DA Confusion for the 10th of November, 2017

Have your confusions sorted out here.

59 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10th of November, 2017

  1. After half an hour, I’ve only managed one definite answer (15a).
    Could be a long morning.

  2. I found this the most difficult DA in a long while. Went down a lot of blind alleys. Almost there – two to go.

  3. What’s ‘simple’ for some isn’t for others….
    @Enesem , you’re right, but I couldn’t see that for ages. Thinking the def was at the other end didn’t help.
    @Andy 15A wasn’t a gimme for me. I was barking up the wrong tree, like a holly, that fitted the cross letters I had at the time.

  4. I’ve had a look but nothing is what it seems!
    I’ll have coffee and see if that helps.
    Meantime I’ll be glued to this page for whatever help I can get, thanks everyone

  5. My first comment after looking at this site for a while.
    Also finding it difficult – I used to do DA with a workmate at lunchtime until we both retired, and now I battle on on my own.
    10A I managed, with the first word as the definition.
    Those of you who are experienced here will let me know if I’m too early off the mark with this kind of clue.

  6. I got 7d, 9d, 15a, 20a, 19d and 14d fairly quickly, then hit a wall for quite a while. Still working in the last 6 clues.

    2d is a mongrel !

  7. 20a: def is first word of clue. Anagrind is ‘sorts’. Grist is ‘join NAB’ plus case of ‘working’.

    7d: def is first word of clue, a famous one from WWII. Take the sides off words 3-6 of clue.

  8. All out and understood except 16D. Think I know what it is, but can’t parse wordplay.

    Fave clues 15A and the “mocking grace” combo (almost as easy as 1-2-3) 23A 1D 21D

  9. Katie, thanks for your 10A hint … confirms what I thought it was. I just looked for one with the 6,9 pattern … also an anagram in there.
    23a ff might turn out to be easy, as was the “sticks and stones” was a few weeks ago.

    Starting about 6 hours early today.

  10. 10a: def is first word of clue. ‘settled’ give letters 3-6. ‘Congress leader’ letter 7. ‘evel’ letters 8-12. All that inside (dividing) a slang term for $1,000 giving letters 1, 2, 13-15.

    24a: def is last word of clue. ‘help’ gives letters 1,2,8. ‘article’ gives letters 3-5. ‘using’ letters 6-7.

  11. Celia 16d: def is last two words of clue. ‘scored’ gives letters 1, 6-9. ‘dirge briefly’ gives letters 2-5.

  12. Thanks, Andrew T!

    For those struggling, some I found were shoo-ins …

    4A, 11A, 12A, 13A, 17A, 18A, 19A, 20A, 24A, 25A

    2D, 5D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 22D

    15A is a very recent portmanteau.
    3D anagram
    23A combo anagram. but think of mealtimes when you were a child!

    Another fave: 15D

  13. All done, never heard of 6d! Just had to guess letters in word 2 until it worked out.

  14. I’m still stuck on my last two, one of which is 6D,
    AndrewT. I’ve been working on a guess for letters in word 3, to no avail.

    Getting 25A might help, which Celia said was a shoo-in.

  15. Gayle, I admit to using Google’s predictive ability to finalise 6D, and believe “cast” is used in a similarly predictive sense for the third word!

    What is your other unsolved clue?

  16. Glad others found this hard. after several scans of clues, only 12A, which I got on first scan. tempted to just bin it, waste of paper.

  17. Brond re 6D …
    “bond” occupies answer letters 1, 7,8
    “protagonist+s” letters 2-6

  18. Do I need to know AFL players to answer 1A? No obvious answer fits my across letters.
    Unlike Andyw, the last clue I solved was 15A.

  19. No, Ann, it’s a type of score. Just find a synonym for the first word that fits your crossers, and you’re probably correct.

  20. Thanks for offering help on 6D Celia, but am still none the wiser.
    My other one to go is 25A. That would give me the last letter for 6D.

    @Ann, no you don’t need to know the players but you do need to know how to score.

  21. Ann, your crossers could be wrong. The answer to 1A is a common word, you sit on it!

  22. Hi all,

    First post. I am a regular struggler but had to chuckle at some of the comments this week re: degree of difficulty. I was chuffed to see my wife’s name at 19A and away I went.

