DA Confusion for the 3rd of November, 2017

Don’t be confused by DA: have the last laugh on him instead and solve him.

67 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 3rd of November, 2017

  1. OK – done. But do not get where the 7th letter of 22A comes from. Was “$” a typo for another akin symbol?

  2. Whoa there, just taxiing for takeoff, will get back to you, Ray, later!

  3. All out, all understood, incorrect currency symbols notwithstanding. No particular 9A for any clue this week. 6A/13A has rather convoluted wordplay. And whether 15D or sailors, we learnt 22A as being red. Most angst in bottom half, until “crooked” deciphered, outing incorrect answer at 28A, then all fell into place.

    Happy solving!

  4. Seems like current measure in 2D is totally wrong, some electrical training needed for DA! Have all but four, so doing unusually well.

  5. A lot of convoluted wordplay I found. Only got 2D from punching the cross letters in a word wizard and very late in after I’d run out of time. Never would have got it. And of course if you don’t get 2D, you’ve got no hope of 11/23, Groan, grumble, grizzle. Not again DA! He must be a fan. Unfair I say.

    Re 22A I thought buffs thinking was a totally different colour, until I got 15/9 and saw the light. Agree with Celia, the answer was not the familiar one.

    Arthur I think you may be barking up the same tree that I did with 2D.

  6. Gayle I think you need to look at 2D again, the current measure is fine.

  7. Black Pen, Arthur C is an old radio tech, I think the point he was making is that the current measure referred to isn’t any such thing! Not sure if that was what Gayle was referring to.

  8. My problem came about from which was the definition, not what was the definition : -)

  9. Very hard slog today, just wasn’t on his wavelength.
    No clues stood out. All the best.

  10. Can’t get the word play for the last 3 letters in 8D – something to do with “rent”?

    I especially enjoyed 15D because of the first and last words in the clue :-)

    And totally agree with Arthur: the last two words of 2D should be something like “potential current” or “current force”…

  11. Ta Celia. I should have thought about alternative answers rather than DAplay :-)

  12. Thanks, by the way, Mike, for drawing my attention – surreptitiously – to the homophone in clue for 15D.

  13. Ceiia (0748)? Yes, needed outside help. I fed bits of 11A into Google, it came up with the full phrase, which gave me 2D. But I know nothing at all of the Potter stuff, never read one. Still no idea of 15D, nor22A, 17A. Will leave till later in the day.

  14. Re 2D: Arthur is correct – but I would put a Red Pen through Black Pen ! I admit that the concept of ‘electrical potential’ (or ‘electric potential energy per unit charge’) is a little more complex than other electrical concepts.

  15. Jason, re 17A, I should have mentioned that the answer is an anagram of three words in the clue.

  16. All out. I agree with red for 22a and wrong currency. Also agree with wrong measurement for 2d. Had never heard of 16d so I had to build it; that was my last.

  17. The term needed in 2D is potential difference.

    Shame about the un-clued letter in 22A. Both shades are quite often used.

  18. Re 17A: I’m starting to think I’ve got my crosses wrong; first 3 are o, t, w?

  19. Carol, your crosses are correct. They are an anagram of “two.” Now add Words 1 and 2 to your anagram.

  20. Mary-Jane, re 22A, the anagram is shy a “y”, so we’ve given it one by swapping dollars for yen! Then “¥1000” gives letters 6 & 7 (or 7 & 6, if you prefer.

  21. Re 22A,Yeah i got it now . Getting 15D helped alot with working out 22A. I know the phrase with a different colour

  22. SE corner has me flummoxed. Have an idea on 28a but can’t put it in without a little more confidence (which I hope to gain from some of the relevant down answers). Any hints would be appreciated.

  23. oldmatetimbo, re 28A … defn is last three words. “cryptic CLUE” occupies 1,2,8,9. Balance a five-letter word for “probes” (a bit dodgy, not exactly the nearest match, DA!!!). Hope that helps, not the creates of DA’s clues!

  24. There are a few anagrams with this weeks crossword. Happy to get more explicit if you like.

  25. oldmate timbo, re SE corner …

    20D is an anagram after deleting the lair. A woman’s name!

