DA Confusion for the 16th of March, 2018

Let there not be confusion this week.

There are three days of crossword fun going on in Melbourne at the NGV starting on Friday. Come on down for some fun. LR will be doing lots of stuff, as well as the champions from the Cruciverbalist and the gurus from the Good Copy.

And if you want to meet your fellow Trippers, come on down tomorrow and have fun solving it together.

I’ll also be solving the day’s DA on stage from about 12:30 PM, as well as a bonus classic from the vaults. Wish me well! Audience participation is encouraged, mostly because I’m going to need the help!

And there was a whole story about the DA Trippers over at The Age promoting the whole cruciverbalist shebang at the NGV.

68 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16th of March, 2018

  1. All done, quite enjoyable today. I liked 13d, 20d, 28a and 16d.
    NW corner last to finish, got distracted with the 3rd word in 2d, which slowed me down.
    Good luck today to AS, disappointed that I can’t get there.
    Happy solving.

  2. I’m stuck in the NE, going in opposite direction to AndyW. I’m pretty sure I’ve got 2D right so why can’t I get 5A?

    Sounds like a great weekend for Southerners, and anyone else able to make the trip to the NGV.

  3. Thanks AndyW, thought it could be, but as I have so few letters in that corner, apart from 8D and 12A, I’m struggling. I thought I could work back from 2D but no luck.

    I’m trying to resist asking for a clue for 10A which would open it right up, but that would be cheating … oh, well, just a teensy hint? Gotta go to work. They’re talking about the mental and social benefits of cruciverballing today in Melbourne. I wonder if anyone’s considered the costs?!

    Did enjoy, amongst others, 18D, 20D, 26A, 27A and 14A. Some very DAvillish clues.

  4. 20D I’m thunking N?T?C?X but struggling with that. Anything wrong?

  5. 24A I’m think T?N?A?R ?I?H but again struggling to find an answer to fit.

  6. David in 20D your “C” is incorrect.
    Your 24A shows 11 letters. “T” is not the first and “H” is not the last.

  7. David in 20D your C is incorrect.
    In 24A your N, A and H are incorrect.
    The solution is grammatically incorrect, in my opinion; it requires a possessive S in it.

  8. 24A Ahh, solved that – The N A & H were wrong. Shameful really, as my missus is in that profession.

  9. David you’re 3/4 correct for 20D; defn is first 3 words.

    Getting nowhere with the SW corner I’m afraid!

  10. David Brown, your 3d, 5th, & last letters are incorrectbfor 24A … Defn 1st two words and the “lecture” at letters 4,5,9-11.

    Your 5th letter in 20D is incorrect. 26A is derived from rhyming slang.

    Ann please note re above. Also “panda” can be read in a different way, a standard DA construct.

  11. Can anyone enlighten on the “horse” in 15A? I have an answer for the clue, but presume the horse is letters 4-7, and I see no horse there in my answer.

  12. I don’t get where the 6th and 7th letters in 15a come from. Otherwise it makes sense.

  13. Yes, Andy. This is where I’m at.
    English lake is definition.
    Get is 1-3.
    Back rambling horse is 5,4.
    Before is 8-10.
    So where do letters 6 & 7 come from?
    Sorry if I’m a little slow.

  14. Finally, from hints above, I see my 15A is correct, couldn’t sort it before. Lots of thought but so far limited results. 14 only so far, and pool time. Will look back later.

  15. Great for DA to let the battlers have a chance today.
    I’ll never look at the China Panda’s the same !
    Gayle, NE corner my last too.
    Maybe 5 dn is a double defn’ as a wee hint ?
    As a personal view, I’m not sure David Brown should ask for hints that way either ?

  16. I tend to agree, Peter – I think explicit letters are a no-no, at least till night time.

    I’m also stuck on five in NE.

    Meanwhile, I have one unparsed. Can someone please explain 24A?

  17. AG – 24A defn is first 2 words. 1-3 is a ‘meal’ (others might use a different word for this meal though). 6-9 is ‘time’ within ‘lecture’ (4,5 and 9-11)

  18. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just got back from the DA session at the NGV today, and it was eye opening to say the least. Where I have plenty of half-solved DA puzzles lying around I’ve spent hours on, AS and the crowd got the whole thing out in about 50 minutes. Humbling and inspiring! I don’t think I was alone judging by the number of “Ohhhhh!”s from the crowd as the solutions came out :) China panda, really!

    AS, great job, really. I can’t imagine getting up live on stage to do a solve, but you made it look so easy. One take away among many is that I need to study the classics more!

  19. @CH….”need to study the classics more”
    Sorry to disagree but cryptic clues should not require encyclopaedic knowledge, let’s leave that for trivia nights
    It is not the cryptic clues that usually makes DA harder, but the requirement to know obscure things that may not be everyone’s interest
    Btw , not too hard today

  20. I’m happy to help anyone with the NE corner; my problems are in the SE. Looks like I’m the only one who hasn’t got 26a. Also stuck with 20d and 28a.

  21. Geoff M, if I have it correct, the key to 20D is ‘Streamers’ (think movies, for example). For 28a, his initials JH (with ‘cross’ at the end. I’m still nine short, including most of NE corner, some in SW corner. Running out of time, might leave till later.

  22. Anne, 1a:

    First three words are definition. Buckled is 7-3, central movement is 2,1. I’d have spelt this word with “i” as letter 4. Apparently both are acceptable.

