DA for the 6th of April, 2018

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13 thoughts on “DA for the 6th of April, 2018

  1. Please allow me to stir this puzzle’s possum, trying to avoid spoilers as I do so …

    The answers to all seven themed clues here contain as their 1st component an example of a specific class of term (the class has 14 letters and commences with “i”). However only two of those terms are true 21Ds: 16D 1-3, & 28D.

    It’s the difference between the two variant renditions of ICAC, is it not? In one it is a 21D, in the ICAC-preferred version, it isn’t.

    Any further discussion?

  2. I don’t understand how any of the themed answers don’t follow the definition of RAS syndrome on Wiki, and I’m still trying to find a 14 letter word starting with i. My problem is with 28d, 2d where the last letter of 28d refers to a plural, and 2d is singular.

  3. I agree, Tim, that all seven are true examples of RAS. (Not RAS syndrome, which is itself an example!) All of them except 32a are listed here, http://www.nanday.com/rap/
    I also agree that the singular/plural difference in 28d,2d is a bit of a problem. It made an entertaining puzzle to solve, though – thanks, DA!

  4. Celia’s point was that acronyms need to be pronouncable as words, such as “radar” or “scuba”. “PIN” and “OPEC” qualify. (Whether there’s a need to capitalise them is a separate issue.) “ATM” is unpronouncable so needs to be spelt out, and thus is not a true acronym. According to the OED, “ATM” would be an initialism, not an acronym.

  5. Yes Mary, RAS Syndrome is a funny self reference.

    Geoff M… Initialism isn’t 14 letters. ;)
    Surely AC is pronounceable. PIN is a word, but OPEC?

    I don’t see how whether an acronym can be spoken or is a real word makes any difference as to whether it is an acronym or not.

    My favourite acronym is WINE, which refers to a piece of ‘Unix’ software. It originally referred to WINdows Emulator, but now stands for “WINE Is Not an Emulator”. It’s one of those funky recursive acronyms. :)

  6. Oxford dictionary definition of “acronym”: an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word.

  7. The RAS definition on Wikipedia at least allows for non pronounceables, specifically referencing ATM

  8. I’m with Celia on this.
    16D truly fits the theme, for instance, but 9D doesn’t.

  9. I don’t understand, I was sure I looked in here yesterday and saw about 50 posts, including a couple of mine. Now, only a handful. I got nowhere with the puzzle, thought I had 28d/2d right, an anagram of ANGOLA MAYBE giving BEAM ANALOGY, a concept used by engineers. Then someone says 28D ends in C, which seems to make sense. Anyway, I finished about 16 short.

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