DA Confusion for the 18th of August, 2017

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. Tip-toe
    Through the minefield
    Of a Dee Ay
    On Fry High Day
    Oh tip-toe
    Through the minefield
    With meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Totally loved toDAy’s, a challenge, but not too hard once the theme is teased out!

    Loved 17A, and very clever 4A.

    12A seems to have an error, wordplay providing TTHO where THHO the letters required.

  3. I’m only half done, but Celia for 12a read the special instruction re 9d.

  4. Andrew, re 12A, I considered that, but then I’m an H short still. I don’t believe 12A is a themed clue. The themed clues are quite obvious. I will count what I have, and if it’s short, will reinvestigate 12A.

  5. 12A is not themed. There are five themed Across clues, and three themed Down clues. Interestingly, there is only one of the eight themed clues above the centre line! n.b. 22d is one of the themed clues, but 9D, though having an attribute of the themed clues, is itself unthemed, as its wordplay is intact.

  6. tough hippo?
    (Strange, just got a message when posting that I have to lengthen the text to 15 characters. The line above was 12. )

  7. I came, I saw, I was conquered Found one anagram, the rest hopeless. DA has moved beyond my powers of deduction. So, farewell to this one, I think.

  8. From Twitter – you were right!
    David Astle‏ @dontattempt 2h2 hours ago
    Replying to @ABCRustedOnToRN @smh @theage
    Rats. Change TAUT for TOUGH & forgive me

    Thanks Celia, will try now -wish me luck

  9. SPOILER ALERT – read this only if yoy’re having difficulty … there are 8 answers that contain a very short word, its letters in the same order in each answer, but unclued in the wordplay. There’s another clue with that same word, but its letters clued in the wordplay. A theme for many of the answers is contained in the two words in the second row.

  10. Lovely name, but its not mine – I went on twitter to see if DA had said anything about the mistake and someone had already twitted him.

  11. Wandered back for another look, ‘whispered’ in a few answers, noted a pattern of letters. So have about 14/15 now. Happier. Is 3D a country capital? State? Or something quite different?

  12. Only two or three to get. Baffled by 17A, Maybe I’m bifocal when i shouldn’t be?

  13. Arthur, re 17A, may the wordplay be with you, then look your answer up on Wikipedia! The Force referred to is not the type your engineering mind would be thinking about!

  14. All out except for 24A. A word ending in x? Got the theme but still can’t parse 9D.

  15. Ooh. Light bulb moment. Just got 24A! Haven’t parsed it yet. Need another light bulb. Coincidently it rhymes with 1A

  16. Any help with 13a?? Last clue, I’m stuck. Nothing seems to fit…

  17. 13A: def is a method of 10/11A. Take a word meaning ‘eager’ and remove ‘took lead’ from it. I would say the answer is more normally 1-5 than 1,5 .

  18. Rob B, re 7D …
    “will end” letter 1
    “ethereal quality” everything else.
    Defn. “vulgarity”

  19. 21A: def is last 3 words of clue. ‘Dispersed’ is the angrind with the grist being ‘dregs as’ giving us letters 4-10. Letters 1-3 are today’s theme.

  20. Rob B re 21A
    Clue-themed: non-themed wordplay an anagram of DREGS AS

    Seen riots etc on your screens lately?

  21. Celia. Andrew T. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I posted I worked out the answers. Thanks for your help, and have a good weekend.

  22. Rob B, next time cough, then have another look. Usually I do this when a word or name I need is on the tip of my tongue but refuses to surface, it seems to unlock the necessary right-brain channel in most instances.

  23. I tried sneezing, but it only unlocked the unnecessary right-nose channel. Ah well.

  24. All out bar 20A, although I don’t get the word play for 1A. Does either 23D or 28A fit the theme?

  25. Neither 23D nor 28A are among the eight mentioned in the head note, Dave R.

    20A a 5-letter verb for “hose” then make it “down a”.

    1A the unclued letters are at 3-5, the remainder an old name for France, but,”not quite”, occupies 1,2,6, to give you a “rich treat”

  26. We missed out on our Age yesterday. Does anyone have a copy that could be emailed to us?
    Gayle and Rupert used to be able to email it to us, but ……………
    Thanks Doug & Gwyn

  27. Thanks for all the help above. Apart from the Spoonerism I was completely lost today. Now only one to go. 26d. Any clues? Also don’t get the wordplay for 28a.

  28. 26D: Def is ‘dug feature’, ‘model is letter 4, letters 1-3 are today’s theme.

  29. Sandy, re 26D, defn “dug feature”; headnote theme letters 1-3, letter 4 your standard cryptic “model”.

  30. 28A: def is first word of clue. Letters 2,3 are clued by ‘mainly uncooked’, which split a word meaning ‘together’ (in the sense of together with) that has been rolled (reversed).

  31. Sandy re 28A,
    “mainly cooked” letters 2-3, “together” 7-4, 2-1 (reversal by “rolled”) and inclusion by “split”.

  32. Sandy 28A was the last I worked out. “mainly uncooked” = letters 2,3 that split “rolled”(back to front) “together”

  33. Thanks, Celia. Sandy, 26D is themed. Think ‘dug’ as a noun. For 28A, letters 4 – 7 are the legal document, contained in an anagram.

