DA Confusion for the 30th of March, 2018

Have your confusions sorted out and really do have a Good Friday.

63 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 30th of March, 2018

  1. Morning all.
    Have the grid filled but a few still to parse fully eg 20D.
    Last one in was 26A, partly because I didn’t know it, and partly because by then I was looking for 2 letters of 26 that were nowhere to be found. Liked 15 especially.

  2. Gayle, re 20D, think of a 3-word expression (3,2,5) and do that with your record. My favourite for the puzzle.

    Don’t quite understand 22A parse, any hints?

    btw … lonely here today, is everyone in church?

    Happy Easter solving! Happy Easter.

  3. I’m here. Working my way through..have a few more to go. Re 22A – not sure about the parsing ,could be double defn? Still working on 13,27.

  4. Mary-Jane, 13D, 27A is a well-worn phrase. I managed to solve it once 13A out (nothing to do with Gail Page) and had the first letter, and some scattered cross letters elsewhere. Marking word divisions on the grid helped, too. It’s a DD of sorts: think of various interpretations of “script” and who would write one! No anagram is involved. Defn. could be “ideal” or “ideal fix”.

  5. A late start this morning. Drove around for an hour trying unsuccessfully at several places to buy a Herald. Finally, at around 8 am, found a big pile on the footpath outside a local (closed) newsagent. So I pinched one and put a $5 in their video return chute. The things we do …

  6. Late start for me (2 weeks holidays – chance to sleep in).
    SE corner still to complete.
    Liked so far 7d, 8d, 15a, 4d and 5d. 1a was a nice easy start.

  7. Mary-Jane 22A: I think he’s getting at that this is something done with the hand (manual) and reverses its meaning when it itself is reversed.

  8. Agree with 20d as being very clever. Can someone confirm 11a for me please.

  9. AndyW, 11A could be a new style of blue vein cheese, but think more likely a famous Froggy dissident! Anagram involves an abbreviation of a small Imperial measure of weight, clued by 1A. Adequate & sufficient to confirm?

  10. GeoffM, your story should go in DA’s next book. Hope he hops in today.
    I used to love the sound of the paper thumping on the grass. Now I have to subscribe online and I only know how to print the crossword with the whole puzzle page reduced to an A4 sheet. Almost invisible. Worth the $5, I reckon.

  11. Gayle, enlarge and screenshot the puzzle, then trim, and print the screenshot in a .pdf.

    I was getting the paper every day until they recently jacked the sub price 20%. So I pulled back to a less expensive option, and on the three days I don’t get the printed ed., and not having a printer, I mock up a grid in an exercise book. Was in hospital 10 days recently without access to my printed papers, so was doing this daily in a little notebook a friend brought in for me.

  12. No papers in Bathurst today, anyone know where I can get an on-line copy please.

  13. I can see this will be ongoing for many today, Terry, so will post a link in the “DA for …” section.m for anyone in this situation. Just this once and on the QT. Check there in 10 minutes !

  14. Thanks Celia it’s very frustrating, they don’t print the local paper so they don’t worry about getting the Sydney papers on public holiday’s at least I think that’s the reason.

  15. All done. As usual, there are a couple where I can’t work out the wordplay: 9d and 14a. 20d was clever, but I feel sorry for anyone under 50 trying to solve it!

  16. 9D: def is first two words of clue. Old Money gives the first word of the answer plus letter 1 of the second word. The rest of the second word of the answer are given by the last two words of clue.

  17. Thank you both. I’d never come across that term for old money. Still thinking about 14a. The first butter was easy.

  18. Geoff M, the last three letters of 14A are a synonym of cryptically-“skimmed” b utter.

  19. > I’d never come across that term for old money.

    Never seen The Life of Brian?

  20. Gayle, Celia, Terry, double-clicking a crossword brings up a dialogue with a print button enabling each to be printed individually in landscape.

  21. That form of old money is mentioned in the ex-leper scene, along with some others (which I suspect were not all in use in the same time and place, but whatever).

  22. Ann: I was just about to say the same thing! (Really should have remembered sooner, rather than wading around in dubloons, sovereigns, ducats etc.)

  23. Geoff M – I’m over 50, and have 3/4s of the cross letters for 20d , and our Celia’s hint from hours ago , and still none the wiser .
    Also , 3/4 s of the cross letters in 2d, no hints from anyone yet; must be easy , but not for me.


