DA Confusion for the 28th of July, 2017

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  1. First DA for 4 weeks. Decided to take some educated guesses and now, have only SW corner to finish.

  2. Done and dusted. I found a bit tricky today.
    Found some wordplays typically DA convoluted.
    Thought 12D was clever – 9A good.
    And had never heard of the meaning of the defn in 17A

  3. Andyw – as I said above, 17A I had never heard of the meaning of the defn.
    Defn = “Shops”. In my dictionary, I found the meaning at Example 12. (verb).

  4. Hi Ray,
    Thanks, just looked it up and saw that. Never heard it used in that context, might be British I think.

  5. A mere half-dozen at this stage. If 26A is the obvious answer (it fits my 23D), how can it be related to a chisel tip?

  6. Nothing overly hard here today. But understand all wordplays except 27A. Hints, please?

    Only nine days to anniversary of 14A’s notorious outing!

  7. And not many of us old enough to remember 14A! I reached 88 a couple of weeks back. But a good clue. i had thought dobs for 17A, but saw correct answer. No idea on author yet, but still going.

  8. Arthur C., in 26A the “chisel tip” “etches” [inclusion indicator] the marble.

  9. Sorry, celia, too dense to fathom that. Have all but three in NE corner, haven’t sorted author yet, but still looking.

  10. Arthur: “Preserve” is letters 1-3. The rest is a word for stains inside a word for time.

  11. Damn, Ray, I saw that one, Iran, Ben Affleck. I’ve seen or heard Liam Neeson in several movies lately (e.g. Silence; A Monster Calls), but never seen any of the Taken franchise, was toying with that, and that Coen Brothers film with Steve Buscemi and Frances McDormand, and the same four letters!!!

  12. all out. had trouble with 18D until I realised I had wrong answer for 22 A – there’s another word that fits the grid and the clue for the first word of 22A. you know something is a fad when it makes it into a crossword clue!!

  13. Phoebe (0817), on the author I assumed it to be an aanagram of some words in the clue, but now find that unlikely. I looked at a couple of lists of authors, failed to find one that fitted. Must look again, i guess.

  14. Arthur, the author likes to name his books in a particular series after nursery rhymes…though his genre is far removed from picture books!!

  15. Oh dear! I was hooked on the anagram idea, didn’t have an A available. Yes, I now have him and apologise for my stupidity.

  16. Arthur.
    11a Preserve 1-3 noun, Stains 5-12 in time (long) 4 13 14. Hope this helps.

  17. Who would have thought memories of an Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark song would help with a crossword (14a)?
    Still need help with 6a and 6d. Anyone out there?

  18. 6A: def is last two words of clue. Take a word meaning ‘sites’ and remove ridgeback from it.

    6D: dual clue, first word is one def and rest of clue is another def.

    These were my first two solves today!

  19. Sandy, think of a word for Sites and remove a letter.
    Beware of 22a, the wrong word fits the first six letters; this will sabotage 28d.

  20. Sandy, re 6A: def is last 2 words. 6-letter word for ‘sites’ with ‘ridge-back’ removed gives 5-letter answer. Hope that helps with 6D too!

    Meanwhile, any help with 24A would be much appreciated! And I think I have the answer for 22A but can’t parse it, any help?

  21. Sandy re 6D & 6A

    6D DD: Lead / option for movers?

    6A definition “Stunning woman”
    “sites” a 6-letter word for places OMD might perform.
    adapt this to 5 letters with “ridgeback escapes”
    Result is the “stunning woman” (the subject of a hit pop song by …??? and covered by …???).

  22. Phoebe, the def of 24a is the first word. I am still puzzling how to parse it.

  23. 24A: def is first word of clue, as Sandy says. “about” gives letters 1,2. “one fired over” gives letters 4-7. ‘dispersing’ is a container indicator, the container being “rubbish” ( as a verb) giving letters 3, 8,9.

  24. Sandy & Phoebe, 22A, I think so too, but there are toys called that, in category “fidget toys

  25. 22A: yes, this is a dual clue for ‘toys’ and deceptive deliverers in a cricket sense.

  26. Thanks AndrewT. I was almost there, but hadn’t got the dispersing rubbish bit.

  27. The problem with 22a is that that is not what the toys are called. They have another six letter word at the front that shares two of the cross letters. It wasn’t until I realized that that I got 18d.

