DA Confusion for the 30th of June, 2017

You’re going to be confused about your taxes — that’s just a given. But don’t be confused by DA. Sort that cryptic stuff out right here.

52 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 30th of June, 2017

  1. Hi all,
    Slow going this morning, have a few but not many to do with 26a.
    I’m thinking today’s date has something to do with the theme.
    Anyhow, good luck solving. Won’t be around for next 3 weeks.

  2. Late start for me. Though a lot of interlinking found it pretty straightforward. The key is 26A (and 13D) obviously and 26A is a very clever construct in my view.
    Happy solving.

  3. Got 13D early on just a hunch, took me ages to parse. Totally misunderstood role of “tender” in 26A until just now! With a slight ? over 4D (12A zapped my original answer), all out, all understood.

    Ahh, breakfast, think I’ll have some purposely mis-SPELT PUMPERNICKLE!

    Happy solving!

  4. By 0630, had four answers. 0855, still have four answers. My expectation, by 2030 (bedtime), I’ll still have four answers Have a good day, all!

  5. Arthur, use the wordplay to solve 13A, that will give you a hint for the nature of 26A.

    6D & 11 A are straightforward!

  6. Celia, could you be more specific for 13A? “Use the wordplay” is my general approach to cryptics!!

  7. Ahh, breakfast, think I’ll have some purposely mis-SPELT PUMPERNICKLE!

    Bingo! – bit of a spoiler that! Now I can see my way forward

  8. Melanie, re 13D
    defn is “drama”
    “holiday” letters 1-5
    “hassles” anagrind for letters 6-11

  9. 26A wordplay is straightforward, Phoebe. But the defn is 26A! So if you don’t know 26A, all you have for any 26A-themed clue is its wordplay. My 9:09 post might get you thinking, though!

  10. Ben, 25D defn is “with it”; for 27A defn “open”, wordplay “a fruit” from which “grower finally” has quit.

  11. Almost Heaven, I’ve got seven. Had heard of the 13D thing, Celia’s clue helped, would have no hope of it otherwise. Hasn’t helped much elsewhere as yet. Still looking,. 26A would help, but a synonym for tender, with that starting letter. tender as in sore, or tender as in offer?

  12. Yes Arthur C, you have 23D right.

    > tender as in sore, or tender as in offer

    Neither; tender as in legal. A slang word for that.

  13. Ben, 19A: First word of clue gives first word of answer (but as a verb instead of an adjective). A quaint (old) word for the core meaning of 26A gives the second word of the answer.

  14. tender as in sore, or tender as in offer?
    None of the above
    “tender” as in something else

  15. Ben, re 19A.
    defn is “possible 26-across holder”
    “set” gives letters 1-4;
    “26-across, quaintly” letters 7-9
    n.b. the two different meanings for 26-across are both used in this clue

  16. Ben 27A: def is first two words of clue. Third word gives letter 1. Letters 2-5 are given by a fruit, but with ‘grower finally’ quitting it.

  17. I really love this site. As I can’t normally start the X-word until after work I rarely contribute, but definitely benefit. Today however, I am on holidays!

  18. 26A. I have the answer but cannot parse it. I understand the wordplay of “tender” but the rest escapes me. I can see a spoonerism in the answer to 13D that describes the act of making 26A in its ordinary meaning, but that can’t be it. Is 26A a phrase used often on 13D?

  19. Rob B : there’s no particular relationship between the answers to 13D and 26A outside this puzzle.

    26A: Letters 1,4,5 are clued by the answer to 13D. Letters 2,3 are clued by ‘on’, used in a legalistic sense.

  20. Rob B, 13D acts on 26A as a container and an insertion indicator for two letters meaning “on” (standard cryptic term).

  21. Andrew T, Celia. Thanks. I get it now, looking at the meaning of the first word of 13D. D’oh!

  22. yep, homophonically, “d’oh” succinctly summarises today’s puzzle!

  23. alice 14D: def is first two words of clue. ‘sports’ clues letters 2-6. letters 1, 7,8 are a failing, captivated is a container indicator.

  24. Hopelessly lost. Have a few in SE corner. But my 20D isn’t a word, seemingly, I have TxIxExA. My wordfinder can’t find one. Have fished with around twelve, will do for this week, I think.

  25. Managed to get there. Didn’t enjoy this one for some reason. Have a good weekend y’all. ?

  26. Thanks SonOfBruze I was coming hear to ask about 20d, but I still have no idea of what place (except for an idea of its location) and even less of the wordplay. Any further hints?

  27. Ta Son Of Bruze, had never heard of it, but have it now. Have added a few to my miserable effort, still ten short, I think. Was astounded to finally get 24A. So many types of the theme, sso no hope of completing this one. More next week, have to watch AFL tonight.

  28. Got everything except 10a. Bugging me all weekend! Please help! I’m guessing it’s a very obscure word…

  29. An old fuel brand, Rohan, “fuel once”
    letter 1, from clue A
    letters 2-3 method MO
    letters 4-5 halve coal CO
    You must have incredible willpower, Rohan, not checking solution in Saturday’s!

  30. Hahaha never heard of it. Thanks for that! Didn’t see Saturday’s paper so those two last empty squares were staring back at me all weekend. Can sleep peacefully now. :)

  31. If there’s anyone still there, wordplay for 15A please? I have the answer – and some left over from a trip last year to Palestine / West Bank (depending on your socio-political leaning) – and the ‘play’ for 1 (I believe) and 3,4,5 but 2 and 6,7 escape me!

  32. Johnno2 re 15A.
    Your parsing incorrect, except letter 1
    Defn: 26A:
    top of shopping: letter 1
    lists: letters 2-3,5-7
    includes: containment indicator
    milk behind: letter 4

  33. Thanks, Celia! I fell into the trap of assuming DA had made a poor synonym (would he ever?!) of 3,4,5 for ‘milk’. While I just knew that ‘lists’ was there for it’s 2-3,5-7 sense, I couldn’t see past my assumption. Ain’t this fun!

  34. Still going on this one… would appreciate any tips

    1A, I think I’ve got some ‘shell contents’ but can’t figure out any kind of wordplay

    8D could be a couple of different types of burning (skin sensation, or engraving) but not sure why either would be a snag in East London

    1D & 3D are a complete mystery…

  35. Frog:

    I’ve thrown my paper out already, but, from memory:

    In 1A, ‘shell contents’ is the definition.
    In 8D, ‘East London’ is a cockney clue (i.e. drop the H).
    In 3D, ‘ok sounding’ is letters 3-7.
    Hard to give a clue for 1D without giving it away; word that means both 26A and rank (think military).

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