DA for 16th of February, 2018

Don’t be confused by that other Valentine with a cryptic key to your heart: sort things out right here.

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  1. Have to go to Melbourne today, early start, 9d slowed me down a little, I won’t give any hints yet, but clever clue. SE corner last in. Liked 3d-19d, 15d and 7d.
    Good luck all. Will try to look in later.

  2. Have a dozen or so answers. 5D seems obvious, but clue not fully understood. Much work to do. If 23A has the obvious answer, how does the clue work, please?

  3. Past 9:30 am AEDT and only three comments????

    I’m stuck on 9D (a personality, a female comic perhaps?) and 17D. Though looking again at 24A I may have erred there. Any hints welcome

  4. Hi Celia,
    Sitting in a lecture on VCE Maths….
    So 9d def = first two words

  5. Thanks, AndyW, was playing with wrong 1st name. 2nd name came when I realised NINJA was incorrect for 24A.

    Not happy with 17D at all, though! Have an answer though that involves the Premier @ 2-5, and I @ 6. A clumsy clot of a word!

  6. mostly done- still got 26A and 17D to go – sure the penny will drop with them. Re 21D , I would have thought it was a dessert more than a cake- and the answer has nothing to do with a cable as a rope , but a different kind of cable

  7. Arthur: re 6:40 am:

    5D is a rather tortuous anagram, for word 3 plus a semi-technical Twitter term stripped of a chemical symbol. AndyW above is worth looking at for 9D.

  8. Mary-Jane & others,

    Is 26A missing a definition, or is it hanging around somewhere in plain sight? Despite the “?” this is not an &lit clue, as it still contains no real definition!

  9. Celia, re 26a:

    There are many of these in Australia (and the world), Sydney & Melbourne are two examples.

  10. Celia, I’d give 26A a pass with the last three words as definition. Perhaps an added “perhaps” or “maybe” or “for instance”, for instance, would have been fairer.

  11. GeoffM I have solved the anagram, but “in Sydney and Melbourne?” is still not a definition of anything!

  12. Everyone, if 26A had definition “ivied institution in Sydney or Melbourne?” I wouldn’t complain.

  13. All done; just two I don’t get the wordplay: 23a & 24a. Is a ka a pontoon?

  14. GeoffM In 23A, the “tart” is at 6-9, if you have an answer, suggest you google your last 4 letters for its definition. “top” is a deletion instruction, after execution you will have 1-4. The pith is at 5.

    24A you have the pontoon; lifebuoy is analogous to donut in other contexts, given that, 24A parse should easily follow!

  15. Late start today. On ‘holiDAy’ and forgot it was FriDAY. I found this slow-going and resorted to word-filly gadgets for a few. eg 9D, 14A, and 18/8. Still a few to backparse. Didn’t know 18/8.
    Agree with Mary-Jane re 21D. Not a cake. And with AG and Celia re 26A’s definition. Question marks at the end of both of those clues…. and several others today. Cryptic cryptic DA.

  16. Finally back from my scooter trek (Mrs C is in Rehab, 5.5 km away), so looking again, seeing nothing more than I had at 0800. Andy W 0802, that agrees with my first four of 23A, so I presume rest is correct. Must take time to read all the above, inclined to just bin it at this stage, only a dozen solved. Time to go and play some pool, much easier. Will look back 1600ish.

  17. Just starting now and won’t come back here until I have to. However, I think that the mistake that DA makes in 6A he has made at least once before. I am sure the chemists who lurk here will remember the previous offences.

  18. Back in Australia for a bit, so I’m enjoying filling the grid in the actual paper rather than a print out for a change! All done and happy with it (17D felt clumsy at first, but the more I think about it the more sense it makes). The only thing I’m not sure about is how “naked movers” gives letters 1-5 in 1A…

  19. All out, but unsure of word play for letters 1-5 of 1A and for 9D. Don’t like 17D, and, although I get all the components of 12A, the last word in the clue seems redundant and it isn’t clear whether the third word gives 2,3,4 or 2,3,1.

  20. Dave R, 9D is an anagram of “wit I hated” inside (i.e. “boring”) a 5-letter word for a “wit”.

    As for 12A, the last word of the clue makes it clear that “through” gives letters 2-4, with “backlist” casing it.

  21. Dave R, in 9a:

    “Through” is 2-4.
    “List” is 7,6,5,1.
    “Cases” indicates the latter surrounds the former.

  22. @luke. I saw the naked movers as chess pieces stripped of their outer clothing.

