DA Confusion for the 29th of December, 2017

Ring in the new year without any confusion. 2018 need not be brought low with any DA confusion.

71 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 29th of December, 2017

  1. Pretty clever one by DA today I think.
    I got stuck on 30A for quite a while as I misinterpreted a word in the instructions.
    Happy solving all for the last DA of 2017.

  2. All done. Enjoyable because I got the theme early on. 5,29 across and 7 down got me going.
    Good luck all, off to cricket for the third time ?

  3. Very slow start, as usual. Even took ages to answer 2D! Have only half a dozen at this stage. Happy New Year to all.

  4. I love it when you have a jumble of letters you’re trying to make sense of and then it hits you and you not only solve the clue but also theme! This happened to me when I solved 5,29 A.
    Arthur, have you worked out the theme yet?

  5. I got 5a/29a a while ago but 30a still eludes me. Tempted to phone the 1900 number but I know if I do that, I won’t go to heaven.

  6. Like Ray I got stuck on one word in 30A. First themed one for me was 15A. Then cottoned on to 30A and the rest fell in. Liked the theme and the selections. Favourite was 23D. Wishing all Trippers a Happy New Year.

  7. Geoff, if the wordplay isn’t helping (It held out on me too), have another look at the instruction for the undefined definition. DA’s been very helpful there. 5/29 is …….. a notable ……… number …… of a certain kind.

  8. All out bar 9D & 14A. Have possible answers to both, but unsure they’re correct. Need parsing hints.

    btw there are eight themed answers, two are Australian, and one person had involvement in half the others! And the oldest was first written and recorded in 1949!

  9. Thank you Gayle. I get what the theme is, but still can’t fathom 30a. Does “bother” refer to letters 1,2,5,6,7? Or am I totally off the track?

  10. Ah, I see. I was turning “to”, leaving me with 1,2,5,6,7. Makes sense now, thank you.

  11. Celia 9D was my last one in. If I’ve got it right, I read it as a double definition, both parts being cryptic. The first one is like one who throws out thorny words at people to ‘bait’ them, not a real word in its own right. The second is an occupation, with the key word being ‘cut’.

  12. 14A Colloquial word for ‘head’ at 1,2, 5,6 containing/nursing an abbreviation for twinkling, as in a short time, plus the start of ‘shift’.

  13. … okay, missed the Rowan Atkinson component in 14A, that was my candidate answer. Thought 9D clue a bit fishy, though!

  14. Thanks Gayle! We got it all out okay, but couldn’t understand why we got 14 across. Now we understand! Happy New Year to you all.

  15. Only one to go and that’s 1A. Is it a themed answer? Like many others 5A/29A got me going.

  16. Haven’t got a start anywhere today. No idea of theme. Is 16A a slang abbreviation?

  17. Thank you, Celia. I have a number of their albums but was unfamiliar with that one. Wikipedia helped.

    Happy New Year to all.

  18. Geoff M, Was their first big hit, from the debut album, you must have heard it dozens of times, a big favourite around ANZAC Day!

  19. GeoffD, yes! Try 31A, 4D, 13A, 2D in that order, then 1A themed in light of my comments above! That should give you a start!

  20. Celia, I just listened to it on the web, and no, it’s not familiar. I must live in a vacuum. (Call me Dust Mite.)

    Off for my constitutional on the beach, might pop in later to see if anyone in the afternoon shift needs help!

  21. “14A Colloquial word for ‘head’ at 1,2, 5,6 containing/nursing an abbreviation for twinkling, as in a short time, plus the start of ‘shift’.”

    Thanks for that! I couldn’t account for 3,4 but had the answer.

  22. 2nd clue out for me, Mary-jane, and 1st themed clue, it just leapt out and bit me. Had never seen it as a 30A though!

  23. Jack re 21A … put 2-letter “roughly” in front of those letters, and it will give you the word for “care” that you “roughly neglect”. I’m presuming you already have the letters.

  24. Thanks, Celia. I was using those two letters, but was trying to neglect “care” instead of “roughly”

    I think my favourite for the day is 9D.

  25. It’s my birthday. Really struggling. More help please. Perhaps now someone can ease us into 30A? So far only got 1A, 5A, 14A, 29A & 2 and 7D.

    Happy Xmas all

  26. Just finished. 9d held me up, then 14 a fell out. Agree with Jack. Like the double cryptic. Happy New Year all, especially the wondrous Mr DA.

  27. SandyW – 5A/29A and 7D are good examples of the theme, 1A not so much.
    For 30A, “bother” is letters 1,5,6,7. “guards” is the containment indicator for “to turn” as in to go off.

