DA Confusion for the 15th of September, 2017

Now’s the time to get your confusions sorted out. I’ll be in Scotland on Friday — happy to be rolling my Rs like I do in Greek.

64 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 15th of September, 2017

  1. OK – done and dusted, but what a slog I found it to be. It just didn’t come easy for me today.
    Good solving all.

  2. Guessed the 16a 24a 1d 11a early on. The version I know is slightly different.

    9a 4d 14a 20a 27a were my first out, which helped.

  3. Disaster Already, looked at each clue thrice, solved the easiest one, (17D), nothing more looks likely at this stage. ,

  4. If 17d is the easiest, I am in trouble Arthur. I have a couple of cross letters, but no clue. I found 4d, 5d and 6d the easiest.

  5. Having fun with this, got the biggy 4th out, but 9th word different to the version I first heard ~60 years ago.

    28A fits both categories lol ?

    Still chasing two littlies in SE.

    Can’t see Captain Ken’s point re 4D, if it meant to reflect the theme.

  6. Oh joy, saw the cry, full steam ahead. But much shopping to do, back later.

  7. Can see Captain Ken’s point now re The Cry.

    Are you getting set for pirate talk Tuesday, Captain Ken?

  8. Haha. I skipper the Manly ferry. So always on the lookout for pirates.

  9. Not too bad though it took a while to get the key. Liked 3D.
    Shouldn’t 28A be 6,4- it usually is?
    Tricky sense of follow in 8D.

  10. September 19, Cap’n Ken, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Make sure you got eagle eyes in yer crow’s nest, aaarrrrgh!

  11. 3D would be stuffed, Black Pen, if 28A was 6,4 … and if it found space to fit elsewhere.

  12. Found it a real grind today, it got much harder after 9A, 4D and 6D came easily … quite a few wrong turns too.

    28A is universally known as 3,4 I would say … I came up with two other guitar legends that fit the grid first!

  13. Almost done, finally remembered the TV doctor! Two left in SE corner. quite a struggle.

  14. Many penciled in answers today. I agree with Celia about the 9th word in 16, 24 etc.
    Having read AndrewT’s comment I wonder if I found one of the other guitar legends?

  15. The guitar legend you’re looking for, Ann, manages to be in both categories described in 16A!

  16. > I came up with two other guitar legends that fit the grid

    By which I mean are 3,4 – not that the cross letters all fit too!

    > Having read AndrewT’s comment I wonder if I found one of the other guitar legends?

    You too? :D

  17. All out. Once the long one was sorted (with a variant for 9th word) could work backwards from there.
    But I don’t get the wordplay for 14a. Any hints?

  18. Sandy re 14A
    “petition” @ letters 1,2,9
    “12A peak” @ 6,5,4,3
    balance obvious from clue
    Defn last two words.

  19. Sandy, you make a peak 12A, border it with “an” and encompass both with a word meaning “petition”.

  20. Also 4a. I have an exotic meal. But I don’t know what the rest is about

  21. All out today except 4A, but it was quite a slog. I have letters 1 and 3 but can’t see how any of the possible letter 2s make any sense. Even your comment above Black Pen hasn’t helped.

    Also I am sure I must have 29A correct, but can’t see the word play. Can anyone enlighten me please?

  22. Re 4A I have an answer it’s Vietnamese and is a homophone of “fur”. Can’t understand the clue either, though, and totally baffled by Black Pen’s explanation.

  23. 4A definition is first two words, a particular dish. A homophone of a word that means ‘cooked up’ as in false. I think the according to most of us is b/c the pronunciation used in the clue is common, rather than correct. Should be pronounced ‘fur’ as you say Celia. Hope that helps!

  24. June, if you ‘disorientate’ the answer you will have something that sounds like a word for ‘chief’.

  25. Alicia, you’re not that wonderful Balmaniac who contributes all the delightful letters to the SMH, perchance, & Col8 too?

  26. Took a while, but once the penny dropped for the big one the rest came fairly well. Still, however, unsure of word play for 4A and 15D.

  27. Dave R: 15D definition is cancel. Wordplay is an followed by the core of “only” filled with Uber initial.

    I think 8D is a bit weak.

  28. Not me Celia, though I love her letters! I’m a Melbourne historian, looking out my rain-spattered window and hoping the deluge will hold off till after school pick-up.

