DA Confusion for the 23rd of March, 2018

I know: it’s a crazy, mixed-up world with Richmond as reigning premiers.

But make sure your crossword life remain free of confusion right here.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of March, 2018

  1. All out I think. Not sure about 17a and then possibly 18d. Any help would be appreciated.
    9a was my start.
    Overasll a good chaallenge. Good luck.

  2. All out too. The longuns helped. 9 was good, but I needed a couple of crossers to get it.
    No idea about the wordplay in 23A which I got from 2D, although I don’t fully understand the grammar in 2D either. And haven’t got the gem part of 16D.
    Loved 5D and 24A.

  3. At 6A surely the synonym for victims is the same word in the plural, and has no s on the end.

    At 13A the synonym for fine is two words, not one; although many people do misspell it, I’d expect better from DA.

  4. As for 16d, I think it is a double definition, but the gem is not a jewel, but a description of someone.

  5. Good point Peter about 12A. Something jarred when that went in.
    Wondered about 13A as well, but I’m not going to get into the prescriptive vs descriptive grammar debate. There are similar words which have evolved/devolved over time. DA tends to use the vernacular a lot, which is fresh and fun, and there’s no standard dictionary set for the Fairfax crosswords, to my knowledge, as there is Chambers with the Guardian cryptics , for example.

  6. Andyw, now I’m even more confused re 2D. I thought letters 1 and 2 is what’s left after a deletion on the 4th word in the clue of the 2 letters which refer to 23D. Or are we saying the same thing? No? :-(

    23A haven’t got a clue, except the definition, which I liked.

  7. I don’t understand 23A wordplay either.

    Would have finished earlier but had a couple of P’s early in 6D where a couple of more strident letters shoulda been. And had FAR starting 13A, incorrect.

    I liked 24A too (from my fave show in the ’60s when all the kids at school loved that stupidly imitative other one).

    12D/22D reminded me of Stooges & Marx-ists!

    Very busy day for me, may look in later, happy solving all!

  8. Going very slowly, mystified by many of the clues. Re 15A, does this refer to natural disasters? Have only SW corner to date.

  9. Thanks to being laid up from a small op yesterday, I am all out already. But I just don’t get the wordplay for a few: 11a (Adjustable period?), 17d (I can’t ‘hear’ the bank), 23a (completely lost), 16d (gem?)

  10. I just heard the bank in 17a! I had the wrong word which did’t really suit the def anyway

  11. 11a: “adjustable period” gives the first three letters, “to get to” gives the last 4 letters. Def is “crook”

    Can’t parse the others you mention either; I don’t think anyone understands 23a. 16d must be a meaning for the answer word I’ve never come across.

    ArthurC: some of the easier ones are 6a, 7d, 1d, 4d.

  12. SandyM re 16D … a gem, a pearler, a … 16D! Google your answer, it’s around defn #6, an Aussie colloquialism!

  13. Taking a stab on 23A. Is ‘how’ the first 5 letters? Even if it is I can’t explain the rest.

  14. Another try, I think 23A might be one of those clue types which I can’t remember the name for, where the indicator is in the answer.

  15. Thanks Celia re 16d. I certainly hadn’t heard that use of the word before, and as it sounds like a comparative it just doesn’t work for me.

  16. Was running out of white-out, so decided to do it in pencil today. Wouldn’t have needed the white-out, as it happened.

  17. Thanks Andrew re 11a. Yes adjustable unlike other similar periods. And ‘to get to’ oblique but on the money. That’s DA.

  18. Progress, all of LHS filled in. Finally seeing 9A a big help. If I can get 6D now, I think that will break it.

  19. All out, but I’ll keep checking back here to see if anyone can explain 23a.

  20. Re:23A If you interrupt (=2nd word) dirty looks with the 1st word of the answer you get “leaders”. Ta Da !

  21. Re 23A So the answer describes how to get from “leers” to “leaders” cryptically.

  22. A bit of a spoiler there Brond. But I don’t think I would have got it otherwise.

  23. Arthur, re 6d: the last word is the def. The first 7 letters come from the first 4 words of the clue. If you get that, the rest will probably fall into place.

  24. Thanks, Sandy M, i did find that, I’m down to last six, all on RHS. 11A has me baffled, and i’ve no idea on 21A – oops, just saw 21A, slow of me. Down to four now.

  25. Spoiler? I think not. My comments don’t state the answer, but only indicate how it may be derived. If the consensus is with Sandy M then I shall happily refrain from commenting in the future.

  26. Ah, thanks, Dom. I’d assumed the ‘sides on’ applied to rare as well as plate, so I only got two letters not three. I should have taken more notice of the colon!

  27. Thanks from me too, Brond. Although I had the answer from the very clever definition, I would never have seen the explanation of the word play without your help.

  28. Thanks to Brond for the explanation on 23A, which I had puzzled over for a long while. I think the 11.07 post was enough without, um, spelling it out, though.

    Of the English usage debates this week: 12A works for me as wrong but just a bit cheeky; I’m old-fashioned in 13A but with Gayle, it’s out there.

    In clue construction I would have thought “23-acrosses” in 2D should be singular, though.

  29. Am I the only person who can’t get 6D ? I have 6 of the 8 cross-letters and still have zero idea, notwithstanding the hints above :(

  30. well, i did eventually fill it all in, with some help. I want to register a strong protest re 11A. Adjustable? What nonsense! Maybe its bistable, like a triggered flip-flop- but adjustable. NO!

  31. Arthur, um , I saw it as every 4 years…. is that all there is? Cue Peggy Lee.

  32. AG, my thoughts too about the singular in 2D. But am still trying to give DA the benefit of the doubt. And I’ve nearly worked it out. 23A -crosses?

  33. Dom – I has ‘s’ as first letter in 6A for a long time too. It’s not idiotic and the answer we had (I assume second letter was ‘e’?) would just about work if 6D did begin with ‘S’.

  34. Dom at 2:07 pm, you and I must have had the same incorrect answer for 6A. It sort of worked though. Once I latched on to 6D it fell into place.

  35. I don’t get the word play for 19D or 25A. I think I have the correct answers.

  36. SPOILER ALERT (it is Saturday, after all!)

    Viv, 19d: “secure” is “attach” without the cold and hot taps, then add “in”.
    25a: “anno” is a year abroad, then an anagram of “art to” makes “annotator”, a marker.

  37. Thanks Geoff M. I was caught on thinking only the first two letters of 25 A were the year abroad and could not work out where letters 3,4 came from.
    As for 19 D, VERY clever. Your first explanation would have made some sort of sense also, until you realise the clue would be without a definition. I was only seeing couple in the sense of a pair, and not the verb.

  38. Re 13 A Am I correct to assume that the first word defining fine has its 3rd letter substituted to give the two word answer

  39. Thanks Geoff the definition for fine is one word I get the word play now.
    Today is the first time in a long time that I got the puzzle out except for one letter !!

  40. Thanks Geoff
    Today is the first time in a long time that I got the puzzle out except for one letter !!

  41. Sorry Geoff, but I still don’t understand the “heading for trouble” part. I can get the answer but this part doesn’t seem to fit.

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