DA Confusion for the 1st of December, 2017

Don’t be confused now that we’re heading into December: have your confusions solved right here.

66 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of December, 2017

  1. Slow start. The long ones helped. Needed Google to confirm 23D and 19D. Liked the Spoonerism and 13 D. Some 15 A definitions, but that’s DA.

  2. A bit of a struggle this morning. All done. Nothing special today. First in 24a and 11a.

  3. Hmm, 1st out 1A a gift. Last out 8D.

    Never heard of 1D/12A, is it something like the automaton in Hugo? Had no knowledge of 6D either, had to google to confirm!

    Most understood, but have scant ideas on the star source for 9A, is it a four-letter word, at what position(s) is/are the “old”. A celestial body, a person, what?

    Favourite clue 18D/6A, first word leapt out of the grid, making second word obvious. Had problems with the wordplay until realising “defender” clued a single letter only.

    Well, off to the fish markets to buy humongous ??prawns for the Christmas ? barbie on Sunday, need to marinate them for a little while. Happy DA-decrypting … toodle-oo!

  4. Oh, have no idea of the “important physicist” of 19D, what are the answer letters (position numbers) that remain after their “gutting”?

  5. Hi Gil
    Re 19D, it’s just a ‘physicist,’ not an important one. Think of another word for ‘important,’ and gut it. Then, for the physicist, think of apples.

  6. SonOfBruze Aaargh, now the wordplay becomes very clear. Facepalms, plants ice cream cone scoopfirst on forehead, turns red from embarrassment, tiptoes out quietly with tail between legs, sheesh … and Katy (hmm, gut that?), thanks for the tip re 1-2. All clear now … except 9A “star” …

  7. Slow and hopeless, as usual. Solved six, that might be the end of my effort for today. Can’t even think of a sensible question to ask. Very tired.

  8. > Never heard of 1D/12A, is it something like the automaton in Hugo?

    It’s a child’s toy from the 1960s. I thought it was mandatory that everyone in Australia had one, for a while there anyway …

  9. All out, still working on wordplay for some of them. A couple I’d never heard of and needed to confirm afterwards with Google.

    1D/12A was my first. I have a key ring version.

    Keep safe from the weather, people.

  10. Managed only four clues today, then turned to the sudoku, then fell asleep. Will try again now, but I’m not holding out much hope. Perhaps I’m not in the right frame of mind …

  11. I think I understand the wordplay now.

    I particularly liked 14D and 18D/6A.

    Gil – I’m working on 9A being a shortening of synonym for star. (There are several that would work). The spelling for the word is ok, either way, and this spelling often applies to older examples. However, I may have missed something. Happy to be corrected.

  12. Ah yes, I get it now. I was reading ‘old’ in the clue as ‘o’ but it’s not … !

  13. Jason, re 21A, letters 4-8 are a truncated-by-one-character “poster”, the truncation signalled by “virtually”.

  14. About halfway through now, but I’m finding today’s harder than usual. I’m ashamed to admit I even phoned the 1900 number for one, but I promise never to do it again …

    Any help with 4d and 13d would be appreciated.

  15. 13d Literal is everything before the dash.
    Second half is a bit of a joke.

  16. Actually, 13D is an anagram of the three words after “perhaps”, and “heading for loo”.

  17. Ah yes. Should have known there’d be an anagram in 13d somewhere. Thank you both.

  18. Thought for the day: I wonder how much longer cryptic crosswords will use “record” for EP (or LP). We must be getting a bit long in the tooth!

    I’m sure I’ve got 17a right, but I don’t understand it.

  19. GeoffM, re 17A, an 11-letter word for “curbs”, “exposed” (1st & last letters removed).

  20. @AG How does it work as an &lit?
    @Geoff M With vinyl becoming popular again I think they will both be around for a long time

  21. > With vinyl becoming popular again I think they will both be around for a long time

    True, Stig. I forgot that everything that’s old is new again!

  22. Gil said way back that 1a was a gift. I wish I saw it that way. No idea for almost all the top half. Can anyone help me unwrap the gift?

