DA Confusion for February 2nd, 2018

Don’t be confused in this glorious summer: bring DA to heel.

63 thoughts on “DA Confusion for February 2nd, 2018

  1. Quiet here this morning. Back at work this week, so may not finish this. SE corner to go. I liked 12d and 8d.

  2. Another goodie today. 11 across really clever. I also had a big tick for 12D, 5D, 10A, 20A 25A and 4/23.
    My last two in were the 1s. Not sure if I’ve got 1D right because I can’t parse it. And 14A still to parse also.

  3. Got 1D now. I was misdirected with the clubs promoted and the heartless beauty. Very good. But a much simpler wordplay than what I was looking at. Nice double entendre for the def. Hence the question mark I guess.
    re 14A. It’s the ‘bound before’ part I find a bit iffy … the grammar, and the meaning … unless I’m missing something. Still can’t parse 1D.

  4. Hit send before deleting the last bit. 1D came while I was posting.
    Good morning everyone! Wakey wakey! As Andyw said, very quiet. I had to look at the calendar and wonder if I missed the long weekend. Oh well, not a long weekend. Better head off to work. Enjoy the crossie everyone.

  5. Gayle there’s a sacred book (one letter missing) bounding a word for “before”

  6. Hi The Eel. Yes, I got the sacred book and the ‘before’. I suppose it’s okay. Probably putting too fine a point on it.

  7. Pored over this for a long time, with only an uncertain 21D filled in. Had a brief nap, woke up and filled in all of SW corner with a series of wild guesses. They look OK. But 16D? If the apparent answer is correct, how can you possibly fit it to the bits of the clue? Either my answer is wrong, or I’m missing something.

  8. Arthur, unless I’ve missed something, the wordplay in 16d is very messy.

  9. My answer is a well-known prayer and song, Geoff M. I have a parent in there (letters 4,5) but the rest is meaningless to me.

  10. Arthur, this is how I see it (hopefully without giving too much away).

    “A” is 1.
    “Perfect” is 8,7.
    “Priest” is 6,3,2.
    “Rejected” is the reversal indicator.
    “Parent” is 4,5.
    As I said, messy.

  11. All done, but struggling with the wordplay in several, namely 1a, 24a, 26a & 27a. My favourite today is 9a.

  12. Figured out 27a. I thought the shirt was one letter with a 4-letter word for “moccasins” skirting it. All clear now!

  13. Hi GeoffM,
    26a anagram
    24a messy, using even letters of words 2 and 3
    1a 4,5 = inside Yale, 1-3 = hack

  14. Thanks, Geoff M (0823), that fits, it is indeed messy though. I’ve about had enough, still still nine or ten short, may look in late arvo.

  15. All out bar 27A. I presume from Geoff M’s post at 8.42 that either the first or the last word of the clue is the def. It’s the moccasins that puzzle me.

    Yes, I agree with Gayle about 11A; great fun.

  16. Dave R 27A – “Buckets” is definition, letters 1-3 “Casual shirt”, letters 4-5 “moccasins skirts” – a clever clue I think.

  17. A pleasant jog this time given the easy answers if you know a little classical music and can google to check any you didn’t know. Now I’ll have to try some 26A.

    Can anyone please explain what “in court” adds to the clue for 21D?

  18. Thanks Alice. I hadn’t realised the first word in the answer could be used on its own as I’ve always used the whole answer to mean the same thing.

  19. The eel. For 9a you need to take the starts off two words meaning capricious and precious.

  20. All done. Got held up on 1a because I’d chosen the wrong first letter for 3d – there are two possible closers and I don’t think the clue helps to decide which one.

  21. Actually finished before 1100, then tied up with other things. Took a long time to identify the ‘American period’ in 5D. a good one over-all, i thought,.

  22. Mostly liked today’s. Favourite was 9A, but many others like 4 & 23D were also a lot of fun.
    BUT, … despite the clues above I still can’t parse 1D (assuming I actually have the answer)!

