DA Confusion for the 6th of October, 2017

Have your confusions sorted out — like how the hell did Richmond go from 13th to 1st in the space of one year?

43 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 6th of October, 2017

  1. Very clever DA. Took me a while to get my head around the Across wordplays, but it all fell out fairly quickly.
    I started in NE and went clockwise from there.
    Even the “when linked” is very clever.
    Happy solving all.

  2. Still have NW corner to finish and have found this a bit of a slog today. A lot of educated guesses has helped.

  3. I have finished and worked out the the riddle.
    My fav clues were 13d, 3d, 24a, 19d and 11a.
    Like Ray, the NE corner was a good starting point.

  4. All done but 6d and 15a. Brainfade on them but enjoyed it. Need another cuppa.

  5. Sandy, 6D is a pun on “ramshackle”.

    I also need 15A, 16A, and 17D.

  6. Have SW and NE corners sorted, little else. Instruction has me puzzled at this stage, hopefully it will become clear.

  7. Celia
    17d Def is last 2 words.
    1-4 = mean remark
    Should be able to get it from that

  8. AndyW, thanks, 16A answer was first thing I pencilled in, but couldn’t 100% verify without 17D. Ditto 15A, but parsing had eluded me.

    So, all out, all understood, for a very corny joke! Happy solving everyone!

  9. Almost finished but so many where I have the answer but am unable to work out the wordplay.
    9A: Def 1st word
    11A: Def first three words
    23A: Def 1st two words
    21D: Def 1st word

  10. As Ray said, very clever! Somehow I found the across clues a little easier to get than the down ones, even with the missing letters (though being able to guess the riddle towards the end made the last few a lot easier). I loved the pun in 6D. It took me a minute to figure out what how the answer fit the riddle, but it was certainly worth an amused groan. Happy Friday all!

  11. Alaric, assuming you’re asking for wordplay help for those four? If so:

    9A: ‘turn’ gives 1, and a 4-letter word for a ‘leader’ (more business-y than political) gets shortened gives letters 2,3 & 6 (letters 4 & 5 are unclued)
    11A: take the ‘centre’ of ‘store’, then put a 6-letter word for ‘diminishing’ around the ‘finale’ of ‘season’ (plus the extra two letters)
    23A: This was my last in, and I’m not 100% on the wordplay. Letters 4&5 are the extras, and the others are ‘a’ ‘largely positive’, read in ‘review’.
    21D: ‘love’ as you would hear it in Venice (minus the last letter, as indicated by ‘virtually’), and then take a 3-letter slang term for a ‘cooler’ (itself a slang term) away from ‘canal’

  12. Thanks Luke. Things always seem a little more obvious when they’re explained to you. I’m not sure why you have any doubts re your reading of 23A.

  13. 23A – It is all reverse. “A” = 6, as above 4,5 unclued, 3,2,1 is 4 letter word for “positive” with last letter removed. Defn = “Puton’s place”

  14. Eventually, all filled in, hopefully all correct. A very clever effort by DA, I just hope all my guesses are correct.

  15. Alice re 15A …
    Wordplay a synonym of “heart” that’s “devoid of trust in the end” gives letters 1-3,6,7. Other two letters the non-wordplay element. Defn “savages” (usually a bureaucratic form).

  16. All done but can’t get the spare letters into a riddle- though I think I see where it’s headed.
    On a more general note, why does Penguin think crossword fans are also Dan Brown readers? That ad has been above the cryptic all week.

  17. Not just publishers, Black Pen, a previous similar ad in that spot was for a car, I think. Fairfax marketing the space for ads in crossword clue format.

    The two letters from each clue are placed in clue order, but if they don’t then make sense – after adding spaces, and one apostrophe – you have the wrong letters or incorrect answers.

  18. Each across answer, Black Pen, has a pair of consecutive letters not mentioned in the clue’s wordplay. When strung together, in clue order, they pose a question that’s answered by one of the down answers. Should they not do so, then there is an error somewhere!

  19. Yes Celia, I get how it works.
    Clearly though, jotting them in the margin as I went jumbled the pairs up a bit. I went back and rewrote them all- not really sure it was worth it TBH.

  20. I see another Sandy has entered the fray. Welcome Sandy 2.
    I am all out. But I don’t get how you get the first letter from ‘male’ in 12a.
    I get the riddle question and assume I have the answer. But it is probably too soon to suggest which clue I think it is. If I am right, it is almost a dad joke.

  21. Sandy the First, re 12A, “male established contribution” contributes letters 1,4-6, with non-wordplay letters at 2,3.

  22. Sandy the First addendum re 12A … the first letter of 12A is neither M nor O. The definition is “first-born”.

  23. Hi. I’m new here. I’m with Sandy – I have 12 across but can’t see how the first letter is clued. Everything else is clear.

  24. Indigo: 24A has the two theme letters at letters 3,4 and the last r letters are a stream with the ending down.
    22D Root primarily is the first letter.

  25. All out, despite the cytotoxins, including the riddle and its answer. Not sure, however, of the word play for 4D.

  26. Nice one, DA – a lot of fun today. Re Luke’s comment at 9:31, I thought the Across clues were easier than usual in the definitions, probably deliberately on DA’s part to compensate for the added obscurity of the wordplay.
    There was extra pleasure towards the end in inferring possible unclued two-letter combos from the incomplete riddle and working out where they might fit In the answer. I got a couple that way.

  27. All out and got the wordplay. I’m a bit late to the party but I’m sending this from a Eurostar train. Been a little busy.

  28. Ohhhhhhh.

    Thanks Celia. There’s always at least one or two where the penny just won’t drop for me.

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