  29. Thanks, Jack and Celia. 15D is very convoluted, and I would never have thought of that sense of ‘cooked up’. Also, the word I have for 26D is, in my experience, a never used abbreviation for a rarely used Americanism. But then, my experience is limited.

  30. I have managed to get or guess all words except 23A (not sure if word i have is correct) and 18D…

    26D is now a word thanks to over-usage in the younger generations. I am 29 and have heard this word used for rookies at technology and internet usage etc. It sounds like an abbreviation to another word meaning Rookie. if you cycle the word, i.e. reverse it, you get a word meaning blessing.

  31. Thank you all so much Celia, Alicia and Dave R – I understand 4A and 29A at last! So strange that the two I didn’t understand (and one I didn’t get) were both three letter answers!

  32. Bianca,
    re 23A DD (double definition)
    “Take yourself off” / “rent”
    1st is colloquial, 2nd in sense of “tear” (as in “torn”)

    Re 18D defn is “treaty topic” (VERY topical today!!!)
    “consumption” is a 2-letter disease
    with “wangled ASSENT about”


  33. I think 4A the cleverest clue, making a homophone of a very common mispronunciation! Any dissension in the ranks?

  34. Silver Jo, both Double Definitions … of sorts …

    21D “regarding one joint” / “co-driver?”
    If you’re familiar with RSI, that should be a breeze!

    13D “Gets” / “offshoots”
    “getd” in sense of “penny drops”.

  35. Celia. 4a. The Everest of cleverest. My fave was 28a, partly for the subject matter, partly for the word “court”.

  36. “court”=”woo” stock off-the-shelf cryptic cluing, Rob B, sorry! Pardon the tautology! 4A just sheer genius!

  37. Warning – boasting follows

    Didn’t look at DA until the 7PM pips went for the news. Had the big answer out before the pips finished (without looking here of course – and I still haven’t looked at the above)

    It was just so obvious because he has done this one before … on the day of the last Fiji Coup, if I recall correctly – I was on ma plane to Reunion and over Bacchus Marsh when I got it out the first time

    The rest should be easy – but somehow it seems an anti-climax

    History repeats itself – does it also mumble?

  38. My first time here. Hello, all! Im all out other than 2, 3, 7 and 12. Hints gratefully received!

    Having only moved to Australia last week from Scotland (but familiar with DA from when my brother lived in Australia), I suspect the TV doctor may be Australiana (and out of my reach).

  39. All out, got the big one and worked backwards for some of them; quite liked this one. By the wonder of the internet I was able to get the crossword on my iPad in Hong Kong. On to Paris next and then Switzerland.

  40. Welcome Pete! No, the TV doctor is not Australiana, although is available here.
    I enjoyed it today – after a very slow start.

  41. I liked several down clues 20d, 21d and 25d, but I agree with those who found it a slog. I am also disappointed that DA connected the words in the children’s rhyme with other clues but left the last four words (11a) hanging. Am I missing something?

  42. Thanks, SB. All present and accounted for in the fresh light of day.

    I was convinced that the biggie consisted of the more conventional 9th word and had entered it, together with an erroneous ‘need’ for word 10. The TV doctor was obvious from the cryptic once said error had been resolved!

  43. I loved 4A – I was eating exactly that for lunch when I started the crossword!

  44. Can’t parse 7D. I’m pretty sure of the answer & it’s the only clue I have left. Any hints on parsing?

  45. Brian Finger ton, re 7D
    cowboy letters 1-3 (think where he might come from)
    Paramount backing letter 4

  46. Ian,

    In 2D “reports” is a homophone indicator for synonym of “occupy”

  47. Ian, 8D this one’s tricky, but a variation of the theme, a riddle. Use cross letters to solve! (Think how online revenue is generated)

  48. Ian, 12A hint: the 6-letter “caseworker” would probably be employed at a hotel (not a pub, though). Decapitate and reverse for “stylishly quaint” defn

  49. Thanks Celia I will work my way through those hints this evening when I have my brain to myself – aka post five year olds bedtime !

  50. Peter, I was also somewhat perplexed that DA omitted to connect 11A to other clues. I actually wondered if it was a printer’s omission in the Melbourne edition.

    DA’s version is the one I learned as a nipper in England in the 1950s, but I just found the following variations in Wikipedia (inter alia):-

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me.”
    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me.”

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