  23. Thanks Arthur (or thanx!?), that’s helped with 20d. Still working on the others!

  24. Eight short still, several I think are names, no idea how to find them. Will try Google for 8D, 17D, might help a bit.

  25. Ok for 8D, so also 5A. No idea on 3D, 5D, 17D, 11A, 21A. Must go, dishes await. Will check back later. Any hints appreciated.

  26. Thanks for help above. I had struggled before I got back on-line. I am assuming 18d def is the first two words of the clue, but have no idea how the rest get you there. And I have no idea of 18a or 17d. Any help appreciated.

  27. Googling got me the classic novelist in 17d and I can see the kids’ author, but I have no idea where letters 1-4 come from. That gave me enough letters to guess the anagram in 18a, though it is a new word to me. And I still don’t get the wordplay for 18d.

  28. ChrisY, I had thought of that, but I think that also requires a bit of a scratch on ‘closed’. Perhaps ‘closed early’.

  29. I also went to the event at the NGV. Great job AS. Congratulations. Any chance it could be repeated (perhaps in young and Jackson’s)?
    Unfortunately I arrived late and missed on the China panda solution. Still don’t get it!

  30. 1a – Geoff M @ 3.19 pm – I spelt it with an “I” too but, on reflection, the word consists of two abbreviations and it becomes a question of where one finishes and where the other begins.

  31. Brian a, re 26a, China is the def. it is an old Australian use of the word. Look at panda closely. DA uses this trick a lot. He could use my name in the same way for some words.

  32. Geoff M, there was some confusion and rumblings at the group solving session today about the 4th letter in 1 across, but when you think about the two words used in this “portmanteau” word, the second word must start with that letter in the 4th place, and not the alternative that people were thinking.
    CH, I loved the Ohhhhhhs from the crowd. It was like a flash mob of us all solving individually at home, and all coming to the same realisation at once. Great fun…trouble is, I usually savour the DA all through the weekend; now it’s finished.

  33. 8d – Silly me… because of “Greek” I tried to think of a compatriot of Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes.

  34. Yes, Steven & Viv, the spelling with an “e” makes more sense (in 1a). I don’t think I’ve ever used the word, so I hadn’t given it much thought.

  35. Viv, indeed – I feel like I don’t have a puzzle for this week now, will have to dig into my (substantial) unsolved backlog :)

    The group solve was a very interesting experience. There were clues I never would have got out alone, and was great to see the thought process of others. At the same time, I do like mulling over clues, even if it takes me quite some time, and the pace of solving cracked along very quickly.

  36. Ahh, thanks Sandy M, I’m familiar with the term “old China” but not just “China”.
    All understood now – a new experience for me!

  37. CH and Viv and others. Half your luck. Sounds like a whole lot of fun at NGV.

  38. Glad that you could come down CH and Viv.

    It was a lot of fun — there are many cruciverbalists hankering for it, and the enthusiasm was contagious.

    It was good to see too an Elsternwick crossword club that get together once a month make an appearance at the NGV as well. I was trying to convince them to make a Facebook page for their club, so hopefully they do so and I’ll let everyone here know about it.

    I’m part of a Collingwood crossword club run by the Good Copy that meets once a month. Join up and get on down: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1566515500331351/

    There are more things on tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. I’ll be helping out tomorrow (Saturday) with the spelling bee — which is open to adults on Saturday.

    And on Sunday, there’s a New York Times-style crossword competition. I imagine a number of you would be very good at that event.

  39. I have no problem with the panda and the answer, but how does the third letter fit the wordplay?

  40. 26a tripped me up on the panda letter construct for first two letters.
    lost = third letter
    Definition is China but involves slang interpretation then synonym to solution.

    20d wordplay eludes me despite solution. Struggling to see how “ribbons lining zip” fits in.

  41. Thanks CH I did sort of work that out, but thought it was a bit ambiguous, in a series of past results for example you will see WWLLWW , W=Win L= Loss maybe I was looking too much in to it.

  42. Am I the only one who can’t parse 2D and 3D? It’s a bit late, but if anyone is still around, any assistance gratefully accepted.

  43. Hi LJ , I’ll give them a go..
    2D Assume = DON , letters 1-3
    odd letters of theories , TERE, letters 4, 9-11,
    about/containing GOTH , the gloomy soul, letters 5-8.

    3D I found was very choppy and had odd grammar. Also for a long time I tried to make opposing vs instead of v. Anyhow, my take on it is:
    V = opposing, letter 1
    DK = Dunkirk evacuated/evacuation
    A = first letter of ‘at’
    With 2 indicators working on SO: lifting/ rising reversal in down clue, and stifling /containing the aforementioned DKA.

  44. Kaz, “china” is the definition, if you have a look at Aussie rhyming slang. For “panda”, it’s a sneaky (but apparently common) bit of DA wordplay, self-contained within one word. Try exploding it out a little.

  45. Kaz,

    China [plate] is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘mate’. China in this context is the definition.

    If you read the word panda literally it could be understood as P and A. Then the L is provided by ‘lost. That’s the wordplay. This is a non-standard abbreviation as far as I can tell and it does not appear in Chambers. No doubt it is found in other sources. Although I note that while a number of sources have it as an abbreviation for ‘loss’, I have not found any that give ‘lost’.

    But the answer was very gettable so all forgiven on my end.



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