  24. Sorry – I meant 5d, not 2d, (and I’ve got all the cross letters now – sad.)

  25. Julie W, 2d, first two words of the clue are the definition. Then think anagrams.

    And if you’re over 50, think of some records between 78s and CDs!

  26. Re: Printing the puzzle.
    In the SMH Digital edition I use, I double click on the puzzle and it opens in another window, where I can then print the puzzle to a printer or pdf. Unfortunately, the printer driver used at my work makes hard to resize, but many printer drivers will then let you fit the puzzle to an A4 page, reducing the need for squinting and glasses among us superannuants.
    Re: the puzzle, still going !

  27. Just three left in SE corner. 23A, baffling. 26A, 20D. Have had a real struggle today, computer problems.

  28. Arthur C, re

    20D Defn 1st three words
    You need a three word phrase (3,2,5) synonymous with “permanently” (or “permanent”) that will tell you what to with the record.

    23A definition “stars” (should really be “sky”) “returning if” letters 1-2, then two musicals one truncated to 3 letters (from 4) inside another with 4 letters.

  29. 23A: def is first word of clue. “returning if” gives letters 1-2. One musical gives letters 3, 7-9. Another one shortened gives letters 4-6.

    26A: obscure word, def is “16D’s pin”. “That lost cover” gives letter 1, “vent” letters 2-5.

    20D: def is first three words of clue. ‘record’ gives letters 3-4, which are permanently recorded in a substance used for that purpose letters giving letters 1,2,5,6,7.

  30. Arthur C, re 26A, Defn “16-down’s pin. I’m unsure of the wordplay for letter 1, it seems to me to be in error, but the vent is 2-5.

  31. Julie, 1st word is definition in 5d. It’s an old word that you don’t see much of these days.

    Any hints for the wordplay in 13a?

  32. Thanks Tim – all done at last ! 13a – 1st word is def. ‘unpack’ 3rd word , for 1-2 . Think of a 3-letter word for the rest of the clue.

  33. And thanks also to JupiterIsBig – you’ve explained the last bit of 9d to me!

  34. I have an answer for 17a but can’t parse and am struggling to make sense of 18d. I rarely finish DA on Friday. I’d love a hint

  35. Hi, Jenny T re 17A …
    Defn 1st two words; “fitting” is an inclusion indicator for “close” (pronounced cloze) 1,2,8 holding “sheets” 3-7 (think stationery measure). Hope that helps!

  36. Jenny T re 18D. Definition is “Indeed”. “Stop” gives letters 1-4, “regular discounts in pension?” 5-7.

  37. Still can’t get 11 A. Should come to me with a bit of google. I’d never heard of 26A but above hints helped. Thought 20D was extremely clever. I can’t quite get my head around 22A. I’m sure I have the answer and Andrew T’s idea sort of makes sense…but not entirely. Any other ideas?

  38. A pleasure to be of assistance, Jenny T. Have a happy Easter … and you too out there in DATripperville!

  39. Ah-ha! Of course I’ve heard of 11A. The hint about the imperial measure helped it to click!

  40. 11A: def is first three words. This late in the day I think I can say he’s a famous French author;
    if you google the French for I accuse! he’ll be the first hit.

  41. Thanks Julie for the 13a hint. That was the last one for me.

    Viv, the 3rd word of 11a hints at a book.

  42. Thanks to Celia and Andrew T for sorting out SE corner, I had (and still have) wrong answer for 21D. Must look at that again. I think it may be an unfamiliar word, must check.

  43. No answer on 21D. I have xRxSxR? Not many words possible, nothing I can relate to clue. Will go and check cricket instead. Farewell for this week.

  44. Arthur C, 21D is a person, an old leader, an anagram of 16D with a couple of letters removed!

  45. AHA! ‘Life wasn’t meant to be easy’, was it? All OK now, back to the cricket 9which isn’t encouraging at this stage!).

  46. “The Life of 11A” was actually the winner of the best picture Oscar for 1937.

  47. I couldn’t figure out wordplay for 14a and 17a. Thanks Celia for clearing them up. Took me a long time to complete the bottom half of this week’s puzzle.

  48. Off-topic, in DA’s Friday Wordwit I found a quicker way to get from WARM to HEAT.


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