DA Confusion for January 19th, 2018

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

94 thoughts on “DA Confusion for January 19th, 2018

  1. Tough one today! Any assistance 1A, 10A, 13A, 1D, 2D, 3D, 7D would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Celia
    Late start today. 1D my (1-3) models “deoxygenated” (4-7).
    I have a couple more you want…see if this helps.
    Took me a little while to get theme.

  3. A major spoiler in the first post of the day! Don’t some people understand the protocol here?

  4. Potentially lethal heat today, so, no exertion. Have two answers. Looked at a list of Mailer novels, could see no connection. Will continue looking, lazily.

  5. Jan, yeah, after four hours I posted that, having solved ¾ of a puzzle full of names I’d never heard of before. Doubt it was much help to anybody, anyway!

  6. Thanks, AndyW, that was my thought, too, but I was barking up the wrong saltbush! Fits with my pencilked-in 1A.

  7. 2d mug (1-3) mask say (7-9)
    3d low-rise (1-4 or 4-1)
    10a – common disease – A problem for girls
    I need a hint for 20a.

  8. The only one of those I can help you with, Celia, us 2d. The mug is a person, and letters 6-9 are a homophone for a synonym of “mask”.

    I’m certainly geing geographically educated today.

  9. AndyW, your explanation makes more sense. I was thinking of Sherwood Forest.

  10. All done now. Got 20a eventually. Good luck and if on Vic, keep cool and hydrated( especially if you are in NW Vic).

  11. AndyW re 20A first part is two examples; partial wordplay is “snap” 1-3 and “cry for help” 6-8.

  12. Celia 1A: an anagram of 13A, interrupted by a cricketing maiden designation and a word for ‘breasts’ with its initial removed. Def is last 4 words of clue.

  13. Thanks, AndyW, I just got 1A sorted.
    Had totally incorrect word pencilled in. Just finalising last out now!

  14. With only three answers, i’m inclined to just bin this one. 25A is obviously key, but have only first letter, so no idea. A gentle hint might help.

  15. Finding the NE corner heavy going. Any help please with 16a, 6a, 8d, 9d.

  16. Arthur, re 25a …

    “Completely” is letters 5-7.
    “Key” is 8.
    “Subject” is 1-4 & 9.

  17. Re Jan @ 6.21, I do agree that spoiling the theme with the very first post of the thread is inappropriate.

  18. I have put in 13a on the assumption that the last word of the clue is the definition, but on re-reading it , perhaps the first word is the definition?

  19. I doubt I spoilt the theme at all, interpreted the lack of posts at that time as a collective mental block, and tossed in a lighthearted comment to get things moving along. But pardon me for breathing!

  20. GeoffM 6D is trivial, the crawler of 8D is Australian, & 9D skylark is anagrind!

  21. Got 9d, thanks. I wasn’t aware 25a extended that far. Still struggling with a few, but I’ll get there …

  22. Thanks, DA, for a non-Sydney/NSW-centric theme ….. despite the grumbles above !!

  23. Just have two clues to go, but for the life of me cannot work them out and would appreciate some help with 9 down (is it an anagram?) also 20 across, Thanks

  24. Sue, we established a few posts back that 9d is an anagram. “Skylark” is the indicator. I’d never heard of 9d. I suspect 8d is equally obscure?

  25. Jan, times are EST, we’re on AEDT! This was the hardest puzzle I’ve seen from DA ever. I was jokingly doing everyone a favour. I doubt it helped anybody much, so just stop it!

  26. After much struggling, only ten solved. Is it possible that 14A is close to 5D? If so, how does it fit clue? I only have letter 5.

  27. Sue 9D: Answer is themed and is indeed an anagram. ‘skylark’ is the anagrind, with the grist being before it. I’d never heard of it before, pretty obscure I think.

    Sue 20A: Answer is (quite elliptically) clued by first 5 words of clue. ‘snap’ gives letters 1-3, ‘as’ letters 4-5, ‘a cry for help’ letters 6-8.

