DA Confusion for January 5th, 2018

Don’t be confused in the new year.

Get your answers sorted out right here.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    Have all below NW to SE diagonal, bar two letters. Above is more problematic, but a few out from there also. 1A/25D a gift starter. Happy solving!

  2. All out, though a couple not understood. Fave clues 1A/25D and 8D (got a chuckle from “needle carrier”).

  3. My, you were up early, Celia. Is 18d one you didn’t understand? I can’t work out the wordplay.

  4. Geoff re 18D , letters 3-5 reversed are clued by “talks event”.

  5. Thank you, Erudite. I’d never heard of it, but I have now.

    All done apart from a few in the NW corner. First one in for me was 28a, veey easy by DA standards.

    Trippers (especially Arthur) might like to decode the above. It comes from a tweet by Nicole Jenkins about something “My clever poet-husband created ”

    Arthur lives west of Molten

    Have only just bought the SMH a moment ago

  7. I think I’ve got it all out, but I don’t understand 14a or 4d. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. LHS went in first. Agree 1/25 was a help. The long’uns down the outside also, although it took a while to get 8D. DA has used that talks event before in 18D. 7D was a newie for me. 24A should be familiar but i don’t recall hearing anyone saying it. I do like the way DA chooses and clues common words and phrases. Favourite 12D.

  9. Geoff 4D Wagging I saw like wagging school, taking (something) off, in this case the final letter (bottom). Next tip, beware of punctuation and capital letters, they’re often a red herring. So a 4 letter word for mum, reversed (lifted) missing its final letter. Sorry if that’s TMI. A lot of words for a 3 letter answer, both DA and me!

  10. 4D held me up for a while, I was looking for a word with ‘if’ in it, mid riff.

  11. We crossed lines. My “of course” relates to 14a, still scratching my head for 4d. Hopefully the penny will drop soon!

  12. Geoff M, The times displayed here are EST not AEDT, so appear as one hour earlier than the AEDT most here would be experiencing.

    However I started on receipt of the online “today’s paper”, around 2:40 am AEDT. ⅔ finished when printed ed arrived, polished that off quickly. Then went back to sleep!

    My queries were re 4D and 18D. Still bothered by 26A’s “cinch hole”, but not going to lose sleep over it. Nighty night … ?

  13. Goodnight, Celia. When you rise again, re 26a, “cinch” means “include”, methinks. “Staff” is letters 1,2,3,5.

    4d and 18d were my problem clues too, but with a little help from Gayle all is well!

  14. GeoffM, “cinch”: “secure with a belt”, so container indicator, with “staff”;the container and “hole” the contained.

    A multilingual nonsense joke I learned around 40 years ago …
    “pas deux lieux Rhône que nous!” unsure of exact spelling, but the more astute here should get it!

  15. I’m all out. Hey , anyone read the interview with DA in last Saturday’s AGE? re 21D, thought it should be 3,3 rather than 6

  16. I’m so out of practice! I got 18D from its definition but how is that parsed, please?

  17. CC, re 18d: “behind” is letters 1,2,6,7, and “talks event” is 5,4,3. I didn’t understand it till Erudite assisted (above).

  18. crypticrochet, welcome back, J!

    Erudite @ 6:49 half-answered 18D, but other half then obvious.

    Save you looking, “talks event up” is letters 5,4,3, and “behind” the balance. “jabbing” is a containment indicator.

  19. Late start this morning,but have RHS complete. despite Celia’s statement, haven’t sorted 1A yet. Eleven to go. Is ‘Part of West Africa’ a country? Having solved 28A, I have last letter, and that could point to a West African country.

  20. Arthur C re 12D, yes, “heard explorer” 1-4, balance an anagram. Country formerly known, initially, as UV.

  21. All done, but unsure of word play for 8D. Yes, Arthur, it is a country.

  22. Dave R, I had a giggle at 8c. “Needle container” is 1-3, “considers” is 9-15, you’ll work out the rest!

  23. GeooffL (0718), was the Arthur reference meant for me? i live west of Melton, where is Molten?

  24. Dave R, three charade components: “needle carrier”, “considers” & “endless trauma”. The first two “bandage” the third. Cheers!

  25. GeoffM … no. I live half a block off Cleveland Street, major Sydney east-west artery. This time of day need to be really tired …

  26. Arthur C: 27a.

    First word is definition. “Cycles” is a reversal indicator aoplying to “say”. Then “weakly” without the odds.

  27. Thanks, Geoff M and Celia. Arthur, I got 27A by first thinking about “defying the odds” of “weekly”.

  28. Geoff M, as Michelle Shocked sang on her Captain Swing album, “sleep keeps me awake.”

  29. All done and understood. Got 18d and couldn’t get wordplay, now understand. I’d never heard of 24a either, got it from the wordplay.

