DA Confusion for February 9th, 2018

DA reckons this week’s cryptic might take a week to solve. The DA Trippers collective mind should do better than that, though.

Get your confusions sorted out right here.

77 thoughts on “DA Confusion for February 9th, 2018

  1. Good morning, fellow Trippers …
    Waiting for Digital Edition? …available now! Happy solving!

  2. Hi all,
    Woke early and lucked in on the theme and managed to get it all done relatively quickly.
    Good luck.

  3. AndyW:
    EOnce you’ve found the “hero”, it’s just fill in the blanks!

  4. Good to see you here Celia. Hope you’re on the mend.
    I may have a case of Fridayitis but I didn’t particularly enjoy this.
    Hard to get into it. Opened up in SW corner. Getting the theme was almost a relief, but then not much fun.
    Would never have got 29/8 from definition or wordplay.
    Learnt 2 new words at 26 A. Had to google both.
    Oh well. Till next week.

  5. Is answer to 19A an incredibly banal DD? (Don’t want to spoil if it is).

  6. Found three easy ones, 3,4,5D amidst disaster here. Two ambulance calls yesterday after falls by Mrs c, spent much time in Emergency after second one, sent home. This morning, couldn’t get up from chair after breakfast. so, ring for ambulance again. Taken back to hospital, possibility being sent to rehab so i’ll be a bachelor again. Not conducive to DAing at all.

  7. All done, but wordplay not understood in a few, namely 7d, 24a, 29a/8d, 19a.

  8. Geoff M, re …
    7D involves moving “runs” down to convert a “natural processor” to a “kid”;
    24A themed clue Defn “how our hero started” , don’t quite understand wordplay here, possibly something to do with carbon?
    19A double definition

    29A/8D Lonesome letters 1-4; ba

  9. GeoffM, re 29A/8D
    Defn “fatal liver?”
    lonesome 1-4
    balance of 9 letters from clue: “discontented gin” (2 letters), “round” and “my”.
    Too early and key to spoil further.

  10. Eighteen in now. How did i miss 1A? Still no idea on hero, unless he is in 1A? Still wifeless, she’s being taken to Rehab centre.

  11. Thank you, Celia. That all makes sense now, with the exception of 24a, which someone else might shed some light on …

  12. I was a bit disappointed that 60-minute George could not be worked into the clue for 26A.

  13. Arthur, sorry to hear of more trials for you and Mrs C.
    I am puzzled by 1a. I think I have an answer (Robert ____?). But no idea of the clue. Any help?

  14. Sandy M, 1a:

    First word is definition.
    Second word is letters 1-3.
    Third word 4-6.
    Last word 7.

  15. And now I have 6d, which gives me a (foreign) word for 10a, but I can’t actually work out that clue at all. I am also not sure of why 19a wears gloves.

  16. Sandy M, 10a:

    The definition is the last word, actually a lazy abbreviation of a three-word expression. “Seconds” has nothing to do with the period of time.

  17. SandyM, second letter in each word of the clue gives 10A.

    There used to be a bloke called Rixon whose nickname was19A.

  18. Oh Geoff M, those sort of gloves! And I got the seconds in 10a. But the word I got means goodbye, not later.

  19. SandyM, 10A clue “later” an abbreviation of a three-word expression, meaning goodbye, Alligator!

  20. I was thinking of “See you later”, but perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree. The word is a rather more permanent goodbye.

  21. Thought I’d leave off and come back this afternoon. Still no wiser about the hero!

  22. DavidT, see my post at 11:46 am re 29A/8D, it’s a well-known nursery rhyme summarising the life of its subject in the period of one week. The first words of the rhyme are his name, 29A/8D. Think I’ve heard a reggae-fied version somewhere. It’s a Boney M kinda thing!

  23. I can’t parse 24a. I’ve looked at adding B or N to CA to make vehicles. B works (cab) but not N (can). Also looked at possible carbon link. A real 19a.

  24. Ah thank you Celia. I think I was taking the word ‘hero’ too literally. Though I did run through “Monday’s child etc” in my head.

  25. Peta, I was thinking along those lines too. Perhaps “can” is slang for some kind of vehicle?

  26. It seems to me that 24a is an indirect anagram with a strange anagrind (vehicles). Think the carbon clue before and what would the dash mean after CA? Now anagram that.

  27. I couldn’t fully parse 24a either, but I think you’re right, Sandy. But it’s a very clumsy anagrind, and what’s the ‘so’ doing in there?
    Also, why does the clue for 18a have ‘bottom-pinching’ in it? It works perfectly well with just the first word and the last five, doesn’t it?

  28. In 18a, the bottom letter is removed from a three-letter word for “fishy”.

    As for 24a … sheesh! If the symbol for carbon was Ca, then maybe, but it’s C, isn’t it?

  29. I mean 4-letter word. As it’s a slang word, it probably could be spelt with three (considering what it’s an abbreviation of).

