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  1. No wonder it’s quiet in here. What a struggle; it took almost an hour to complete.

  2. Just starting. As a non-drinker had to do some research to get 11A. That, plus 4D is all I have so far.

  3. Arthur 25D is pretty easy as a double definition. That should then make 25A obvious.

  4. Thanks, Peter, will look at that. Have added 14A and probably 8D , though unsure how my answer fits the clue. Ah yes, 25D easy, as you say. Haven’t sorted the 25A yet.

  5. And 27A is an easy one, a very good clue, I thought. Is the football bungle in 20D a rugby error? If so, I have that one.

  6. Thought 5A 11A & 27A may have indicated a theme today, but no.
    Liked 11A and 13A, not sure 18A answer is completely accurate.
    Wordplay for 18D & 21D, anyone?

  7. Black Pen 18D lead is a metal. Down is a verb. Shot over gives last two letters.
    21d definition is fly – as a verb. Swallowed relates to first three words of the clue.

  8. Well, I learnt the name of a brand of football today. Who’d’ve thunk it?

    I’m stuck on 2d, despite having solved all the intersecting clues. Are the first two words the definition? I’ve also drawn a blank with 6d.

    For those just starting out, my first clue solved was 22a — a good one for getting going!

  9. thanks, Neanderthal, I had been thinking ‘knockon’. Can’t sort out your clue at the moment, but at least i know mine was wrong.

  10. Geoff 2D first two words are definition. I know the expression with “from” as the fourth word.

    6D was a hoax that happened in East Sussex.

  11. Thanks Peter. All out bar 2d. I mustn’t be romantic enough. I’ll go for a walk on the beach and try again in an hour or two!

  12. Geoff M. 6D Def is last 2 words. 1st 3 words gives you letters 1-3. For remaining 8 letters, Byzantine does not refer to the Empire.

  13. Stuck on 19A & 20D, have no idea of the bone in the latter but presume the bungle at 3-5? Any hints?

  14. Celia, 19a:

    Imagine yourself preparing a beverage at a campfire.

    For 20d you’re correct that to bungle is 3-5. Reread some hibts above, including Alice’s.

  15. Thanks, Sally, actually Peter gave a LOT of help for 6d, requiring only a quick Google. I haven’t encountered “Byzantine” as an anagrind before!

  16. Finally got 19A & 20D, thanks Geoff M, but not being a watcher of any oval ball game the brand of oval ball had eluded me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, & Alice also. Actually though I knew several codes’ names, the brand of football had eluded me but I took a punt on the bone, wrapped it round the bungle, and googled it. Voila, there it was. Am facepalming re 20A though (I had thought of the campfire brew, Geoff M).

  17. I have 7D/15A, but the cryptic part of the clue seems unsatisfying. There’s a Christian religious connection, but can someone unspoilingly explain how the third word of the solution fits it? Or is it just a bit vague and hand-waving?

  18. Down, (finally) to last half dozen, it has been a real struggle. I think i finally found 2D, but how the clue plays out, apart from first two words, baffles me. Read clue for 18d above, but can’t get it yet. Pursuing.

  19. 2D: fourth word of clue gives letters 10-13 of answer. ‘disrupting’ and ‘cooking’ are anagrinds, with the grist being words 6, 7, 8, and 10 of the clue.

    18D: def is last two words of clue. First word of clue gives letters 1, 5. ‘keeping’ is a container indicator for letters 2-4, clued by ‘down’. Letters 6,7 which are clued by ‘shot’ turned ‘over’.

  20. Thanks, Andrew T, I see that now, I had the right answer, hadn’t sorted it. Only three to go, including 18D. Peter (11.11) said 18Ds ‘lead’ is a metal, don’t understand that at all. have what i i think is correct answer, ‘soft spot’ seems to be right. Only two to go.

  21. > ‘lead’ is a metal, don’t understand that at all.

    It is, but perhaps more pertinently it is an element.

  22. Rob B, definition is everything before the comma. Best concentrate on that (see my comment at 1:07 above).

  23. AG. Thanks for that. I’ve run down that path. It must be an idiom I don’t know. Still can’t get it.

  24. Most commonly heard by me from parents or teachers: “If you think you are going to get away with that kind of behaviour, my lad, you’ve got…” 7,5,6.

  25. Finally got 2d. Another American film I’d never heard of. Thanks DA! And AndrewT, you gave us a bum steer; “torture” refers to letters 11-14, not 10-13.

  26. Andrew T. Ta. Unless I can’t spell Dutch beer, this is a permutation with which I am unfamiliar. The version I know would suit the clue “a replacement for 25% of the Fantastic Four is on his way”. Have a good weekend.