  23. I confess I don’t get the “naked movers” in 1a. Presumably letters 1-5 are the inner letters of a 7-letter word?

  24. Andyw’s mentioned 7D as one of his likes. i still haven’t parsed that one. A gentle hint please?

  25. Ahh I see, thanks Gayle. I figured it had to be a deletion but couldn’t see how that word related to movers. It seems a bit of a stretch still, I guess. Perhaps some reference to their particular style of moving would be fairer? I did enjoy 7D too, though it does require knowing a bit of kiwi lingo (this one and ‘jandles’ for thongs are the two that always stick in my mind). Hopefully Geoff’s hint did the trick!

  26. GeoffM 12.21 yes about 1a, They are movers in a board game.
    I am still lacking 20a, 17d and 25a, and can’t understand the word play of 10a. Any help out there?

  27. Thanks GeoffM. I should have googled the answer! Will have to add Nelson to the list of places to watch out for at the beginning of a clue, like Nancy.

  28. SandyM, for 10A the definition is the first word, and it’s the first letter of 8D followed by a 4-letter word for “cast”, as in “cast a net”.

    25A: what “speaker’s curse” might turn “Norse” into “north”?

  29. Luke, if you wanted to say one but actually said the other, you’d have one of these. Think Ita Buttrose.

  30. Geoff M I think Luke knows the answer – he was answering my query.
    I still don’t understand the wordplay of 22d. I have the capital. It begins with ‘had’ reduced and contains ‘over’head. But I have no idea about the rest.

  31. SandyM, think of “head” as “top of the pack”, the alpha, the first of a group. Occupies letters 3-5.

  32. Thanks Celia. You are right. But that would be ‘premier’, wouldn’t it? With ‘had reduced’ overhead.

  33. Arthur C, I hope the wife is on the mend.

    I do think 26A a bit mean (in the American and the British sense!)

    And as usual, I am struggling with one that everyone else seems to have twigged. Will struggle on before crying for help.

  34. Yes, Sandy M, premier perhaps (3 letters) at 3-5 with “had reduced” overhead at 1-2, yielding a SE Asian capital.

  35. 9d and 17d were my struggle points.
    Finally got 9d and thought to myself – well the clue should have ended with Who? Then I re-read the clue and realised I’d missed the now obvious part of the clue all along.
    17d overlooked Jack in favour of more mod premiers and 3 letter synonym for Knowing.

  36. I would have thought 17D would have worked better if “uncommon” had been replaced with
    “playful” or “casual” … or even “common” in one of its senses

  37. After reading through all the hints here, I’m still stuck on possibly 21a – if the first word is to do with a synonym for tarmac then I’m OK if not I’ll have to re think. 17 down can’t get any NSW premier with the second letter as L ? 21 down starting with P and last letter v? If the ‘ivies’ clue is tertiary related?

  38. Hi Ian, IanF here.
    21A you’re correct re tarmac.
    17D: Knowing – 1,7,8. I after old NSW 2-5 (L is first letter in fact). Defn – in an uncommon way, but as noted this is misleading. More like, in a common way.
    Yes in 21 and 26. Perhaps consider an abbreviated solution to cable which is a misdirect from the surface meaning of the clue.

  39. 21A: First word is definition; Second word synoymn (think fruit); last three words, something on a mug (not a cup). Yes, first five = tarmac, but that’s not the parse.

    17D: a premier from way back, 30s, Harbour Bridge-time; Ian F correct about 1,7,8: perhaps cunning would be better.

  40. Bit of an iffy one overall but got there in the end (with a bit of help from the trippers). For 23A I always associate the outer/orange-peel meaning of “pith” – would that make it a contronym or am I misunderstanding?

  41. Started late; struggled with last few.
    Even with Celia’s help above (at 10:53 on 16/2) I don’t understand first 2 letters of 24A.
    Liked 11A, 21A, 23A (despite it being one I struggled with), 3D & 9D (another I struggled with.
    Agree with criticisms of 17D.

  42. LJ re 24A: Pontoon is a card game similar to blackjack, KA is pontoon, (or blackjack), a maximum score of 21 (K 10 + A 11). Delightful surface in this clue using “lifebuoy” for the letter “O” to be dropped from “join”.

  43. Hi everyone, how wonderful to discover you! Now I can hope for some Friday success! Could somebody kindly explain 25A? I’ve been thinking about it all weekend but can still only understand the last part.

  44. PMP, 25A doesn’t involve a wordplay as such but is the “speaker’s curse” (impediment) that would cause them to render “Norse” as “north”.

  45. Thanks very much, Celia. I got the speakers curse, but didn’t see the Norse/north connection.

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