  30. My version of the slang word only has three letters, which is why I queried the bottom pinching – unless he means the bottom to be the bottom 4 letters from the non-slang version?

  31. Come to think of it, the priest has been bottom-pinched as well, so perhaps he just means both bits are abbreviations.

  32. Mary, I just did some research and the four-letter version (with a double letter on the end) has a different meaning (such as to ___ out). So you’re quite right, the “fishy” version is only three. And yes, perhaps it’s a double bottom pinch!

    Alice, Bob Brown would be able to help you with 17d.

  33. 17d, Def last word, letters 1-5 straight, letters 6-8 backtrack of love

  34. All out bar26A and 2D. Todays puzzle was a real 19A. Never heard of our hero.,but.

  35. Mary-Jane, in 2d the first word is the definition. Try to imagine what Mr Astle would mean by the second word.

    26a was an education for me. Put a semi-colon half way through the clue and it’s no longer cryptic.

  36. re 18A: definition “against”
    “bottom pinching of “fishy” a 4-letter colloquialism with the 4th letter removed then a 3-letter abbreviation of “priest” (think Anglican) “from the east” (the whole lot then reversed). Nothing weird there!

  37. Geoff M Yes, and found it confusing, as the “ss” version also means suspicious or suspect, and the “priest” was not bottom pinched, just the second “s” of the “ss”. There may be alternative single-s spellings of the fishy synonym, but in searching I came up immediately with the fishy word bearing a double “s”. Cheers!

  38. Geoff M, further, my printed Australian Concise Oxford gives the single-s version as a variant spelling, without further elaboration.

  39. well, I’ve looked and I’ve looked and I’ve looked for things to do with days of the week, so, no more. no idea, giving it away nine or ten short.

  40. Nobody’s mentioned it but I still haven’t parsed 25 D. Any tips before tomorrow’s reveal?

  41. Gayle, 25d:

    First word is definition. Purists would say its actually (1,1,1,1) but it’s a common acronym now commonly pronounced as a word.

    Second word of clue is first letter of answer.

    Letters 2-4 are a synonym for “rake” minus its last letter.

  42. @Geoff. Got that. I just can’t see’ ‘rake’ minus its last letter.

  43. Yes. It’s a reasonably uncommon use of both words, I believe. It took me a while with a thesaurus!

  44. 18 ‘bottom-pinching’ is better suited to a down clue ie top/bottom with front/back for across clues.

    The less said about ‘discovering’, ‘godsend’ and ‘discontented’ the better, although the question mark partially saves ‘discontented’.

  45. Aw… I love “discontented”, “godsend”, “discovering” and “showstopper”. They’re my favourites today. So concise.

  46. Finally, I find out who the character is, a name I had never heard, in my 88 years! I cannot make any connection at all between DA’s clue and that answer. Obviously most other posters here had heard of him. sadly, I hadn’t.

  47. DA attempts to explain 24A …

    “Add either B-OR-N to produce transport (CAB or CAR). The month’s maverick recipe”

    … but wait, no …

    “Wait – is that CAB or CAN? My blunder. This month the maverick undid its maker. At least it was a prescribed entry”

  48. Like Arthur, I’d never heard of the ‘hero’ (in my 67 years), nor could I see how the answer was derived from the clue.
    Arthur, I hope your wife is okay.
    Celia, good to see you back.

  49. Re ‘born’. It appears the checking process by setter and whoever is the crosword editor at Fairfax (if there is one) needs improving.

  50. GeoffD re 29A/8D
    Lonesome 1-4: SOLO
    balance of letters from clue: GiN-i ROUND MY
    Defn “fatal liver?”

  51. It’s a shame about 24A, because I can see how it might have been a particularly clever clue.

  52. Ok now all is done and dusted how does the fatal hero tie in with some of the clues, for example can someone explain 15ac or 28ac because I have absolutely no idea. Thanks.

  53. Harder this week. Got it out but still working on some of the wordplay and never heard of the hero or the poem.

    15a – lurid nude = 2,3,4 and sleeping = 1,5,6. Presume this refers to after 11a has occurred.
    28a – ruined = 1,2,3 and 5,6,7 with ego = 4. Occurs in middle of his life.

    There is a poem.

  54. Hooley dooley! What a difficult one this week. Took ages to get the key answer (29A/8D) even though I had already got some of the related answers from word play alone. I remember a song, but only the first two lines, and I don’t think I’ve ever read the poem. The whole thing was a real 19 Across!!! Thanks all.

  55. I felt great satisfaction in completing this, chipping away in 5 or 6 sessions from Fri night till Sun lunchtime. Who is our hero though? I finally put it together without that knowledge. At 62 yrs old I am either too old or too young to know him!

  56. I’ve looked him up now – what a life he lived!
    Looks like a fun crossword if knew him.

  57. Got 1A early, but had it wrong! My original answer was “Leather”. Definition: book covering, and “the” is the show stopper where “Lear” is the show!

    Only figured it out when I twigged to 1D.

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