  23. LJ, 1d:

    First word is definition, but not straightforward.
    “Clubs” is letter 1.
    “Promoted” is a reversal indicator.
    A 5-letter word for “beauty” with its central letter removed is letters 5,4,3,2.

  24. Geoff M – you always have the same ‘last ins’ as me ! Today I’m only struggling with 1a and 1d.
    1d I have filled, but are they big cats?? And my 1a isn’t a word!

  25. Julie W, 1d is a common abbreviation — the first five letters of a nine-letter word. If you’re struggling with 1a, make sure you have the first letter of 3d correct — see my and Mary’s remarks, above.

  26. Julie, for 1D be guided by Geoff M above. “Lion” in this sense is often preceded by “literary”.

    1A is a real word, not all that common but real enough. Defn is first two words, in a non-musical context.

  27. Thanks for the tips on 1a and 1d. Last in, like everyone else here, it seems. Perhaps cliquish or scheming would have been a better clue for 1A.

    Got musical ones early enough on. Agree the parsing of 16d, and that the clue is forced.

  28. Got all out and now understand. The 1s were my last as well. Was a day of getting answers and working out word play.

  29. Hi Julie W.

    Thanks for asking. Yes and no, am in RPA Hospital, not getting much of a chance with this week’s DA with all the pretty doctors and nurses prodding and poking me every five minutes or so ?. Every time I start to make headway it’s time for another X-ray, ecg, blood pressure, saline drip etc. Have most of today’s sussed except ½ dozen clues. Will be checking notes here, later on. All on paper in a small notebook, a mock-up grid!

  30. Hi, I can’t see how the answer for 13d down fits with the definition, which I assume is the first word of the clue. Or have I got it wrong?

  31. Terry, much more complicated than that, several concomitant symptoms that I don’t intend to share, volume extracted now over 3 litres, and I have to tell people it’s not what it looks like!

  32. … and I’ve finished DA. 1A may be a Lion, but is it possible 2D could be a Tiger?

  33. I get the wordplay, just not how the answer means ‘present’. Seems to me to mean something in the past.

  34. @Celia. What an ordeal! Totally understand your need for a DAstraction. Best wishes for your recovery.

  35. Best wishes from me too Celia.
    Thanks Andyw and The Eel and GeoffM for 1A 14A and 1D wordplay.
    I’m all done except for 25A and22D.
    Enjoyed 11A (my first out) and 9A and a few others. A pleasant romp today.

  36. Celia, sorry to hear you’re not well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  37. 22D is nautical, as per the definition. A pole on a ship. Race is a 6 letter word, and then delete N for north.

  38. Jane S, some synonyms … modern, present-day, present-time, current, contemporary.

  39. I seem to be the only one who had a problem with 15D – any suggestions gratefully received.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Celia (and yes, the doctors and nurses are all astoundingly pretty, aren’t they?)

  40. Never mind – a guess and a Google did it! Should have got it sooner but I didn’t think it was going to be a straight anagram.

  41. Of course, 25a isn’t really a singer. More like someone who’d like to be a singer but isn’t? (Just as air guitarists are people who can only dream of being the real thing!) Just a thought …

    Hang in there, Celia!

  42. Geoff M, I quite like some rap. But you’re right – it’s not singing. It’s more like oral poetry set to a beat.

  43. Not sure if I can barge in here but can someone parse the answer to NS on Thursday? The clue is metrical feet in: ‘one hour after midnight transport ‘ and I’ve solved it as iambuses but I’m a bit lost as to the hour reference

  44. One = letter1; hour after midnight = letters 2-3 (i.e. not pm); transport = letters 4-8.

  45. Thanks Jack, got caught up with m being midnight which threw off my parsing

  46. It’s Saturday evening and I seem to be the only one who can’t get 2 Down. It’s the only one I have left to go.

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