DA Confusion for 2nd of March, 2018

Is Autumn DA the best DA? Find out here, and make sure you’re not confused about anything.

59 thoughts on “DA Confusion for 2nd of March, 2018

  1. Finished, not too difficult today, not 100% sure of 29a though.
    No clues stood out for me. I had to look up 11a\10a to confirm answer.
    Good luck.

  2. Agree with AndyW. A good one. Not to difficult.
    Sorry AndyW. I am in transit now and don’t have my grid so can’t recall 29A until I get to work.

  3. There may be more to it but I read 29A as defn first two words and then just a bunch of notes after the first letter.

  4. Hi Ray,
    I thought the same, maybe I just didn’t like the clue.

  5. AndyW 29A usually finds itself in hot water if it lands in China!

    Interesting puzzle today, nothing too difficult. Ethical questions about the compiler arise about 12A/3D/25D though! And 9D would fit same-clue 24D grid along similar lines, but the presumably intended 24D alternative not vice versa.

    Happy solving, fellow Trippers!

  6. Well, someone has to be the first to say today’s IS too difficult! Some help with 7D might get me off to a good start…

  7. AliceG, Defn of 7D is last word; wordplay format charade, two components occupying 1-3 and 4-7.

  8. Fave clues 11A/10A, 12A/3D/25D (but is this permitted?), 16A, 23A, 29A (delicious!), 7D, 8D, 27D .

  9. Celia. I am not sure what he concerns are with 12/3/25. You may have to educate me.

  10. Ray, the three words making up the answer share a common very-obvious attribute that to my way of thinking about crosswords make me feel they should be contiguous in one answer grid, not spread over three different answer grids. May be okay, I’ve just never seen this before!

  11. Celia, I don’t understand your comment concerning 9D and 24D. As the two clues are identical, I have the same answer for both (and they both fit the cross letters).

    My overall comment would be that this puzzle is a little too easy for a DA crossword.

  12. Jack re 9D/24D … being distinct clues, their answers should reasonably be expected to be different. There is a less obvious answer for 29D … swap its vowels around! Let’s check the answers tomorrow, though, if you disagree?

  13. I see what you mean, Celia. Actually, the 24D alternative fits the clue more precisely. The wording of the 9D clue does not flow logically to the answer.

  14. Jack, re 9D & 25D … you could possibly interpret “possessed” as an anagrind, as neither answer follows logically if it’s interpreted as an inclusion indicator.

  15. I agree with Jack re 9d and 24d. This week’s puzzle felt alot easier with a lot of straightforward anagrams

  16. I’m confused, Maryjane … same or different answers for the identical clue? Jack’s 11:22 answer seems to indicate a switch to my point of view!

  17. I agree – easier than usual. However I’m stuck on 8D; and don’t understand wordplay for 5D letters 1,6,7. Gentle hints welcome.

  18. I think I have an answer for 8D but can’t quite back parse it. Same for 27D.
    Lastly, I have no idea about 17A
    Thanks in advance

  19. Re 8down,
    Second is 1-2
    Son hurt is 3-5
    Head is 6-9
    Definition is last two words.
    27 dn definition is word 1.
    Paper as in a student’s end-of-year paper is a 4 letter word ( mostly ) and then re-cycled.
    I don’t understand Celia’s stuff – generally – but especially not today.
    3 down was brilliant IMHO.

  20. Thanks so much everyone!
    All out now, but with the same answer for 9D and 24D

  21. 5ac
    Definition is utter – but the answer is probably not your first thought !
    So, you need 3 letter word for dark 1,6-7 with brilliance (almost) 2-5 .

  22. Bianca, swapping the vowels in 24D will give a different but equally valid answer, more likely I believe to be the one DA intended.

  23. Peter, what “stuff” of mine today haven’t you understood? Please post specifics including the time stamp of the post, and I will explain in depth for you later on!

  24. Well, after a very busy day, have all but the 121,3,25, clues above not helping. The 24, 9D also baffling.Have neither of the 27s. But happy to have got so far.

  25. I generally hate it when people post “Rather easy, today, I thought.” But, for once I can post “Rather easy today, I thought.”

  26. Celia try your posts at 7. 13, 9.32, 9.43, 10.52, 11.18 and 11.27 for starters. They read like they were written by someone for whom English is a second language, or maybe by just a show-off.

    Your past history suggests maybe the latter.