  28. > The problem with 22a is that that is not what the toys are called

    I thought so too until I googled that answer – the entire first page of hits is the ‘toys’ meaning of the phrase!

  29. I agree Sandy, I’ve never heard them called that!

    Still struggling with the SE corner, any help please for 12D, 19A or 28A?

  30. 12D: def is first two words of clue. ‘into’ means the answer is contained in the following words … you’ll smack your forehead when you see it!

    19A: def is last two words of clue. First word gives letters 1-4. ‘I retraced’ gives letters 5-7, “network’s foremost” letter 8.

    28A: def is first 5 words of clue. word six gives letters 1-5, word 7 letters 6-9.

  31. Jack, 9A I think is just because half of the word (semi) gets eliminated. Not sure about the word attack, sorry.
    My logic for 14A is ‘repulsing a’ gives the first three letters reading backwards, ‘prisoner’ gives letters 4-6 then it’s ‘a’ with ‘grisly end’.

  32. I also have all the answers (I think) but am unsure of the wordplay for: 26A, 3D and 4D

  33. Thanks Bianca for 14A wordplay.
    26A: chisel tip = letter 3; a marble = letters 1 and 2,4,5
    3D: shelter = letters 1,2,11. way = letters 3-5. boutique = letters 6-10
    4D: Theatre initially = letter 1; then a word for sacking with middle letter changed

  34. Bianca & Jack, re 9A

    “semi” operates on “gets”, half of “gets” is eliminated from a seven-letter word for attack, leaving an “Aussie fish”.

  35. Bianca & Jack re 4D … the “sacking” is a material e.g. “sackcloth”!

  36. Still don’t understand 27a. Must be missing something because Ray’s explanation is still confusing me. Sorry Ray – it must be me!

  37. Hi, Susan O’Neill, re 27A …
    Definition: gas
    “hostage flick” letters 1-5 (n.b. it’s written by (I think) , produced by, and stars Ben Affleck)
    “Screen 6″: letter 6

  38. Correction: letter distribution is “hostage flick” 1-4 & “Screen 6” letter 5.

  39. There were some clever clues in this but I wouldn’t include 1a among them. I find it difficult to associate the definition with the answer and would struggle to name a situation where the two are interchangeable.

  40. Hugo re 1ac, definition is “camp” (as in e.g. “high camp”); wordplay follows …
    welcoming letters 1-2; “shot” anagrind for anagrist “anti flu”. The “?” I think is there to improve the “surface”. Cheers!

  41. Celia, I think you missed Hugo’s point. The wordplay for 1A is obvious; the quality of the definition… far less.

  42. I am mystified by the wordplay for 26A. Which letters refer to “marble” and in what context? Are we talking about marble as a material or a small round object used in games? Any explanation would be appreciated.

  43. MF, I think neither you nor Hugo have investigated the multifarious synonyms of 1A.

  44. Thanks Celia. Admittedly it’s about sixty years since I played marbles but I’ve never heard the expression “dib”.
    Perhaps it’s an example of different states having different names for things. I live in Melbourne.

  45. GeoffD: Not a regional expression, but try checking articles e.g. Wikipedia about marbles.

  46. Re 26A: 2,4,5 (never heard of by this inveterate player in his mid-’60s primary school years) is not in my ‘Letters And Numbers’ Macquarie, used by DA thereon to disallow words if they weren’t in it (including one I proposed, so I KNOW!) So, not particularly happy, Jan.
    What am I misunderstanding re 27A? If “hostage flick on” is 1,2,3,4 and 5,6, then wouldn’t it be “Screen 5” (or “Screen 4”) if “screen’ = “cover”. If “screen” = “show”, then how is the elimination of 5 clued?
    My late contribution to the 1A discussion (if my Macquarie appeal holds…): The Mac defines it “pompous, haughty, pretentious” and cites its possible (1840s) origin as “high + a humorously exaggerated form of fluting – speaking in a high (and pretentious) voice”. So, over to the jury as to whether it passes the swap-them-in-a- sentence test (or isn’t that the test I thought it was?)

  47. johnno2 re 26A
    More prosaic than that! defn.”gas”; “hostage flick” 1-4; “ScreeN 6” letter 5. “on” completes the surface but takes no other part in the charade! The hostage flick had Ben Affleck as writer producer and I think director, won Best Film AA against worthier opposition!

  48. As I predicted…


    […mind you, ‘Screen 5’, or ‘Screen 4’ DO work, too! :-) ]

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