DA Confusion for the 11th of August, 2017

Get all your confusions sorted for this week’s DA.

58 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of August, 2017

  1. Thought a good DA today. Nothing really stood out for me – just good setting.
    Happy solving all.

  2. Hi Ray,
    I’m stuck in SE corner, 22a is causing me problems, orherwise the rest was straightforward.

  3. 11 A was my clue of the day. Lots of misdirection only resolved with cross letters. 7 was impressive for how DA figured out def the wordplay. Last one in was Vladimir …. had an entertaining Russian diversion via google until I got the right one, given the pronunciation of the answer : )

  4. Carefully looked through clues, twice. Actually solved one! Doesn’t look promising at all to me. Will look again.

  5. Last out for me was 26A, until I twigged to the one-step.-beyond-as-per-usual parsing. Had the answer for ages, but could not see how it fitted the clue.

    Laughed and laughed when penny dropped on 9A.

    Scully & Mulder helped with 11A.

    Had to get 10A before 27A emerged.

  6. Could some bright spark please illuminate 3D? Reference to 13-20-down????

  7. Arthur C.
    3D is from a famous play.
    The down ref possibly an error, take it as a reversal indicator for “shop” synonym.

  8. Well, i found what must be two easiest answers, 15 & 25A. Still no idea on any of the other.

  9. There are several far easier ones, Arthur C! You’ll 13A when you discover them. I know you’re not a 20A, so knuckle down, focus, and get cracking!

  10. Pretty straightforward again today- liked 3d and 22a & am surprised no one seems to have any trouble with 8d, must be a more common term than I thought.

  11. No, not a clue can I solve, possibly worst performance ever. Will go and play pool for a couple of hours, at least I can star there, though three-week-old headache doesn’t help there.

  12. ArthurC, there are some fairly easy ones to get a foothold!

    12A: def is first word of clue. 1st letter of answer is given by ‘essentially fashioned’, letters 2-3 by ‘flat’ (in the sense of a dwelling place).

    22A: def is last word of clue, ‘revolting’ means to read the rest backwards

    25A: def is first two words of clue. ‘Expose’ the word steroids, then ‘abuse’ is the anagrind.

  13. > Will go and play pool for a couple of hours

    Oh, and shooting pool will help you with 18D !

  14. > Is 22A English??

    It’s a common enough phrase in English, but it originates from another European language.

  15. Carol, No it isn’t, but a well-known Italian phrase nonetheless! Read the clue in a revolting manner; definition is “mob”.

  16. Enjoying your comments – having a better time this week. Got 6 already! Thank you for the encouragement last week everyone.

  17. Thanks for help so far. I have needed it. Still lost on n26a, 27a and 10a. Any hints?

  18. As always happen – I post and then the penny drops. Got 27a, which helped with 10a. Still working on 26a.

  19. Okay, googling got me there. I’m embarrassed to admit I’d never heard of it, and I’m a flipping English teacher.

  20. Dea, most this week fairly easy, but lots of red herrings and a few convoluted constructions.

  21. 27A: a fictional character well-known for ‘bestial translation’

    26A: def is first 3 words of clue (NOT first 4 words!). ‘Ends’ clues what aspect of the rest of the clue you pay attention to, ‘in chaos’ what you do with them.

    10A: you might need 27A first, that name clues letters 1-6 of this answer. ‘Working’ gives letters 7,8. Def is last word of clue.

  22. Finally saw why I did in fact have the correct answer penciled in for 26A!
    However, I can’t get anything to fit 27A. Is the first word the definition?

  23. Thanks Andrew. I twigged on 26a just before coming back here and seeing your hint. It was the only word that fitted the cross letters, but it took a while to work out how the clue worked.

  24. All? out and good fun although I must have thought about a dozen pans before I got the right one, and I can’t parse 7D unless letters 5-8 are just a jumbled selection from one of the words in the clue.

    I love to know another explanation because mine suggests DA has been far less elegant than usual.

  25. Mike: 7D: letters 5-8 remain when sporadic (alternate) letters are ‘drop’ped from ‘variable’, with ‘-outs’ meaning they are stirred.

    Or possibly ‘sporadic drop-outs’ clues the alternation and ‘variable’ cluing the mixing – it works either way.

  26. Jack, have you googled your answer to see what comes up? The 2nd word is something round, and the first is a synonym for whip. The answer is a rural phenomenon some believe is evidence of aliens. Many such turned out to be hoaxes, or resulting from natural phenomena. The alien connection has never been proved, but I want to believe, but Scully is sitting on the fence again, still!

  27. Thanks X-Files. I knew the word play and the rural phenomenon, but I didn’t realize it was thought to be alien. It’s definitely out there, (don’t call me Foxx) Mulder.

  28. Hi all. Five in a row with almost no help…a record for me :-) .Bound to crash to earth soon. Are any of you having trouble with an over-zealous firewall trying to block access to this page? I keep reporting it as a false event,but it keeps happening.:-(

  29. Clues for 3 down, 9 across? I have got the rest without TOO much trouble, but stumped with that top left section.

  30. Phil. 9a definition is first word, I rejected letters 12, remainder lab report
    3d definition first word, parking letter 5, shop is 4321

  31. Steve, re 19A.
    Defn 1st two words (Australian geography!!!)

    A 6-letter word for rule, to “out British fleet” (knock off two letters).
    Hint: the last two.

  32. Phil, Steve, “Vladimir” in 3D is a character in a famous play, an example of 3D, but not the definition as such!

  33. Thanks Steve, that unlocked it! 3D first, then that letter gave me 9A. I don’t know that Vladimir.

  34. Phil, re 9A …
    defn “board” (a verb)
    “I rejected” 2,1 (NOT “AD” nor “DA”)
    “lab report” (woof!) 3-7
    easy peasy!

  35. I would have sworn 27A had an extra ‘O’ in his name. But either I’m misremembering or the Mandela effect has placed me in an alternate universe where he doesn’t.

  36. Thanks. I’ve looked it up now; I knew of the play but haven’t seen it.

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