DA Confusion for the 6th of April, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out here.

And judging by last week’s comments, some are a little confused about how to get a good version of the crossword from your digital subscription to the Age or the Sydney Morning Herald.

So I made a little video showing my technique.

What the video doesn’t show is what happens after clicking the print button. I usually just save the crossword as a PDF in the pop-up dialog box that comes up in my Chrome browser. Then I have the freedom to fling the crosswords around and print it at my leisure.

68 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 6th of April, 2018

  1. Finally got there. I found it difficult to get a start but done now.
    Happy solving all.

  2. Yes, plodded away at most of the clues, a bit like putting lego together. Had an inkling about 19/21/31 early on but didn’t know it. Second last one 14D got me smiling. Then finally the triple had me laughing out loud. It’s a term I feel I should have known, in which case it would have been first in, and the rest would have been a cinch . Good one, DA!

  3. Ohhh, thankyou AS!!! ( And Celia for her tips last week, which I hadn’t tried yet, being a bIT challenged.) I just clicked on your video in your intro above. So helpful.

  4. Ridiculous! I spend an hour puzzling over a simple (?) anagram, decide only one pair of words can be made which are meaningless to me. finally, in frustration, I Google it, and find it is real. So now, two answers. GRRRH

  5. All done but a bit of a hard slog this morning. Nice hidden theme. 14d and the triple were last ones in, like Gayle.
    Good luck.

  6. The only hidden theme I could find was the redundant second word in a few clues…

  7. Peter, I’ve just tweeted to @dontattempt (DA’s Twitter account) to see if there’s omission of an instruction re those clues. Has happened before.

  8. I think it is better not to have a message and get more enjoyment from the puzzle when you have discovered it.

  9. ArthurC: easiest starters IMO include 4Aa 11a, 7d, and 22d (once you get 23a!).

  10. I share DA’s frustration!

    By the way, Gayle, my newsagent was happy to give me my $2 change from last Friday!

  11. Had only a few clues left in SW – including the triple – when suddenly a penny dropped though I less than confidently wrote in the first two words of the triple, but the third became obvious from the cross letters, thus completing a phrase I’d never heard before that defined the theme. No wonder there was no headnote!

  12. Finished. Like many above, 14D was my last out. I’d thought its 2nd word might have been BIRDS, but the only natural fertiliser I could think of to tie in with that was … oh, let’s not go there.

    Faves were 14D, 24D (wrong season for this, though), 25A, and the triplet.

    Happy solving, everyone.

  13. Brond, re 18D, swap the 2nd & 4th clue words, you’re looking for an 8-letter word for “taste” to thus modify! 1st word is definition.

  14. 18D: def is first word of clue (in an unusual meaning for that otherwise common word). The wordplay is tricky to describe; essentially you take a longer word meaning “taste” and remove from it a word meaning”song”.

  15. Spent half an hour looking at today’s without any success at all, and was about to throw a tantrum, but all done now, though I’m struggling with the wordplay in 1a.

    8d was one of the first I got. I was horrified that DA could commit such a sin, but then realised that the sin is the theme …

    If I were to be overly pedantic, I’d say 8d should be (1,1,1,7).

  16. 14D
    “Hawks do” IS an natural fertilizer, I suppose, but it hasn’t helped me. As a pharmacologist, I could see where a 3-letter drug might fit – but cocaine it is not. Is the answer vernacular or straight?

  17. I’ve left a possibly-spoiling discussion starter in DA Reports for today re the validity of the puzzle’s theme. It’s my conjecture only two of the seven themed clues truly satisfy the theme’s definition. Take up the discussion if you wish in Reports.

  18. GeoffL, re 14D: way off track. Defn is “natural fertilisers?”, the “do” is 2-5, and “hawks” is a verb, 1, 7-10.

  19. As an aeronautical engineer I’m kicking myself that it took so long for me to get the wordplay in 8d. :)

    Still thinking about the wordplay in 6d and 7d, otherwise I’m done. Don’t you love three TLAs.

  20. Tim C re 7D: a 5-letter language initially failed gives letters 1-4, 5-6 from clue, “article” 7. Defn State.

  21. 14D: doh … I had two lists of possible words giving 48 possible combos, but still failed to see the answer when it was in front of me -Juniors Moment!

  22. I concur, Celia, if it has to be spelt out it ain’t one! Hence my reference above to 8d — the same applies to several others. I initially thought 21d might have been “initial”.

  23. Geoff M, comment re that in DA Reports space, where we can bespoil & be spoilt a bit more so than here.

  24. I read your comment there, Celia, but it’s lonely over there, so I tried hard to leave a comment here without overstepping the mark!