  23. 1A: def is first word of clue. ‘setter around’ gives letters 1,2. ‘pub’ gives letters 3-5, and ‘push, say’ gives letters 6-9 (ie when said aloud those letters sound like a word meaning ‘push’.

  24. Is 15d anything to do with cricket? Is the first word the definition?
    (I thought I was getting the hang of these crosswords, but I’ve only got about half out. Sob!)

  25. Returned to fray, now have eleven, thanks to clue above for 13D. A help with 2d would open several doors, i think.

  26. Sandy M, 1A is a 3-component charade, with a reversal on the first component (“around”) letters 1-2 and a homophone on the last letters 6-9. Here the setter is a name he calls himself occupying letters 2,1. That should trigger what follows, the definition is “banned”, the “pub” is 3-5, and the homophonic (“say”) “push” is 6-9.

  27. 2D for Arthur C & Jane

    Defn is “protest”
    “alarm” is letters 1-4
    balance an 8-letter word for “sailing” with “true” removed.

    Could be a sign of indigestion?

  28. Thanks Gil, I got it from AndrewT’s hint above (Thanks Andrew!) which has led to most out. Just 2d, 9a, 15a and 15d to go.

  29. Thanks, Gil, I had more or less decided it must be that, hadn’t sorted it properly.

  30. And now, with that hint for 2d (thanks again Gil), the rest fell into place. All done.

  31. Jane, have you had any luck with 15d? Yes, I believe it is to do with cricket, the last two words being the definition. The whole thing is an anagram of “spirits” within “win” without its “i” (“I put down”).

  32. Thank you, Geoff! With the help of crossword solver, I now have 2d, 4d and 15d.
    All that remain are a reason for 3D (I think I have the definition), 9a (first and third letters, but no vowel seems to make a word?), 27a, 14d (I think I have the first word) and 25d. It feels as though the short ones should be easy. ☹️
    It sounds like a lot missing, but it looks pleasingly less.

  33. The first three words of 14d’s clue are the definition. If I were to be pedantic, I’d hyphenate “let-down”. The solution is a noun. Dry wit is letters 1,2,3,4,6. Park is 5. Custom is 7-10.

    The definition of 9a is the first two words. I hadn’t heard of this till today. I must confess I’m not entirely sure how to get my head around the rest of the clue.

    25d is a rough synonym of “bleak” and a homonym of a rough synonym of “shriek”. Both rough!

  34. Jane, brief posts @ 9:42 & 9:49 re 9A should assist. Answer is a technical term or jargon and pretty much means the same as if its last letter was doubled. My concise Oz Oxford only gives the four-letter version, and as an abbreviation of the material on which the animation is drawn. Hope that helps.

  35. After a long day, nly two left in SE corner. *I had thought 14D always ended in s, but seemingly not. 22D, 26A remaing, but enough for one day.

  36. All out and understood except for 5D. Am I missing the obvious yet again?

  37. LJ re 5D
    Find a four-letter word (verb, past tense) for “served superbly” then “elevate” its “tail” (to letter one) to give a word for “fish” (noun).

  38. LJ, 5D = ACED (served superbly),then tail (d) elevated, dace is a fish.

  39. Thanks Gil and Arthur C – I had a feeling it was connected to that sort of serve (even googled DECA!); but didn’t know that was a fish.

  40. Hard to explain without spoiling, as you need to identify the enemy alluded to here. Consider the clue a DD (double definition), and the sentence to be finished is neither oral nor written, but temporal. If that doesn’t get you home, Jillian, yell!

  41. Jillian – that was last one in, as well. Dismayed to find no one else had trouble with it, but that’s often the way, I find. First 3 words of clue is the easier of the two definitions, although there is a mild misdirect around ‘sentence’. If you’ve got 3 of the 5 letters for the 5 word clue, go for the most obvious answer for that and the other word should follow.

  42. I’m still stuck with the wordplay for 9a.
    I’ve got the definition but “old drawn from star”? None of the clues above have helped me here – can someone explain?!

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