DA Confusion for the 7th of July, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out for the this week’s DA.

48 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 7th of July, 2017

  1. Hello, has everyone slept in? Done and dusted in record time. Loved the implied containment indicators in 8D & 19A. Note the punctuation conflation in 2D, it may flummox some older solvers. Don’t understand “safe” in 28A, must check dictionary! And Happy Birthday this coming mid-week for Arthur C.! He’s turning … shhhh!

  2. In chemistry, Celia, the number of completion is eight. I’m about to become twice as good as that! re today, more than half done, 2D did trouble for a while. Liked 21A, being a cricket fan. Need to apply more 13D i think. Don’t hear much nowadays about a certain class of criminals, would have helped Celia in 28A

  3. Re your 11×2³th, I was being polite, just as the polite bingo caller would refer to “two lovely ladies”.

    Fans of longevity may care to check out musician Viola Smith, 105 next November and still drumming!

    Cheers, and happy solving!

  4. Nice balance today.
    2D took me way longer to parse and write in than it should have, though 6D was my last answer.
    Liked 28A & 29A.

  5. Rejoicing! finished before 0930. Couldn’t quite fathom the’sag’ in 4D though.

  6. Alice 25A: def is last word of clue. First word clues first word of answer, somewhat slangy. Second word clues second word of answer, in a somewhat old-timey sense.

  7. Alice re 25A, defn is twinkling (a noun); each of the 1st 2 clue words equate to each of the 2 words in the answer. Only take you a mo to figure out!

  8. All done, but I’d never come across that variant of the expression in 4/14 – my version would have one less letter in the first word, which held me up for a while.

  9. Five to go here, in SW corner. I’ll give it a bit longer.

    To carp, 1A seems not to require the exclamation mark, which I thought DA restricted to &lit clues; and I’m surprised no one has commented on the misspelling in 23A.

  10. “I’d never come across that variant of the expression in 4/14 – my version would have one less letter ”

    but not, given the 5th letter of the clue. Perhaps clue should have read “does not …”

  11. Re 4/14D: given 180° rotational symmetry of the grid, if first half one letter shorter it would need a new home elsewhere!

  12. Geoff – my version still has an s at the end of the first word – it’s the verb that’s different, not the tense. I accept, now that I ‘ve looked it up, that there are two versions of the phrase – I’d just not come across this one before. I think I actually prefer the shorter verb – it’s sharper!

  13. Archangel, re 7D
    Defn. Fire
    then 4-letter word truncated (on slimming) and reversed (up).

  14. And 15A while we’re at it. I am sure I have the answer but confused about why.

  15. Doh! Finally worked out 15A so obvious when you know why. Adieu until next Friday.

  16. As a first time tripper some observations –
    19A – never seen “fasts” used that way, loving it
    2A – not too bad for a millennial
    18D – the apostrophe tripped me up for a bit
    22A – still not used to &lit clues but got it after a while, same for 27A, very satisfying

  17. 21A – I’ve also seen 1,2,3 clued by “on” in the Times puzzle recently. Please exploin (sic)?
    Have been meaning to ask for some time: A definition of “&lit” please?
    Apart from 2D being a new word for me, born well before its apparent birth (your early – and specific – date surprises me, Celia!) DA has assumed we have the visual acuity to see his mutually overwritten ! and ? A questionable assumption in my generation’s case!?

  18. Johnno, google 2D for its history. There is also a 2D following 1A clue, but not merged as in 2D, as your closing example. That following 2D clue is available in some fonts; you can find it in the Unicode character map. Cheers!

  19. One last question if anyone’s there.
    Don’t understand the relationship between the second letter of 19A’ s solution and ‘fasts’.

    Thank you.

  20. My 9A and the official solution have different middle letters – I think the clue could be interpreted both ways.

  21. All done. Got answers for 2d and 28a but had to google to confirm why. Fairly straight forward apart from that.

  22. I’m pretty sure I have got it all – cheated to confirm 2d, and I don’t see the connection in the clue apart from the structural one. I don’t get the ‘safe’ reference in 28a though I’m confident in my answer.

  23. Thanks, T.O.E. – D’oh!! (and me a red-blooded colonial male of the above-admitted span of years!)
    (And thanks for the !? stuff Celia. Btw, your 8D to Ian: you meant 2-5 in 1,5,6?)

  24. Phil – The nearest definition of 28A that my ‘Letters and Numbers’ Macquarie gets me is either ‘cash register’ or ‘prison cell’ (or maybe the biblical rock!?). So, yes, hmmmmm….

  25. Similar yes, Celia, I agree, but I think you have to make one more leap (which defeated me) for the ‘nong’ clue.

    To be honest, I thought it wasn’t cryptic etiquette to move through two lateral phases. For example, you are not expected to find a solution to a definition and make an anagram of the result.

    But perhaps it’s not quite the same.

  26. Like Johnno 2, I’m not sure what ‘&lit’ means either. Anyone? I know it’s referring to where the anagram is also part of the definition, but what’s the origin of &lit?

  27. Johnno and Viv. It’ short for ‘and literally’. The exclamation mark indicates that the wording of the clue is both cryptic and a definition at one and the same time.

  28. Johnno 2, Celia Re 28A: I have found a reference to cockney slang using it as being a safe, or a prison cell. That would explain it. One to file away for the future

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