  34. Dave. The legal document is in 29a, not 28a. I now understand 28a, thanks to the help above.

  35. Sandy, look up “dug” in a good dictionary, it’s a noun! n b Jonathan Swift used the word in Gulliver’s Travels, the part about the Brobdingnagians!

  36. Sandy; last time I posted a couple of earlier responses appeared. Some of us must live in time warps. Anyhow dug is a 26D and so the last word of the clue is therefore redundant.

  37. Finally finished it, All OK. Long delay, because i had ended 7D with SING, so cou;ldn’t find 17A And 21A. So, RIP!

  38. yay! All out for the 5th week running! A few favourites today,but 21a brought a smile due to personal experience…..not recommended !!

  39. Long time reader, first time poster.
    Have completed the grid with all accounted for, but can’t get my head about 10-11 across…
    Am I not seeing something other than some very sketchy synonyms?
    Keep up the good work!

  40. Had fun with DA today – and enjoyed Celia’s morning song.
    All out except 7D (despite Celia’s hint). And don’t get wordplay for 10-11A or 14D. Time for bed. Will take another look tomorrow. Goodnight.

  41. All out, hadn’t heard of dug before either.

    I think, for 10 and 11 across.
    To strain = first word where strain is used in a musical sense
    Major = important, therefore second word.

    Will end – first letter
    Ethereal quality – rest of the word.

    14 d
    When = 1,2
    3-5 and 9 = ancient city
    Chronicle = 6- 8
    Total – 10, 11

    Happy to be corrected though

  42. Good morning.
    Thanks Margaret. Ah so. I get it now. All done.
    Till next week.

  43. Hi there,
    Anyone have an explanation for 4a, please? We have the answer but can’t figure out the word play.
    Tom and Lizzie

  44. Tom and Lizzie, re 1A …
    Delete the even letters from your answer and look at what’s left, the four odd letters “exposed”. What are they?
    An odd clue, too as the wordplay only gave you four of the eight letters needed!

  45. Ah ha. Thanks Celia,
    A bit odd for DA not to give us all the info though.

  46. Regarding 10, 11 across, I still don’t get the word play. Is the answer in the incorrect tense when compared with the definition? Strain in the clue still doesn’t mean much to me. All out by this afternoon, but not entirely comfortable with this one. Any more ideas on this? (26D had me finding a definition of dug that I had never heard of.)

  47. Hi Viv, I had trouble with 10-11 across too. See Margaret at 7.43am. Think of strain in a musical sense for 4-7 of first word; and major as important in the second word. Maybe there’s another more satisfying path. I’ve seen this sense of dug before but only in crosswords!

  48. SB, Vic, etc re “dug” sources. At 5:09 pm yesterday I noted a famous satirical novel in which the word appears!

  49. SB, still not happy with it. Letters 1-3 of first word doesn’t really appear in word play, unless it’s referring to how we might address a card or envelope I suppose. If first word of clue is the definition, as I think it is, then the tense is incorrect, unless the answer is meant to be a noun. I see it as a type of verb.

  50. Hi all!

    Long time peruser, first time poster. My Dad and I Iove this community, so I thought it was time to give back and begin a regular appearance in the DA Trippers.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks 22-down. Didn’t completely understand 10,11-across, but once again, the Trippers enlightened me. Looking forward to (hopefully) repaying the years of succor.


  51. If anyone’s still there, please?…
    Wordplay for 16D (I have the answer)?
    Regarding 12A, before I read the above, I had convinced myself that “skins” double indicated: once for “hippo” and once for “taut hippo” [ ‘fore’skins really :-) ] Would this double use of an indicator have met cryptic clueing criteria?

  52. Regarding 16D, johnno:
    Def = First two words. Rashly = anagram signpost. Anagram fodder = go by + 28-across without (overlooking) one of its speech/grammatical articles. If you write out the full version (i.e. “go+by+28-across answer), you should be able to work out the overlooked article!

    Regarding 12A:
    I like the principle of the mechanic, but in this case we’d still be missing the HO!

    P.S. somebody please let me know if I’ve given away too much in this post – I’m newbie!

  53. Thanks SR; so, yet another one of my semi-regular “D’oh!” moments!
    I don’t think it’s an inappropriate give-away for a Monday. Friday morning, on the other hand…
    My thought – and consequent request for education – on 12A was that the “skins” indicator had been double used for both the “TH” (the ‘fore’skins of Taut Hippo) and the “HO” (the skins of ‘HippO’).

  54. Haha, my Dad and I have enough of those to make a season of the Simpsons. Ah, thank you. Glad I could help!

    Re: 12A
    In my opinion that’s a stretch – maybe if skins were between the two, but even then, I don’t think it could perform two “different” types of “skin” (i.e. the “fore” skins and the regular skins).

    Does that make sense? Haha.

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