DA Confusion for the 20th of April, 2018

Be confused by the lack of cold in April. Don’t be confused by DA.

91 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 20th of April, 2018

  1. Think my quickest DA in a long time. Makes up for last week where I found it hard to get going.

    No real standout clues for me today.

    Happy solving.

  2. Going well, as Ray said, not too much trouble, only have 3 to go in SW corner. No standout clues yet.

  3. All done now. Liked 19a, 23a, 29a-8d and 26a.
    Overall nothing special but always happy to finish.
    In Melbourne, we have been lucky to have DA as the breakfast host on ABC radio for the last two weeks. Won’t be long before he gets a permanent gig IMHO.

  4. Came here to see how Ray and AndyW are going… quick and not too much trouble. I might be having a bad case of FriDAyitis. Can hardly get a foothold. Will have to leave it for now and look forward to a weekend slow solve.

  5. Coffee’s kicking in. Made a break in the SE which has opened up the other sectors which 2 word clues. Yeah, am away,

  6. AndyW nothing to do with today’s attempts but wouldn’t it be grand to get David in a permanent slot. His curiosity and genuineness stands out in a field pretty much populated by “Look at me!” types. Never needs to be smarter than his interviewees either

  7. Just starting, but I did notice one answer that was clued as “Sounds like a deportation order for a pair of South Africans” in the first cryptic I ever solved – a Times cryptic in about 1971.

  8. Hi Enesem,
    Totally agree with you. He is one of the best of those who don’t have permanent position. Only wish he’d drop a few hints for Friday’s cryotic occasionally.
    Cheers and good luck solving.

  9. All out, all done! All understood except the connection between 7D clue and its answer. It may be staring me in the face, but I just can’t see it

    2D a possible trap for young players, so think carefully, letters 2 & 4 are not P & S.

    My last out 23A and my fave clue. Maybe 27A a fave, too. And because I love the film so much, 7D/1D, even if I can’t as yet fathom the wordplay!

    Interesting that 14A & 27A involve the same wordplay technique!

  10. Have just run 42.195 km, carrying 50 kg in each hand. So, some very sore muscles. Actually, a disease called RLS, symptoms exactly as described, so difficult to find enthusiasm for DA. Solved two easy ones, Will force myself to look again at others.

  11. Not too hard today. But unclear of the wordplay in 6d, 7d/1d.

    It would be nice to be able to listen to DA on radio in the bush. All we have is “Letters & Numbers” on SBS. I must say, he and Richard Morecroft don’t seem to have aged a bit in the many years the show has been running. Dementia must be creeping in though, as I’ve noticed they frequently get in a muddle over which day of the week it is …

  12. Geoff – you probably already know this but Letters & Numbers is just playing on repeat – it only ran from 2010-2012 I believe.

  13. Geoff M 6D: letters 1-2 of the last word of clue give us letters 1-4 of the answer.

    > carrying 50 kg in each hand

    Wow Arthur C, that’s more than I weigh! Maybe you could run me to work some days? :D

  14. Andrew T, Arthur was speaking figuratively, RLS is Restless Leg Syndrome, so insert “I felt as if I’d …” before his statement.

  15. Yes, SonOfBruze, three years is all we could manage in Australia. The English program on which “Letters & Numbers” was based is still going strong after 36 years, and the French program that started the ball rolling is now 53 years old. I seem to recall reading in an interview that DA is rather regretful that we in Australia couldn’t do better.

    I’m getting awfully off-topic, aren’t I?

  16. All done .
    Came here to find parsing for 2D and Celia tells me I’ve been caught in a trap for young players! I wasnt really satisfied with it anyway.
    Any peripheral help please?

  17. 2d still a mystery.
    I’ve had a good look but still cannot parse. Noir could be NO IR (IR = Iran)?
    But nothing else is jumping out. Will look back later.

  18. AndyW, think of “needs” as a noun. I’d better not say any more or I’ll be struck off. Except that I’d have said “tollway” rather than “freeway”.

  19. I have 2d, up being the keyword, one of my first in today (~5.30 am), just looking back at the discussion now.

  20. In 7d, I think “noir” is the genre, isn’t it? Don’t think Iran comes into it!

  21. Re 7,1 D: (Hint)The same two-letter word for an aged male can be inserted into 3 words of the clue to obtain 3 other words with a common theme.

  22. Like others, I can’t parse 7D/1D and Brond’s post hasn’t helped me I’m afraid. However, thanks to Geoff M for his hint on 2D.