    I guess I can forgive DA, just as I did each time he put four syllables in “dictionary” on “Letters & Numbers” …

  25. There are four syllables in ‘dictionary’. It’s just the way he pronounces it that annoys.
    Ally W

  26. All out at last. I like it when there is an unstated theme! I hadn’t heard of 19,21,31A phrase before.
    25A was my last out. Didn’t think it needed the brackets though. Defn is first word.

  27. Well, Alistair, my dictionary says (and I’ve never looked up “dictionary” in a dictionary before!) that it has three syllables first, then four as an alternative. I think we might be getting off-topic here …

  28. Mary Jane… I’ve heard somewhere that DA likes the word “bed”, because it looks like one. Maybe (chestnut) looks like the audible answer. :)

  29. Tim C and Mary-jane re 25A …

    The brackets create acres herring to divert your attention away from the noun phrase “horse chestnut” the [children’s game] alternative name for which is a homophone (“by the ears”) of the answer.

  30. Total, complete failure today. Only four answers, I think I was given three of those. Can’t gain anything much from copious clues above.Will go and watch games on TV, more uplifting.

  31. Someone mentioned initialisms and acronyms in the DA Reports space (and as Geoff M said above, it’s lonely over there), which prompts me to ask in this more populated space: which is “DA Trippers”? Initialism or acronym?

  32. It’s an initialisation, but whether an acronym or not depends on whether you render it as the one-syllable “da” or as spelled-out Dee Ay.

    e.g. ICAC is an initialisation when spelled out eye see ay see, yet also an acronym when rendered as eyecack!

    If DA Trippers changed its name to DA Fellowship Tournee, then as an acronym it would be DAFT!

  33. Sorry, I asked my question poorly. I mean, how do people here say it? Initialism (Dee Ay) or acronym?
    I want to make it an acronym when I speak it, because it seems to me the pun requires it. But that seems wrong too…

    Possibly it’s time to have a drink and forget about it.

  34. Carol, for an acronym (other than DAT) you’d need a third letter; as Dee Ay Trippers it’s a near-pun of Day Trippers, though! Fin.

  35. If I hadn’t gone to DA reports as suggested by Celia I would not have had any idea of today’s theme. Not one of DA’S finest if I may say so. Arthur C don’t feel alone.

  36. @ Geoff M Glad you were repaid in kind and cash.

    @ Celia, like your DAFT . Or even DA Friday Trippers

  37. Hope I’m not to early to offer Arthur, and maybe others a hint about the theme.

    I think the themed answers are 32A, 2/28D, 6D, 8D, 9D, 16D and that it was wonderful to be alerted to so many examples of 19A. 21D, 31A

    Incidentally I used to live above the rooms of the Royal Asiatic Society in London, or the RAS for short.

  38. Gayle & Mike, our theme is also a RAS, and suffers the same syndrome when referred to … but there’d be many Royal A… Societies, wouldn’t there?

  39. I wouldn’t say 9D are two words nor even just one ‘word’ of 3 letters

  40. Doesn’t DA stand for Difficult Angry, Angry being a Cross word after all. ;)

  41. Ahh got it … Haven’t got the theme yet, only just started on puzzle

  42. After two hours I have just five answers all in NE corner. No idea of theme (as usual). Think I’ll follow Arthur’s lead on this one.

  43. Loved today’s DA, though I got 18D wrong.
    Never noticed his pronunciation of “dictionary”, will have to listen out for it.

  44. 8D and the like fits the theme in my opinion
    32 A on other doesn’t as it is never used that way

  45. Cokes, same might be said of 9D (off site, Arthur C said it to me).

    Check my note in the DA Reports section. Strictly speaking, or writing, only 16D & 28D/2D conform to the definition contained in 19A/21D/31A.

    All 7 belong to a broader class of term, though …including the apparently artificial 9D & 32A.

  46. Remarkably, rereading everything I think I have an inkling of the theme, though I don’t have 19A/21D/31A. But enough to keep going a bit longer.

  47. What I meant was that 8D is a specific example of the definition of theme, and it is used in that way (more often than not)
    32A on other hand I have never heard used in that way

  48. As usual all out but one no one has mentioned yet! Hints on 13A welcome ( if anyone’s still around). Thanks.

  49. Melanie

    Re 23a, defn is 1st word, letters 1-3 from 2nd word (also a common type of bird) 4-5, from last word, after it has been evacuated.

  50. Finally all out…but not before looking at Celia’s hint for 18D. Caught on to the hidden theme early, but the triple was the second last thing I got. John Faine on radio 774 was having a rant about this phenomenon only a few weeks ago.

  51. If anyone is still looking in, can you explain the 6th letter in 14D. I get the Hawks and the do, but cocaine? Carbon I would say OK, but is cocaine referred to as this?

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