DA Confusion for Friday, April the 13th, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s Friday the 13th special.

93 thoughts on “DA Confusion for Friday, April the 13th, 2018

  1. Morning all. Finally got the but I found it tough.

    Don’t have the grid with me but think 5A was my pick of the best.

  2. Correction. 4A was my pick.
    Plus I reckon 20A has a typo. “Makes” should be “Wakes”.

  3. I started off with a different hidebound villain for 4A but wordplay led to the right answer.
    20A is correct. Think money/quantities. Also the surface reading with makes is better than wakes.

    I enjoyed today’s. DA in a more whimsical mode with whacky definitions and great misdirections. Having several 2 word clues always helps I reckon. I quite liked 14D, 16D and 7D.

  4. Started at Mount Vic and finished at Parramatta (on train) Harry Gordon last in, misdirected by name. Favourite clue 22a

  5. Re 20A, I took “makes” to mean “arrives at a destination” providing double definition. All out, except for 17A. Pretty confident about the cross letters, but can’t see it. Any help appreciated.

  6. I agree with attica re 20A. Was surprised to have finished the whole puzzle so quickly.

  7. Agreed, Ann, it seemed fairly easy to me. I’d be grateful if someone could parse 4A for me.

  8. AG,
    find a 6-letter reptile with an ‘i’ in it, then follow the instructions.

  9. All out. I liked 12a and 19d.

    First was 2d/6d and last was 21d. Not too bad today and some really fun clues.

    I think if 20a was “wakes” then you really have the same definition for both words. My personal take was “makes” being understands but happy with attica’s view as well.

  10. All out, and found it quite enjoyable. A few wordplays took a while to click, and I still can’t quite get my head around 17A. Last in was 24A: evidently I’ve been out of the country for too long. Off to sleep now, happy solving!

  11. 17a – first 3 letters are US synonym for “can” and last bit is disheartened “usfrance”. My take, happy to be corrected. I confirmed first 3 by looking at thesaurus.

  12. Hi all, all out, all understood except 1st 3 letters of 17A.
    Faves: 4A, 12A, 19D.
    Happy solving!

  13. All done. A few wordplays still to figure out (including 17a), but I expect they’ll hit me soon …

  14. Re last week — does anyone who may have DA’s ear, know if he feels ok about calling initialisations ‘acronyms’ ?? Thanks .
    Also Geoff M – Did you find the west half easier today? We always seem to have the same difficulties.

  15. Julie W, no particular “tough areas” today. I can’t figure out the definition for 19d (I’ve got the wordplay) but I know as soon as I post this it will hit me. (It usually does!)

  16. 19D: def is the first word of the clue. A somewhat archaic use of the word.

  17. Geoff M, re 19D “keen” & variations in that sense pop up from time to time in cryptics! Wouldn’t call it archaic, though.

  18. I see, thank you Celia.

    If the first three letters of 17a are an Americanism for “can”, I certainly wasn’t aware of it. But it’s not easy keeping up with what the Americans are doing to the language!

  19. Unusually quick for me – must be because I’m home sick today. 17a word play eluded me – thanks Margaret for the explanation, I’ve never heard that before (1-3).

    Loved 22a, 4a. And 2d, for sheer pleasure of recognition :-)

  20. How does Harold Gordon fit into 16D. I have the answer I think, but no idea about him. Have finished LHS, only three on right. Baffled by 4A, where I have only a W and an N, my Wordfinder not giving any help at all. Leave till late arvo, I think.

  21. 14D: As a SCUBA diver who had to pull a lot of “Anchors Away” from coral reefs, 14D led me astray for an hour . Yes I knew the song etc is “Anchors Aweigh”, but the alternative is very common. After the penny dropped, the remaining acrosses came out in a flash

  22. Arthur, don’t bother researching Harry Gordon on Wikipedia (as I did!). “Harry” is an anagrind.

  23. ArthurC 4A: Your W and N will be correct. Def is first two words of the clue (somewhat elliptically) and the answer will not be in a conventional dictionary; the Urban Dic perhaps. If you watched bad American TV in the 60s you might recognise this character …

  24. Almost there. I found a few early on (like 22a which I loved) but since then a hard slog. Any hints for my last four: 1a, 1d, 9d, 12a? Going out now, but maybe when I get back…

  25. Chambers lists the US slang for “can”. I hadn’t heard of it before. Not sure about the ‘disheartened’ wordplay as to my thinking heart means centre.

  26. Sandy M. 1a is the last word and is a noun. 12a is a type of last word which is a noun. 1d is first two words Brat is 1-3 and sadly is 4-7. 9d is first to words.

  27. Ta to GeofL and GeoffM also Andrew T re 4A, I have no idea on a US TV character. I eventually saw my error on Gordon. But I’ve finished 11 short, mortified that others found it an easy one. I have only three on RHS, no idea on any of the others.

  28. Ohhh, *that* sort of ‘can’! Thanks very much, Margaret. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ‘disheartened’ used to refer to anything other than the very middle before. I guess I’ll have to be more wary with it in the future.

  29. Many thanks to DA for his 22A treat (and great performance on ABC Melbourne radio breakfast!) and all contributors for your help.

    However I can’t get letters 1 and 2 of 12A : how is the answer an NY rocker with a dropped drug? And in 17A how is “disheartened US-France” coalition letters 4-9?

    Anyhow a friendly crossword for Friday the 13th.

  30. This one very hard for me, finishing seven short, and the 7D appears to be: ‘Give it away, you aren’t clever enough’.

  31. Mike, take the NY rocker (7 letters), drop (remove) a drug (one letter, from position 5 or 6), add an energy drink (only one I can think of with one letter, position 4), and you get “blind”. Can’t understand why you can’t get letters 1 & 2 come from, perhaps your answer is incorrect?