  23. And suddenly – finished. Tired but happy. Had never heard of the items in 5D.

  24. Arthur, I first heard them on Sesame Street as a kid: fell in love with the sound…….I like 26a: one of my favourite types of music.

  25. Thanks Brond -that is very clever!
    Makes me doubly happy as I frequently find that I seem to be the only person having a problem with parsing a clue or two, but today it seems like I have a lot of company.
    And thank you Andrew T re 6D which was also very clever and the other one I couldn’t parse.
    Aside from those two, which I got but couldn’t parse, I agree that this week’s DA was a bit easier/quicker than usual. More often than not it’s Saturday (or Sunday) by the time I’ve finished, or got as close to finishing as I can anyway. But today I had most of it done on the train in to work (with 21A and 22D being the last in).

  26. All done. Thanks Brond for the hint for 7D/1D; had the film but couldn’t parse the clue. A couple of tricky “gets” but DA has been worse. I, also, usually take until Saturday/Sunday to finish.

  27. I seem to be the only person struggling with 15D/5A… starting to wonder if I’ve got a cross wrong.

  28. I’ve got the whole thing out, but don’t get Brond’s hint for 7D+1D.
    A 2 letter word for aged male ?

  29. Mark,
    29A: defn = 1st 2 words, spoil=1-3, monarch=4-7+11, Guards=inclusion, First Lady=8-10, team leader=12
    15D: in same vein as eg. frontal lobotomy

  30. 29ac Spoil is 1-3; Monarch is 4-7 and Word 2 Letter 4; First lady is Word 2 1-3; Defn is first two words of clue.
    I have 3dn and 19 ac and 21 ac to fully justify.
    Thought today’s was quite hard.

  31. All sorted here.
    Helps if you have the correct dynast !
    And use the “on” correctly in 21ac.

  32. Geoff M – ah, yes. But I still don’t really get the ‘picnic’ part.

  33. This crossword is no picnic (4 answers), I’m struggling today something is just not clicking, and for the life of me I can’t work out what a 2 letter word for an aged male is ,Any clues that I’m missing that are easy ignoring 9ac 23ac 28ac/8d, Cheers

  34. And in 26a, the first word is the definition, but don’t think bovine.

  35. Thanks Geoff M.

    21A still eludes me. Any hints for 13D or 27A?

  36. Mark, in 13d, the first two words are the definition, and “destroyed” is an anagrind.

    In 21a, the final word is the definition.

    In 27a, the last two words are the definition.

  37. I should probably help a bit more with 27a. It’s made of a 5-letter word missing its fifth letter, and the first five letters of an eight-letter word.

  38. Thanks Geoff M, I loved the wordplay in 27A!

    Only 22D and 28A to go – any tips?

  39. A rare event – all out without coming here. And only googled twice. Only thing I am not sure of is how the last four letters of 14a are clued.

  40. Thanks Sandy, just 28A to go now.

    The last four letters of 14A are a fashion magazine with the first letter removed

  41. Sandy 14A last four letters are a word meaning “fashion” with ‘very shaken’.

  42. Any help with 18 d please I’ve only got the first letter of the first word and the last letter of the last word

  43. Ian, the first word of the answer is a synonym of dag. If you get that you should know where to start.

  44. So can someone please give me the 2-letter word for aged male ?
    I have tried OB, OM, AM etc etc.
    No doubt I will kick myself when I see it…

  45. DOM, the two letter word is “pa”. Think about countries with Jan, Nel and Sin and put “pa” in. I like the clue but I think you need to be a bit liberal with the singular and plurals.

  46. DA can work at the ABC, but keep him away from the Roads and revenue depts.

  47. Yes Julie. Agreed. Not a need of freeways I hope. I finally worked out the word play for 7D/1D last night, but think it it’s a bit screwed up grammatically.

  48. Can’t parse 21D 1st letters = alien but can’t see Roman figures in letters 3-5
    Am I off the beam altogether?
    As a former engineer and physicist I am annoyed I couldn’t get 15D/5A after getting the first word

  49. Ian re 21D you remove (“alienating”)
    two Roman figures from a seven-letter word in the clue, giving you the five-letter answer. Nothing to do with the fictional filmic critter ?!

  50. IanS, take the letters that can be Roman numerals out of “methods”.

  51. Ah, so you’re still here too, Celia. I thought this page would be pretty dormant by now!

  52. I agree, Geoff M. I don’t think such things are relevant to a freeway.

  53. frances, letters 1,2,6,7,8 of elongate mean “lift”, pincers indicates that inside of the word meaning “lift” is the word “on” followed by the top (ie first letter) of the word “gluey”, giving elongate which means “stretch”.

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