  28. Arthur, the “flower” in 5d is “flow-er” in the (over-used) cryptic crossword sense.

  29. Arthur C: Yes, 14A is themed and is close to the answer to 5D. ‘like a ghost’ clues letters 2-4. ‘haunting’ is a container indicator, with ‘quiet’ giving letters 1 and 5. ‘crook’ gives letters 6-8.

  30. Thank you, Andrew T, That takes me to only eleven answers, i think time to give up on this one. Nap time, then cricket time. ZZZZZ

  31. Should anyone be spent and want a result grid for today, email
    not.email.using.person [at] gmail.com
    with DAGRID in the subject field.

    May not be immediate return, have unamended 13s to attend to …

  32. This was tough for me, not knowing that area very well.

    Not sure who the person is referred to in 21D, although I’m sure I have the correct answer.

  33. Lyndell, no can do here, email me at email given in previous post.

    Jack, an aging raspy-voiced Brit, for one! May be others!

  34. Thanks Celia. The only one I can think of is the great Patrick. Is it him?

  35. Wait! it must be that fella whose songs they pay every day on 2CH. I don’t like him, but that matters not, as he loves himself enough to make up for anyone else not liking him.

  36. Celia. I immediately assumed that place names were involved. Your comment made no difference and I enjoyed the pun. Thank you.

  37. I’d been at it for two hours and hadn’t made halfway, so decided to drop a BIG HINT to help anyone coming after! Don’t think I spoilt it for anyone, my first out 12A was dead easy and would have pointed in that same direction anyway!

  38. Celia, I wouldn’t worry about it. I would not dream of coming here until I have completed the puzzle to the best of my ability. I assume most other users do the same. This place then clarifies a few things that are still a bit fuzzy.

  39. Despite your previous attempts to assist, Celia, I’m ashamed to admit I still don’t have 6a or 8d. I thought a brisk beach walk (it’s a beautiful day and only 24 here) might help to get more blood to the brain, but it hasn’t.

  40. GeoffM, Fight = 1-3, with = 4

    Crawler = 7-letter word, remove letter 1 and add alpha to the end.

  41. GeoffM
    re 6D: “flower” (clued from 5D before ellipsis) letters 1-4; “originally harvested” letter 5.

    re 8D: themed clue, it’s an Australian Crawl-er, lose its face S for 1-6, 7th letter from radio alphabet!

  42. sorry, 6A, not 6D, someone else just answered, 1st clue word 1-3, 2nd 4, 3rd definition!

  43. Thanks, Jack, seems easy now. 8d another one I’d never heard of.

    Celia, I didn’t think your opening post was a spoiler. It didn’t help me at all, but provided a chuckle after I got going!

  44. Assuming I have 10a correct (a nasty virus), what the heck does it have to do with 25a?

  45. Jason Ayers, 25A gives you the girl’s name “retiring” (reversed) with “problem” giving you the Shakespearean 1-3.

  46. Great a Google crossword , DA taking the fun out doing Cryptics again, Celia is that you actual email or a cryptic email address?

  47. Initially bringing on our expression of disapproval (3). Today’s DA was not an enjoyable experience for me. Too arcane at times, especially 9d. To paraphrase Roy Schneider, I’m going to need a bigger atlas.

  48. Thanks, Celia. I got the answer by doing the anagram and then confirming with a google search. Never heard of the place. Having said that, it will probably start popping up in the media left, right and centre from now on. That tends to happen whenever I learn something of little use. I suspect it’s my super power, alas.

  49. Can’t say if the initial post was a spoiler as I already accidentally stumbled onto theme.
    However, it was 3:21am , I am just about getting REMs then and of course we come for ‘direction’ not specific clues, even if the puzzle is non cryptic, imho..,,

  50. Hi everyone,
    I’m still totally stumped by 20A despite reading previous posts. Any help gratefully received.

  51. 3:21 EST, 4:21 AEDT.