  27. Peter,
    re your 11.11 comment on 21dn, can you reveal a bit more about the letters 1-3 of the answer ?

  28. Neanderthal, in 21d, I’m more used to seeing a word like “undressed” rather than “swallowed”. Does this help?

  29. > Unless I can’t spell Dutch beer, this is a permutation with which I am unfamiliar.

    No doubt you mean the last word ended with a different letter; I’ve always regarded that as a mondegreen.

  30. Geoff, yes it does. Thanks muchly.
    I think ‘swallowed’ is a bad choice in this case.

  31. Just starting , haven’t looked at comments in case someone has mentioned it, but re the intro , the crossword is published in the SYDNEY Morning Herald too:-)
    In fact DA hails from Sydney

  32. Hello Cokes. Well he was originally. But he has multiple affinities, including sports.

  33. Printer failed today, so was reduced to either doing the grid by hand or an extra challenge of writing two columns and the letter counts, and filling in the gaps. Great fun. ( What a DA tragic!) Fell short of 18 and 19 across, and 18 down before the brain fade after first day at work after a week off. Like others have said, had to google to confirm the football 20d and a couple of drinks.
    Did enjoy, as usual, contemporary phrases, and even an antique hoax.

  34. Gayle @9:10 I was referring to the Melbourne and The Age reference , almost as if the crosswords are not in both Fairfax papers

  35. Cokes @ 11:22. Hope I’m not adding to the confusion, or misunderstanding your comment further, but if I interpret our host AS correctly, his intro was referring to both The Age and the SMH, without naming it.
    The way I read AS is that the last time that DA was published on May the Fourth (in either of the Fairfax papers) was in the SMH, but not in The Age on that May 4, as at that time DA was published in both papers on different days.

    @ Cokes, you may know this, so apologies if it’s TMI, but to elaborate , if there’s anyone out there :- ) …..
    There’s a bit of a history with the Friday vs Saturday slot. Long time northern Trippers, when most of us were still buying papers and not online subscriptions, will remember how we were mindful of the fact that southerners would not have access to the paper until the Saturday, so Friday trippers were really cryptic in their hints. It was a fun time though as the blog evolved over the weekend.

    I think there may have been some Saturday readership complaints about the weird and wonderful DA crosswords that resulted in his gig being moved to Fridays in both states, leaving Saturday to other setters (DS in the SMH) so that more people could have a chance of winning the dictionary.

  36. Or maybe they moved DA to Friday so DA fans could have longer to linger over it : -)

  37. Apologies for the jaw-boning. Been awake half the night with a face ache. Waiting for the doctor to open at 8 am to get a diagnosis and hopefully some relief. Will take DS with me. I do enjoy his surfaces.

  38. Celia, when DA was moved to Saturday in Sydney there was an outcry from DS fans who only bought the weekend paper and missed it, and from DA fans who had to wait till Monday week for the solution due to the Macquarie Dictionary competition. It didn’t last long.

  39. Pertinax, my last post was 12:49 pm Friday, well before this subject was raised!

  40. Archangel, word 1 is the definition, letters 1,2 are old man, 3-6 is a clipped kid and 7,8 is nearby.
    I finished yesterday but don’t get the wordplay for 7D/15A

  41. Aha thank you not exactly in everyday usage but…
    DA for President!

  42. I finished 3:40pm Sat, I approach DA like eating an elephant, do in bite size pieces. I am in awe of those who can complete DA in an hour. Over the 6 weeks or so after joining DA trippers I think I have improved thanks to all the contributions of the participants.

  43. Late to the party this week, but all out except 19A. I’ve read Geoff M’s hint above and despite all the cross-letters nothing’s doing. Can someone put me out of my misery?

  44. Mark (DA Novice) re 19A …
    The “associates” belong formally or informally to a social group, decapitate them for a heat source for the swaggie’s billy. They glow!

  45. Hi, need help with 14A wordplay. Presume definition is last word of the clue and acting heartless gives letters 4 n 5. Dont understand why reverse 5,4 or letters 1-3

    With thanks?

  46. CroydonMal, re 14A “acting heartless” gives 1-4. You need to find a 5-letter synonym for “acting” and remove its central letter! The closing letter is directly from the clue. Cheers!

  47. Arthur @ 9.23am May 4, did you get a response to your query on 8D? I kind of guessed the answer, Googled it to confirm, but don’t understand derivation of letters 2-4. I think enough time has elapsed for you to be quite blunt.

  48. Hughgo, for letters 2-4 of 8d, think of a 6-letter synonym for happens, then remove the last three letters (vanish midway).

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