  32. Arthur C, from your late career, you should know the meaning of “roger”. Answer is an anagram.

  33. Well, I finally finished it. My wife argued 21A was wrong, but then, she is 89. Some sublime guesses got me home, I hope all correct.

  34. Agree with attica and Ann and Margaret about ‘makes’ in 20A. They all work. Makes is one of those verbs you can do almost anything with : -)

  35. Arthur – fancy and dream are synonyms. Measure = 1,2,4,5. Around athlete’s foot.

  36. All done, but I’ve never heard of the NY Rocker, and Google doesn’t seem to help. I’m obviously missing something.

  37. BrianB, it’s late enough to say it’s a perfect day to take a walk on the wild side.

  38. SB 21D is a double definition, I mean, I mean. Not many options if you have 21A and 24A.

  39. SB. Not too sure how to give a clue without giving away, but . . .
    Definition is 2nd or 3rd word.
    Have the rest, aside from 16A despite all the cross letters.

  40. BrianB, and that’s only half the story. The wordplay is a bit doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.
    See Celia at 3.57

  41. BrianB, and if that doesn’t help , look up Velvet Underground. ( Not an anagram, that’s for real.)

  42. Thanks Gayle, Mike, LJ. Sadly, I can only guess. I can get one but not the other. Ah well.
    LJ, 16A def is first word; 3rd & 4th word are 2-4. That should get you there.

  43. Thanks Celia and Gayle. I got that far. It’s the HQ that gets me. Is it going to be a duh head-slapping moment, or is it something I just don’t know?

  44. Mark, 17D.
    Defintion ‘hard stuff’. A + L (top of lap) +’ happening’ as an adjective (from the beat era, or good/ok in the present vernacular) containing H = ‘hot’.
    I have to admit I was initially trying for asphalt but the wordplay wouldn’t work.

  45. Oh , SB I was wondering if it was the other def. Think military. Navy, Army, Air Force HQ.
    Please don’t slap your head too hard!

  46. SB a big d’oh to the nut I suspect.
    A baseballer reaches home …
    A military HQ would be sited at a military …
    A double definition in two parts, “What’s HQ/mean?”
    I don’t know how to explain other than the above!

  47. D’oh. Slap Slap Slap
    Thanks again Gayle and Celia.
    Til next week.
    Oh, and welcome Mark! Enjoy!

  48. Thanks Gayle.
    Just left with 15A, 3D (got first word but no idea how the wordplay is working), and 23D. Any hints?

  49. Struggling today and not too many friendly tips here, maybe my brain isn’t in proper Modus Operandi after doing night shift last night.16d no idea 14d no idea 7d no idea , maybe if I can get help on them clues it may trigger the grey matter.

  50. And as I type that I get 3D and 15A… the magic of this site I suppose. Still don’t understand the wordplay of 3D or how the last letter of 15A works

  51. Mark, 3D is a charade – an answer built up from discrete components …
    Mainly secure 1-3+top-grade 4+rent 5-7+shelters 8-11

    15A ditto, a two-component charade … humble quarters 1-4+close to townshiP 5 (def. Decline)

  52. Finally got a finished grid but I’m a bit fuzzy on the wordplay for 5d, 8d, 16a

    Terry, 7d def is 1st word, it’s an anagram. All the necessary letters are in the clue.
    16d is anagram involving a 3 letter synonym of ‘vagrant’ and one of the words in the clue. The last two words of the clue give you an action to perform on the answer.
    14d is almost a straight question. Hope that helps, i had a bit of trouble today too.

  53. Aha thank you Celia, SB, and Terry those make sense.
    Now just the pesky 23D to go. I have the first and last letter, and possibly the first word as definition, but again stumped by the wordplay.

  54. Terry …
    16D Defn “beat it” (something you beat
    “Harry” is a verb, anagrind for grist “GORDON”
    “punching” include above in
    “vagrant” 1, 8,9

  55. Nick, 5d is a nice misdirection. 2nd word is baby.
    I don’t get 8D either – I don’t get the pullover bit. 16A curses = 1, 5-8; lane’s end = 9

  56. Mark, 23d
    Yes first word is the definition. Then the roots/last letters of the following words.

  57. Night everyone. We’ve dodged the worst. It’s nearly Friday the 14th. Till next week.

  58. Thanks Nick and Celia I appreciate the help, sometimes the brain just needs a little kick along.

  59. Thanks SB and Celia.

    I haven’t come across that synonym for curses before, one to remember!

  60. 14D is a riddle, Terry, what to do if your maritime vessel is swiftly taking in water faster than you can pump it out!

    7D Defn “roger” anagram (signalled by “are diverting”) of AGREES+ME+DEVICES

  61. Nick, you’ve never heard someone say, “that’s been the ×××× of my life”.

    Oh, you have heard it, my typing was in vain!

  62. Ha yes Celia, I have. I had the wrong answer written in, which gave me a word that was actually a synonym for curses, albeit a bit of a stretch.

    Two wrong answers written in, in fact. All fixed now.

  63. Aha yes, got it. thanks Celia and Gayle. Ok. Now it’s REALLY time to go. Till next week.

  64. I almost never get a serious crack at DA Tripping until Saturday.

    Thanks to the above for your aid as usual.
    I found 17a a bit confusing- I got the can, but “heart” usually clues the numerically centre letters, doesn’t it ?

    DA used acronym incorrectly again in the Quick. I’ve never heard anyone say R.I.P. as R.I.P. !

  65. JupiterIsBig – I agree “dishearten” usually refers to numerically centred letters. I think on this occasion the “-” is imagined to be the “centre” or pivot of the hyphenated word.

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