  30. HNY everyone.
    I have gone round in circles and desperately need help for: 10A, 13A, 4D and 6D.

  31. Bianca, in 10a the definition is the final word. The car is a slang term used more frequently in the UK, and it surrounds “one cauldron” at letters 4-7.

    13a: “navy” refers to letters 1-3 and letters 4-7 are “joint’s discomfort”. “resonated” is the definition.

    4d is difficult, but go back through earlier posts. Gayle helped me.

    6d is an English town (there may be one in Australia too, but if so, the English one is the original and more famous). The shamed witches are letters 1-5, and “judge” (think of the verb) is letters 6-8.

  32. Thanks for picking that up Geoff, I was having a shortness of breath attack so couldn’t immediately follow through.

  33. Thanks so much Geoff. I had 4D but couldn’t quite parse it until I went back and reread clues and finally got the mum we were looking for!
    All out now, thanks to you.

  34. Should anyone like a very neat completed grid to check answers against, email not.email.using.person [at]gmail.com
    Put DAGRID in the subject field

  35. Bianca
    10A: 1,2,3, and 8,9 for CAR, around one (I) + cauldron 5,6,and 7
    13A: Acronym for Navy (3) + joint pain (said to be caused by too much alcohol!)
    4D: explanations are above (I have the answer, but still cant follow them!)
    6D: Town. Witches place + judge (verb in the judicial sense).
    Hope this helps

  36. Geoff
    The witches are not shamed. It is a ‘town for the shamed’.

  37. billyboyOZ, thanks for that.
    For everyone still stuck on parsing 4D: it’s not a word mum in the parental sense, but in the secretive sense. ‘To keep mum’
    So: wagging the bottom letter of a 4-letter word for ‘mum’, and reversing it (lifts) you get the slang definition for midriff.

  38. Celia at 8.26 – have you also come across the following?
    Un petit d’un petit s’etonne aux Halles
    (sorry, don’t know how to get the acute accent on the e of etonne)

  39. Mary and Celia, I’m still too busy paddling. [Reminds me of a clue I put in a cryptic crossword once: “Thoroughly enjoyed the autumn, as did a legendary egg man (3,1,5,4)”]

  40. Celia
    Is DAGRID always available (presumably after you’ve solved DA)?
    I would be tempted to look at it should I not have solved DA after 2 hours of struggle.

  41. Geoff M … All the King’s horses …

    bbOZ No! Was a byproduct of an early start using Excel grid prior to arrival of printed ed.

  42. Ta to the people above who hinted about 27A. I had the wrong ending, it appears, to 16D, hence couldn’t get 27A. GeooffL, brilliant stuff there.

  43. Thanks for all the help
    I usually do it on Saturday
    BTW does anyone know a help site for the Spectator crossword?

  44. Got it out but can someone explain how the wordplays work for 3D (letters 3&4) and 15A?

  45. In 3D, “I wish” is the literal clue, then “I” (1) is followed by “active” (3-4, in the sense of operational) entering “race” (2, 5-6 in the sense of move fast). In 15A, “parent” (2-5, in the sense of raise a child) is bagged by nearly “crashed” (1, 6-10) and “plan ahead” is the literal clue. Some elegant semantic sidestepping as always.

  46. Julian, 3d: “I” is 1, “active” is 3,4, “race” is 2,5,6. Think verb.
    For 15a think “parent” as a verb. 1,6-10 is a synonym for “crashed”, nearly.

  47. Thanks Nicholas and Geoff M. I had the answer for 3D but couldn’t see how letters 2,5and 6 were derived. Doing rather better this week than last.

  48. Arthur C says: GeoffL, brilliant stuff there.

    Yes – I am a bit disappointed that Metro are yet to extend to Much Crabs Ash, my home town “Back In The Days” (1a)

  49. Can anyone email me the first DA of 2018? Please. (No SMHs left at Glenorie Woollies!).

    My email is: jonathan (at symbol) st albans writers festival (dot) com (dot) au (no spaces).

    Thanks in advance.

  50. I began this puzzle while sitting at the SCG during the tea break and I was amazed to have it half completed by the end of the 20 minute break. However, it took quite some time to finish off when I got home (after a couple of ambers). Fairly easy by DA standards.

  51. Thanks Celia. A relatively easy DA this week, I thought. Happy new year to all.

  52. Good grid, faves 6d & 8d. Enjoyed 15a, but found the exclamation to be unnecessary?

  53. Mary, é = alt 130 (using numbers on the right side of keyboard with “num lock” on. )

    Enjoy your scrambled œuf or «œuf brouillé» :-)

  54. John and Mary …

    for “é” on a mobile phone touch-screen keyboard, press and hold “e” and that and other options will appear, including hats, bars, umlauts, etc.


    Oh, for ellipsis “…” (as one character) switch to numeric keypad view, and press and hold “.”

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