  27. Pick one of those, Peter, and tell me what about it you didn’t understand. By the way, I’m Aspie, so just lay off personal criticism. It doesn’t belong here.

    I try to avoid blatant spoilers, so thought you might not have understood my mention of a charade; was that one you couldn’t follow?

  28. Got it out after considerable effort. Wouldn’t proclaim it easy. 10a, 15d, 26a & 29a were more difficult than others.

  29. 12,3,25 reminded me of a Seinfeld episode where they used that phrase several times.
    27d agree school paper is way to think of it after dropping one end on the way back.
    27a think another three letter short form for a dog……. etc etc etc

  30. Celia, I agree that personal criticism doesn’t belong here but you are a master of it.

    Remember “I don’t understand if you’re asking for assistance or just chucking a tantrum to spoil everyone else’s fun, gathering your sweat-stained toys, and going home”.

    That was Celia on 17th December 2017.

    I don’t have the time or inclination to seek out other examples, but there are many. Also you have been criticized before for spoilers and not by me.

  31. Wow, Peter, you must have a great collection of my quotes! I told you I was Aspie and sometimes I speak my mind. You said in a post you don’t understand my contributions (or some such) yet when asked to cite a specific one, fail to rise to the occasion. Put up, or leave me be.

  32. I’m stuck with 5 left in the SW corner. Completely in the dark on 15d, can anyone shed some light on it?

  33. Hmmmm maybe 9d and 24dn are similar answers after all they are quite contrary to one another on the grid.

  34. Hi Nick,

    re 15D definition is “correspondence” (not letters nor mail of any sort)
    Split clue thus: shortly (truncation indicator) attend 1-3 / city 4-8 / fringes to open 9-10.

    Hope that helps

  35. Ah, thanks Gil! Got it now. It’s one of those ‘how did i not see that’ answers…

  36. Thanks Gil, I had the solution but never understood the word play and don’t think I would ever have worked it out via that route. Good answer.

    Not sure I follow all the wordplay in 16d either apart from 1-4. That could indicate a false solution but it does sit comfy with def’n on first two words.

  37. Nick: (heavy spoilers ok at this time of night): 1-3 is “attend” truncated; 4-8 is a famous city; 9-10 is fringes to “open”. Last word of clue is defn.

  38. David Brown re 16D …
    Defn 1st 2 words
    “rellie with a skipping” 1-3
    “bent” 4-9

  39. David, I suspect you have 4-9 wrong. It is a near-enough synonym for “bent”. Not “wisted”!

  40. Terry , I think your 9.00 pm comment re the nursery rhyme is spot on . Why has no one else agreed with you yet ?? I think you are 1a with DA.

  41. Today’s published result grid confirms that, although having the same four letters and an identical clue, 9D and 24D do indeed have different answers.

    Changing my name to Cassandra …

  42. This is my second foray into DTs . It has helped me identify the definitions of some clues, although I was too dim to pick up Peter’s parsing of 5A. 13A, 29A and 4D stumped me and I had to resort to solution in Spectrum. I solve some answers intuitively then return to decoding word play.
    I admire those contributors who can quickly solve DA’s Xwords, they generally pose quite a challenge each week.

  43. Yes Julie W I also thought I was 1ac with DA but Cassandra blew my theory out the window :)

  44. Terry, I thought you’d twigged Myra was contrary to Mary!?

  45. Cassandra – you may be cursed with the prophesy that DA had selected 2 diff girls , but he obviously overlooked the chance to use the nursery rhyme ‘contrary’ cleverness (which Terry picked up on )! His garden grows with dog-flowers ,hers with sb’s &cs’s.

  46. Thanks Trippers, I was stuck on a few.
    Trying to fit ASPHALT into 21 down as I don’t know modern cricket.
    Similarly I’ll have to google the director. I was trying to make 11a “video”

  47. … and as per the ACC explanation I cannot see how 24d should yield a different answer to 9a. I just like that DA had the idea to use the same clue for different answers, but I don’t think it worked…

  48. Good point Cassandra the answers are contrary in that respect, but as Julie W and Jupiter commented maybe he missed a chance to really make the 2 mentioned clues work together.

  49. Just did this today.., could someone explain how:
    24D Girl possessed my heart of hearts
    provides wordplay for:
    Is there some indicator I’m missing that clues the reversal of “AR”?

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