  28. Hi Dan, happy birthday.
    Suggest you read through the posts, plenty there to keep you going!

  29. Hi. Almost done. Struggling with 22a (although have 27d) and 23d. Got 18a but not sure why!!

  30. 31A wordplay is only facet eluding me. I must be dumb because at 9.33 Celia recommended 31A as the place to start!

    Hoping 2018 will be kind to all.

  31. Mike, “alternated” applied to “kennel spots”, should be homophone of 4D!

  32. Correction, Mike, “alternated” applied to “kennel” + 3-letter “spots”, Defn is “pounds”.

  33. Convinced myself 2D was the hit Ho-Hey, and that 9D must somehow be ‘naysays’ as a consequence. Thanks to Gayle for putting me right on 9D which sorted 1A out with some help from wikipedia. I did wonder whether all the themed clues quite met the 30A criterion, but that’s a minor quibble. Thoroughly enjoyed it as ever, and thanks to DA for a great year’s puzzling.

  34. Happy New Year to all
    Happy Birthday to DAn
    Happy Setting to DA
    Happy solving if anyone’s still going.
    My fav today was 18A
    Thanks Celia for wordplay for 1A (duh) and 21A, and Gayle for wordplay for 14A
    Don’t quite get wordplay for 6D but I’m not stewing over it

  35. SB re 6D …

    “One keenly follows” letters 1-3
    (a more polite form of) 24D letters 4-7
    “hoop” letter 8.
    “dance” definition.

  36. Thanks Trippers for wordplay for 21A (doh! How many times do I need to miss DA’s ‘roughly’ or ‘about’ before I get it?) and 18A (which I had but couldn’t parse 7-10; double doh!).
    Particularly enjoyed this week’s DA, but …
    Still not sure I understand wordplay for 6D. Any help gratefully accepted.

  37. LJ – I’m guessing you posted before seeing Celia’s analysis of 6D? If still in doubt, yell out.

  38. Thanks Celia.
    Apart from the hoop (doh! yet again) I thought that may have been it,
    Happy New Year Trippers!

  39. Celia, thanks for your help earlier. I did solve your ‘easy starters’ and a few more. But though I have 1A(finally!) still no idea of the theme. Must be finishing the year in a fog of stupidity . Will wait for the answers now.
    Happy new year to all. Thanks for all your help.

  40. Wonderful grid, my first ever all-in-one-sitting solve! Never felt easy though, the theme just helped a lot. Ironically I never actually worked out the 3,4,5 of 30a until reading these comments so it was my last in.

    Gayle I had the same recipe as you for 9d, but felt that the first double meaning might have been a sideways fishing … angle?

  41. Oh OFM. Love your interpretation. And the more I think about the second one; cut rate worker. ,,,that’s it exactly. Brilliant clue.

  42. Geoff D, if you’re not into this genre, how are you with Shakespeare? The lady doth _______ too much, methinks.

  43. If anyone’s still around, I’m having no luck with 10D. No one else seems to have had a problem with it, but I’m starting to think it’s a word I’ve never heard of.

  44. Carol, “Duterte” is an example of the answer, and the wordplay is a fun homophone (“for tellers”). You may know the word starting with “Ph” but here it starts with “F”. The homophonic wine is usually followed by “noir” or a French or Italian word starting with “g”. The real words forming the homophone are 4-1-5 but here occupying 3-1-4.

  45. Ah yes. Thank you. I got that it was something Duterte was an example of, but I didn’t imagine the answer was so general – I was thinking of something more specific, like ‘evil bastard’ or the political equivalent.

  46. 21A is a themed answer (the parsing of which also gave me trouble until Celia ‘s assistance at 12:56 PM yesterday.
    2nd word in the clue is the definition for 1-5 where rebuffed is a reversal indicator. For letters 6-10 you need to find a 7 letter definition for the last word and then (neglect) the first two letters which are short hand for ‘roughly’.
    17D11A is also a themed answer (and parsing is convoluted but includes an anagram of the 2nd word (outaright), where boxes being packed is a containment indicator of this anagram around a type of fruit

  47. There are 3 components in the nesting for 17D/11A …
    “outright grievance savaged” letters 1-4,13-16
    “great” letters 7-9
    “fruit” 5,6,10-12

  48. I missed Saturdays edition of the SMH hence I missed Fridays solution, anyone got the completed grid please, I still couldn’t get the 30ac answer despite all the above tips (some were a bit too cryptic for me)Happy new year all.

  49. Thanks Celia , that makes the wordplay more understandable. I couldn’t for the life of me work out what the songs had in common. Happy New Year.

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