand why 5d was what it was, had to look it up – ive heard of things being peaches but never this (:

  36. 18 d had us crying with laughter , an all time favourite DA you really are a wag.

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