DA Confusions for the 22nd of September, 2017

I’m in the country again. I don’t want to be confused. Enjoy.

40 thoughts on “DA Confusions for the 22nd of September, 2017

  1. I’m progressing well, 6 to go. Need help with second word of 4d and 17a.

  2. Should have waited, all done now. As soon as you post asking for help, you work things out.
    I liked 12a, 18d, 16d and my last in 26a.
    Good luck solving.

  3. Several very clever clues, i thought. Have LHS almost finished, missing some on RHS. Thought 1D, 18A very clever, haven’t quite understood 17A, if I have correct answer.

  4. Andyw, I got 18A early, and laughed and laughed.

    All out, but fuzzy on 9A, 13A, 1st three letters of 22A (“pooh in paddock” presumably, but why the “h” ending?), and the “sort of suit” letter 1 of 3D.

    Also, if you have “E” as 4th letter of 26A, I suggest you reread the clue!

  5. Arthur C 17A 7 letter word for lavish with work (2 letters) dropped preceded by 4 letter word for off-key, def last 4 words.

  6. Thanks alaric, I did get that one sorted shortly after my post. I’m still eleven short, all on RHS. A clue for 5A would be helpful, might break the logjam.

  7. Finally all complete, i think, though not clear on 26A, or 14D, though I think i have it right. Otherwis4e, some good mental exercise.
    Mary jane, I’m sure my 5A is correct, but can see no connection floor or veneer? Oh yes, I see it now!

  8. Mary-Jane or Arthur C: Have got 5A mainly because I had all the down letters. Presume 1st word is def and 2nd word gives letters 1-2, but cannot see how letters 4-6 are derived.

  9. 5A: first word of clue is indeed the def. Second word gives letters 1,2. Third word gives letters 3,5,6. ‘Across’ is a container indicator, last two words of clue give letter 4.

  10. 26A: Def is first word of clue. 3rd word of clue gives letters 1,2,4,5; circling (around) top of block.

  11. 14D: answer is a somewhat dated (60s) synonym of word 1 of clue, which can also (at a stretch) mean words 2,3 of clue.

  12. All out, thanks to Andrew T on 26A. I’d had the first two words of the clue as the def, influenced by cross letters at 3 & 5. Silly me!

  13. Dave R, does that mean you overlooked my hint re 26A in 8:11 post? Heartbroken?

  14. Carol re 1D …
    Defn “Supervisor”
    “of lifts” letters 2,1
    “India” = “i”
    “stay … clear of India” 3-7.

  15. Very slow start today but finally got going with 27A then 24D. Very enjoyable – lots of clever clues. Thanks AndrewT for explanation of 5A.
    Now just 13A to go. And still don’t understand 21A or 25A.

  16. SB – Also only got 13A left.

    21A – ‘In seconds” is place descriptor plus ‘relapsing’. Definition = misdirect version of ‘wound’.
    25A – defn = US Author
    ‘On’ = 3-4
    ‘Film’ = 5-7
    Objective = 1-2, 8-9

  17. Not sure a hedgehog is the best example of something found in a 22A.
    Liked the sense of “jogger” in 12A.

  18. Hi Kashbot …
    7D defn Asian
    “cheers” 1-2
    “flag’ (a verb) 4-7
    “embraces” container indicator
    “even hipster” is the container 3,8,9
    Hope that helps!

  19. Hey SB – no I didn’t! I’ve got about 8 candidates, none of which seem right. Put me out of my misery.

  20. Ah all clear – got it now. Good clue. Funny how you can get the odd mental block,

  21. If there is anyone still there, by any chance, could they please help me with 17 down of the cryptic in Saturday’s paper smh (as distinct from digital version)?
    ” A set boxed with pin-up’s speech (7)

  22. Judith M
    17D’s “pin” is “nail”, and the “speech” is a European language!

  23. Thank you so much Celia. Got the nail but couldn’t get speech = language.

    Sorry for the unorthodoxy – I was desperate!

  24. The highlight for me was the wordplay for 19 Ac.
    So clever and delightful!

  25. Good evening. I’m back for my second week here.

    I got to this one rather (very) late after a busy weekend. I’m hoping that some kind and clever soul out there in crosswordland can assist with 9a and 22a, my only 2 outstanding?

    I loved 18a. Delighted to have escaped the mess that is Brexit for Australia (at least for the time-being).

    Many thanks.


  26. Pete re …

    9A double definition
    Casting needs / pitches

    18D another
    Gist of gambling ads / dignified widow
    Re first defn here, answer is read in pattern 2,5

  27. Thanks, Celia. Just seeing this now as I thought I’d set up email alerts but either didn’t get one or missed it altogether.

    It was 18a rather than 18d. ‘Where to find hedgehogs…’.? Thanks. I know this is now somewhat ancient history now that iI have today’s! I must remember to pick up Saturday’s paper for the solution on the weeks I have gaps!

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