    The “crooked supervisors” of 15D aren’t themselves crooked, “use” is a homophone for their charges.

    21D you know you know who! Boot his butt and follow the instructions!

    That’s all you’re getting, for now

  26. Done. Thankfully didn’t need Margaret to get too ‘explicit’… that could’ve gotten weird ;)

  27. A final word on 2D, from one who taught radio/electronics at RMIT as recently as 42 years ago. The Volt is the unit of electromotive force (EMF – nothing to do with current). It is the Potential Difference (PD) produced across a resistance of one Ohm when a current of one Ampere (unit of current) flows through it.
    And i still have no idea what 15D, and 22A are. Wait for tomorrow’s puzzle, too late now.

  28. Arthur, If you are still around 22a is a saying associated with 15d and 9a. The saying has also been associated with sailors. Think about an alternative use for crook.

  29. All out but not sure how the rash I got has anything to do with angina ?!? Or the ABC for that matter unless it’s just the C?

  30. Ian, it’s a cryptic crossword, look at the final letters of the last six words, the “finishes in”.

  31. Ian re 19A, “rash” is the definition. Look at the “finishes” to the last six words in the vlue.

  32. Yes I’m aware it’s a cryptic crossword – it’s the end of a long day and it was the last clue! But thank you for explaining it. ??

  33. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get the last few, it can be very frustrating.

  34. I think you guys have been too tough on DA.
    He’s a genius and needs more acclaim.
    Today’s interlocking of clues is outstanding.

  35. No complaints from me there, Peter H (except the “Y” absent from 22A anagram)

  36. oldmatetimbo aka?

    @ David Astle, Deepest condolences.

    On reading DA’s Wordplay column today….. beautifully written…. sadly, DA has lost his editor and companion, his faithful 14 year old labrador, Timmy.

    For those who don’t get the Saturday SMH, DA’s closing paragraph:

    “Until I learn to leash the aplomb that Timbo’s presence exerted, my canon may be wayward for a spell. Please be patient with me. By the grace of dog, I’ll soon bring my disobedient words to heel’.

  37. Just finished with all your help thank you. DA for President!

    Can someone please tell me who 6A works I get the ronte but can’t work out the rest of it.

  38. Archangel, re 6A/13A, reversal (switch) of BY (against) LIME (sort of light).

  39. Condolences to Astle. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about ‘giving your heart for a dog to tear’. It’s hard to lose one.

  40. Thanks Celia (& Archangel for asking the question as I too couldn’t parse the first part of 6A, 13A).
    I was thinking that light was possibly 8,7 & 6 which kind of fitted with the HP mini-theme. But, aside from really not liking it, I obviously couldn’t explain the remaining letters (1-5).

  41. SOS
    Would anyone be able to enlighten me? It’s not DA related, but you’re very knowledgeable and might be able to help me parse this:

    Starts eating asparagus? End of June? (7)


  42. Thank you for your prompt reply Celia! But I’m afraid it doesn’t – why Y and R? I understand the build for EA, but can’t seem to get the rest.

  43. Oh ok, I thought that’s what you meant. But I’m still a bit confused with this clue. It is a question mark one after all. They’re a bit difficult for me.
    Thanks for trying to help!

  44. Lina, the definition is “End of June?”
    The wordplay is “Starts eating asparagus” … to give “EA”
    “EA” are the middle letters of “YEAR”.
    The answer is thus MIDYEAR, satisfying the definition.

  45. The penny has finally dropped. I get it now – phew
    I could see how MIDYEAR is “End of June?” but I couldn’t see the rest. Thanks heaps Celia!

  46. Lina, a not exactly fair clue as, in absence of the definition, the wordplay is nigh on meaningless.

  47. @Lina Where did this clue come from Lina? I’d like to know so I can steer well clear. What rubbish!


  48. @Celia Yes, it doesn’t seem really fair, I was really confused. Luckily you got it and were able to explain it to me.
    @Stig it’s normally okay on Tuesdays, but that one was really strange to me.

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