DA Confusion for the 23rd of June, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

72 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of June, 2017

  1. I know I will rue saying this, but easiest DA ever I reckon.
    Enjoy solving all.

  2. I’ve not received my print ed yet, but have solved half on scraps of paper, from digital replica.

    Fans of the Foreday Riders should have no problems with 4D’s anagram!!!

  3. Same here. Can go to work early today and catch up for the hours I lost on the long weekend Friday

  4. Gayle, Ron King of the Riders reckoned that getting all the members together to make a recording was like 4D, hence the title of their most recent release.

  5. Certainly easier today than most DA offerings, only about five to go. Couldn’t find a gorge that fitted the letters I have in 23D. But my 27A may be wrong. Otherwise, no probs.

  6. Pretty straightforward today with some good wordplay, like 23d 25a & 28a.
    Re 3d, DA needs to get up to date…

  7. I concur, definitely easier than usual.

    I’m all done except 26d. It’s made harder by not having decoded the word play for 25a so I’m unsure if I have the last two letters correct.

  8. Well, all done except the 23D. No idea. Naturally, had never heard of the actor in 29A, but guessed and Googled. Had to do shop trip, on the scooter, straight into freezing north wind. Cold enough to Permanently Prejudice the Paternity Prospects of a brass monkey.

  9. Definitely easy, except we can’t parse 27a (assuming we have it right).

  10. Ben & Lynne re re 27 across: for letters 2-7 find a 6-letter word for “modifies” then “nada for a” it! Defn is last 4 words.

  11. Thanks Judith. I’d worked out the definition of 25a. It’s the wordplay I’m struggling with.

  12. Jason L re 25A …
    def is 1st word
    wordplay a charade: work 1-2 + Finn 3-5 + gangster 6-7.

  13. Thanks Rupert.

    I had Finn (my very first LP as a teenager :) but kicking myself for not getting the gangster.

    So, now I just need someone to help me parse 26d.

  14. Jason L 26D is a “pet” name, but could also be a member of one of our local 17D political parties

  15. Cheers Celia. Being from NZ, I didn’t immediately think of your pollies.

  16. Breathes sigh of relief, all done. Don’t know where I got it but I definitely knew 4D ?

  17. Erica, see my 5:53 & 6:19 am posts re 4D – where I know the expression from, at least!

  18. I agree, an easy one this week, but where do letters 3789 come from in 14d?

  19. OK, forget that, I see it now. ( I thought it might be one of those dreadful teenage slang expressions!)

  20. Late start. All done. Fairly straightforward. And yes, Arthur, 23D could be to do with your RAAF service, unlike my father’s. He was ground crew.

  21. Jack, I never know why ellipses, except as an extra confusion. In this case, it may just be because the ‘rich’ could be linked with the ‘millions, and lead to missing the definition?

  22. Thanks, Rupert, but I saw it as soon as I’d posted. I was trying to pronounce it as a single word, & thought it might be an alternative spelling for something that often goes with ‘amazeballs’ – which DA has used in an answer before!

  23. All done. I thought some questions were a touch convoluted but most of it is reasonably straight forward.

  24. Could I have some help with 4D please? Never heard of the Foreday Riders.

  25. GeoffD, re 4D, definition is “impossible task”, and “unravelling” is an anagrind, for the preceding three-word anagrist.

  26. Should 12d read ‘one in hearing’…’ instead of ‘nothing in hearing…?’ Or have I missed something?

  27. JS re 12D the clue is perfectly correct. “nothing” is letter 7; the “hearing” it is in is letters 6, 8-11. A similar construction applies to letters 1-5, with “daughter” at letter 2 and “state” letters 1, 3-5.

  28. JS re 12D definition is “paid content” – it’s a portmanteau word!

  29. AG re

    6A you can have a left (L) side or a right (R) side. Find a 5-letter word for pointer and change its “sides” to get a 5-letter word for permit

    11A defn is powerful three; short president 1-2,4-5; upset 7-11; 3 & 6 are “one” and “victory”

    13A a 5-letter word for “harbour carrier” “shelled” (remove its outer letters) defn is “goof”

  30. Thanks, Celia! Nice to see someone still up … I came to it late today. I agree with above, easy-ish.

  31. While I didn’t find this as easy as some, I’m only missing 14A and 6D and am unsure of the wordplay for 6A, so for me pretty successful. Thanks for the hints everyone.

  32. GeoffD re 14A “phoned” is a homophone indicator & it’s a place in Egypt!

    re 6A see my 9:35 pm post!

  33. Sorry, GeoffD, missed your 6D …
    defn is “nice” … Hollywood legend¹ @ letters 2-3,6-9, exercise tips @ 4-5
    ¹ famous Hollywood pinup actress & dancer, career 1929-1954,

  34. Thanks Celia. All clear now. I’m particularly annoyed that I didn’t get 6D. With 6A I was taking the ‘sides’ to be the edges of the word ie first and last letters, so obviously got nowhere. That’s what I get for not reading the clue and your hint properly!

  35. Hallo, is anyone there?
    Done today’s cryptic OK (DH) but could you possibly tell me what lumbago has to do with Eros, which is the only answer I can get for 26D?
    Thanks ?

  36. Maybe someone could parse this for me, from Monday’s Fairfax? Defn obvious, but what does the rest do?

    Not honest, not compassionate and, finally, not included? (10)

  37. @Celia You’ve heard of ruthless. Well actually ruth =compassion. So not full of ruth and the d off and is not included.

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