DA Confusion for the 18th of May, 2018

Have your confusions sorted out while I get completely bamboozled by Chinese characters in Chengdu, China.

37 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of May, 2018

  1. All out on grid paper before my paper delivery. Not all parsing understood though, 13D & 25A for example. Some clues a bit of a stretch (“succinct” 20A, really?) Favourite clue 12A.

    Happy solving, all!

  2. Look at it for 10 minutes without any starts, but once I got the start in top left, it all fell out very quick.
    Good luck.

  3. My list of easiest …

    Across: 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 15, 18, 19 (if fans of …), 22, 25 (from definition, but … wordplay?);
    4 14 17 19 23 (if you do the other weekdays’), 24.

  4. Celia
    Can’t help with 25a but 13d is an example of a homophone (express).

  5. AndyW, thanks, of course!

    … and my paper has just arrived, 45 minutes after I’d completed the crossword, would have finished earlier had it been here!

  6. Unlike AndyW, top left was my last in. Still not sure of parsing of 1D. Liked 1/26 and 12A.
    Agree with Celia’s comment about 23A. Impossible if you only get the FriDAy paper. There was another setter I thought he was going for, until I got the def, which is another of DA’s penchants, but gettable with 3 crossers.
    25A I saw as a cryptic definition, in more than one sense of ‘slotted’.

  7. Hi Gayle,
    Your 25a explanation makes sense to me, thanks.
    1d , turned is the keyword.

  8. Oh, thanks AndyW. Missed the obvious. I was working on another form of ‘ice’.

  9. Aboutnine in so far. Am i right in assuming the Avalon in 10A refers to a TV show or a film?

  10. Arthur C. re 10A I don’t think so but if it does, it’s not necessary to solve the puzzle.

  11. I would have thought that knowledge of what Avalon refers to is essential to solving 10A.

    Arthur it relates to entertainment but to be more explicit would be a spoiler.

  12. Well, I think i can guess the second word of 10A, can experiment via Google to get first part. Have only about six to get.

  13. Arthur, maybe you should take the ferry to Avalon. ;)

    I’m just not getting the wordplay for 7D.

  14. Tim re 7D , my trusty 1971 copy of Concise Oxford says that to grass someone is to knock them down; presumably this relates to football. Hence the first word of the answer.

  15. Newbie here! 17a my fave so far. Think I may have 24a but not sure how it works? Am I right in thinking 8d uses the word ‘bread’ to signify something else? Also any hints for 21d?
    Many thanks!

  16. Hi BigRed,

    re 8D “bread” is the definition, it’s a slang term. The answer isn’t!

    21D might make more sense to you if you replaced “Mexican” with “Spanish”. Defn is 1st word.

  17. 24A: first word def; words 2-4 anagrammatised; a single-t to be cut off. Hope I haven’t spoiled it.

    20A: yes, succinct is a bit of a stretch. But short and brief was the style. Raymond Chandler gives a cop this nickname in one of his novels. Also contains “dynastic method” (3-9) so I thought it was ok.

  18. We are stuck on 20A, with everything else done. Any help out there?

  19. Ben & Lynne, re 20A Defn 1st word
    Clue style: charade
    fellow 1-2+dynastic method 3-6+7-9+edited brief sequel 10-14.
    Note: 1-9;is a famous author’s name.
    Also see immediately previous post!

  20. Margaret, see xmgjim @ 4:40 pm above for literary citation to 20A.
    … and google for some interesting facts, first known use 1945 etc.

  21. Can anyone help with 1,26a. Got everything else and no one else has commented so figure I’m missing something obvious

  22. Bernard, re 1/26A

    Latin phrase meaning “reasonable” … clue type charade with container (spreading), components … blokes 26A letters 1-3; manure 1A 1-5+26A 4, last two letters from clue.

  23. Thanks Celia. As soon as I read it I thought ‘of course – so obvious’. Always obvious once you know the answer!

  24. Thanks Trippers – I never get much time on Friday and I almost always get some help from this page !!!

    I always thought what Manuel said meant “What”, but then it has to mean “that” in some phrases.

  25. Celia – you are brilliant. I could not get 20ac for the life of me. I’ve got it all now except 1 & 26ac. (New to this site)

  26. Amanda, see my post only a few back for 1A/26A (19 May 9:55 am). A phrase often preceded by “non” to describe someone who’s not all there!

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