    Is there anyone out there got all 12 (approx?) themed clues without resorting to Google?

  52. …..now having said that, let me get the flame proof suit on.
    Yes, DA is a very good wordsmith. But knowledge of words, obscure rare synonyms, obscure places , does not make a cryptic puzzle. That belongs in the ‘quick’.
    I have never seen so much (necessary) googling in solving cryptics. The best puzzles should require no googling and no more than 1st language English school level, which is why some of the others esp Saturday is so enjoyable, whenever I have a break in what I am doing, pick it up, a few more go in until all done
    DA may be difficult, but ‘difficult’ does not make good
    Over rated
    Flame suit on:-)

  53. Anne, they’re artworks, summarised under the artist’s name, found by a simple three-component charade, 3+2+3.

  54. Got it! Thanks Celia. Hadn’t heard of them, only of the person who did them. Hard to think in this heat!

  55. Agree with you Cokes , As much as I do enjoy trying to solve DA’s puzzles using Google to solve this weeks or any other weeks themes is very annoying , I’m looking for answers rather than trying to solve the clue, Celia to answer your previous question I’m thinking you would be hard pressed to find someone that didn’t use Google as I’m sure DA also would have used it to create the clues..

  56. For anyone who lived in the area (and has done for most of their lives), this would have been a fun crossword. For anyone who lives thousands of kilometres away, it was a hard slog.

  57. Jan, I agree with your comments about Celia but you’re wasting your time. She is the Queen Bee in this hive and is beyond reproach. She can dish it out to other contributors who don’t agree with her, but she cannot ever admit that she may be wrong.

  58. Brian. Now, now. There is no queen bee. There is a real human being who, like each and every one of us, has faults and virtues and, above all, feelings.

    I’m sure you like it when people look for what is best in you, when they forgive your faults.

    Celia, I thank you for all the help you have given me and others over the years. Keep going.

  59. Finally done! With LOTS of google help and some help from here too, including Celia’s kick-start.
    For the record, I practically live for Friday’s DA (the only ones I don’t particularly enjoy are sports-focused as I have NO interest in sport … well, except for tennis and swimming). Otherwise, don’t care whether they need google searching or not. Mostly they do. All good fun. And although I don’t post often I do enjoy this little DA Confusion Community.
    Till next week …

  60. Any DA trippet would know it was about place names just by reading the clues. Celia you are always a great help and never spoil the fun of solving.

  61. Sorry day-trippers, but I don’t understand the 2nd last letter in the theme clue (25a). Geoff M has suggested that key =e ?? Where is the indicator to drop the k&y ?? ( I assume the fulfilling is done with ‘alle’ , where all =completely. ) Thanks!

  62. As someone else said, we try our hardest to complete what we can, then come here for clarification on any we’re still stumped on, so a (belated) thanks to everyone for your help! And while I definitely had an advantage this week, growing up in 8d and very familiar with 25a, I still had to resort to Google for 9d and 19d.

  63. Had to wait till Saturday arvo to get stuck into it. Got the theme quickly (googled 23a), then road map helped. Managed to get 3/4 done, but had to come here for help. Many thanks to all.

    I’m 7d, and I would say that we are NOT what the clue says. DA’s knowledge perhaps not so encylopaedic after all.

  64. Is anyone still around for word play explanation of 13a ? If def is ‘shade’ , how does the duty bit work? Or vice versa, as suggested . Thanks .

  65. Just as a general query: could someone please tell me what crossword word “note” means?

    Does it simply mean a random musical note from A to G? Or is there something more to it?

  66. Archangel, as far as I know, it refers to the musical notes, so yes, any of A to G.

  67. If anyone is still reading posts to this thread, I would like to say that I complete DA’s crosswords without any electronic help, which is why it has taken me so long to complete this one, and like others I come here to clarify any outstanding issues I have with parsing.
    I would also like to say that I was quite disturbed to read the posts at 3:21, 7:01, 8:53 and 10:33 and would suggest that they are not appropriate for a “community” such as this.

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