    Good luck to all.


  23. Gayle, the “posted” of 25A is to a position, not mailed.
    So take a 9-letter word for “posted” (or “to be posted”?) (think in a military sense), then remove “one working” from that to give a six-letter word meaning “said”.

    If it’s the third word of 6D bothering you, think of another word for a class assignment (e.g.).

  24. If you’ve seen Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino, his character’s neighbours were 2D.

  25. Back on board after not feeling up to DA for a couple of weeks. The rest must have done me some good, as I finished fairly quickly. The clue for 4A should read “Don’t notice as much shining”, surely. I enjoyed 10A, 15D and 20A. 24A was the last I could parse, finding it difficult to account for letters 6 & 7.

  26. All out but only after some help from this blog. 23a etc was tricky but once got helped with other clues. Re 23a Defn is last 2 words.

  27. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I saw 1A, opened the door to several more. Have about a dozen now, so a long way to go.

  28. @Dave R, glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better.
    Letters 6&7 of 24A I read as ‘using’ as in _ _ hand, _ _ car.

  29. This one took me longer than the last few to complete. At least in the end I had no questions that needed resolving.

    10A was my first one in. He was actually Word 1 twice non-consecutively, the only person to be so. The only other one to fit the 6,9 pattern was Number 3, but he was obviously not the answer.

  30. 10A was my first one in too Jack. It’s taken me three hours but finally all done. Glad to see that others found this one harder than usual. I worked out 6D due to the letters I had but could not see how it related to any part of the clue bar the definition. Thank you Celia for your comment at 9:32am for sorting that out! The mocking grace took me forever – I was on the right track but all I could think of was “Each peach pear plum, look out stomach, here I come!” and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

  31. Hamstrung by a severe hangover today, I almost wished this one had a theme to work to.
    But all done…except the second word in 6D.
    Can someone parse 19D?

  32. Black Pen re 6D see my post at 9:32 am for the 1st 2 words.

    19D a 6-letter word for compassion then apply nonetheless for a 5-letter word for tracks

  33. Never come across 23a, is it an Oz-ism? In my English childhood it would have been more likely to be FHB if there were guests!

  34. Black Pen: DA on a hangover! You’re brave.

    Celia, your comment re 1A makes me think I have a variant of the ‘mocking grace’. Is the first letter of 1D D or B?

  35. You sit on 1A, so solving that or being unable to should answer your question, Carol, re 1D. Why not try out both letters as 1st for 1A, and see what you come up with?

  36. Alice:

    15A definition first two words (Boris Johnson would be another example). Right gives letter 2, old 3-4, git losing face 5-6, all inside a 4 letter word for grog (1, 7, 8, 9).

    5D defn first two words, 8 letter word for smallest (most minor/insignificant) including (claims) “revenue, initially” at letter 2.

  37. Alice, 15A is a recent portmanteau combining a member of a group of characters created by Alexandre Dumas with a name for Britain’s departure from membership of a certain social and economic alliance. The person with the surname cited is one such! Use the wordplay: “grog” 1,7-9; “right” 2; “old” 3,4; “git losing face” 5,6.

    5D “claims” a container indicator; “smallest” the container; “revenue initially” the contained; “most fetching” the definition.

  38. AG for 17A “Time limits” gives first two letters. The composer gives two letters (not DA – imagine him telling you who is the composer). Put these two letters “instant” – split this word.

    Definition is “will” and that’s the last I’m going to say about it!

    An ugly clue, but he’s used the technique before.

  39. AG I can tell you how to parse 17A, but you will facepalm if I do. The definition is “will”, the wordplay is for you to discover! However, “composer” is 6-7, a personal pronoun, and splitting INSTANT into a 2,5 pattern may make things clearer. Come half a day earlier next time

  40. AG 17D definition is “will”.

    Time limits gives first two letters.
    Composer gives two – Not DA but how he’d introduce himself.

    Split “instant” into two words and insert the composer.

  41. Ok I have a very basic question, that may have been answered elsewhere and if so, please humour me: what does ‘perhaps’ mean? I never quite know what it’s asking of me.

  42. I reckon the anagram fodder in 23A, 1D, 21D has an excess ‘i” and is short of an “o”. Wrong again? : -)

    Thanks for help on 6D.

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