DA Confusion for the 16th of June, 2017

Maybe not so difficult this week, but it’s still a DA, and there’ll still be some confusion.

44 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16th of June, 2017

  1. Loved the 1/2s. Funny coming after last week’s, as AS has alluded to in his intro above. Learned a couple of new words. Some interesting wordplay, mostly pretty straightforward. Lots of chuckles. Good fun. Favourites were 11A, 25A, 5D, 6/14 and 24/19.

  2. Late start today, no work today☺, once you get 1-2 down, pretty straight forward puzzle. Good luck.

  3. Just to encourage Trippers who get put off by not getting the key clue in linked/themed answers early … I left the NW corner til last, including 1/2D, mainly because the wordplay for several of those clues didn’t hit me straight off, although in hindsight they were no more difficult than any of the others. So, still very gettable without it, or at least with some idea of the definition becoming apparent.

  4. As Gayle says, don’t stress too much about 1/2D. I got 19/24D from cross letters and found the theme from there.
    Wordplay for 12A, anyone?

  5. Ah, lost as usual, ready to give it away. 90 minutes of concentrated effort produced five or maybe six answers, no idea on 1,2D. May look back later in day, but not optimistic.

  6. Black Pen re 12A “jacket promotion” is a 5-letter word, abridge it for the answer!

  7. I agree with those above that it’s definitely 25A this week (I’m almost tempted to say 27A, but that feels like it would be tempting fate). Some very fun clues in there, . All out, but not sure I understand what the ‘reason’ of 15D (is it just a particularly stretchy dd?) is, or what how ‘computing’ relates to 6/14D

  8. Ahhh of course! Thanks very much Ray, 15D just became one of my favourites for the day

  9. All out bar 15a. Reckon it’s a musical direction?
    Arthur, keep persisting. 1,2d “cryptically” is an anagrind and you need to include a word meaning “bleater”, Defn is last 3 words

  10. Mary Jane, thank you, but clue is still meaningless to me. But for 15a, i have a Latin term, nothing to do with music. I think it might mean ‘stronger’, if I have the right word. Apart from that, I am in hopeless territory, only six or seven solved.

  11. And suddenly, a few more, having realised 13D was an anagram. So now have ten. Cheers.

  12. Good to see some familiar names in here.
    I don’t get the wordplay in 5A or 18A.
    And if 17D is either a conductor or a mansion, it’s not one Google wants to tell me about.
    All subtle hints appreciated.

  13. What is the function of “times two” in 15a and where does the last letter come from?

  14. Rupert:
    5A: letters 1-4 are a word meaning to make more depressed, with first and last letters removed. Letters 5-7 are the first name of 7D

    18A: squat gives us letters 1, 7-9. A word meaning brownish is inside (interior to) that.

    17D: answer is a term for master musicians, including conductors. Start with the M of mansion and look to your left … !

  15. Hi fellow trippers. We are early today. We have answers to everything, but can anyone explain the first four letters of 5A and the last four of 15A. Also, is 14A a homophone?

  16. Gayle – btw thank you for your help parsing the Roman numeral clue from last week. I was late to respond.

    All out I think, but being a bit dense on 14A wordplay.

  17. AndrewT: Thanks for 5A and 17D. For 18A, you’ve answered 16A :)
    Ben & Lynne & Ian F: 14A is a homophone.
    Ben & Lynne & CateyR: “two” indicates a letter in the preceding word.

  18. Re 18A, think of the name of someone who famously solved..well, everything really, and replace the “heart” (middle letters) with the usual cryptic answer for quiet.

  19. 14A: def is first word on clue, ‘teller’s’ means ‘sounds like’ a word meaning money.

    18A: ‘briliant solver’ refers to a famous sleuth, whose heart (centre two letters) are replaced with the standard cryptic ‘quiet’.

  20. A relationship could be established between 11A and 18A by means of the 1979 movie “Murder by Decree.”

    It’s also apt that this very forum is acknowledged within 11A.

  21. Quite proud of my efforts today – all out, but with a little help from comments above for the top RH corner. However, I cannot get 15A. I have letters 1,3,5,7,9 but obviously am not familiar with the word – even my word finder doesn’t come up with anything. Can someone help me with this last tricky clue please?

  22. 15A is a Latin phrase meaning “more emphatically.” Think of how loudly is expressed in music and then adapt it.

  23. It’s a phrase more usually found in philosophical debate, June, meaning a ‘more emphatic’ argument drives out a weaker one. If that helps.

  24. June, re 15A. If the two assists from jack & ian haven’t solved it for you, then try:
    Heard = homophone for a score (number, not musical) doubled, then “or” and finally “times two” (mis-using cardinal instead of ordinal.

  25. Thank you so much Jack, Ian F and Alaric – I have it now. I had never heard that term, although I had considered the beginning being the homophone for a score, doubled. Couldn’t get further than that though. I have now Googled the word and have learnt something new today!

  26. For the first time I’ve finished before sundown. But I can only conclude I’ve been pronouncing 14a wrong all these years.

  27. Rupert, good to see you back. i’m giving this one away.l only 15 or 16 solved, I’m sure some of the clues above are very good, but it only helped me with 18A. No idea on the 1,2D, only my SE corner really filled in, the rest scattered around. try again next week.

  28. Can anyone tell me how to do it online with an iPad ?
    I have a subscription

  29. The Mystery of the Missing Apostrophes. 1d Youre = You’re (3’2) 6 Dont = Don’t (3’1) and 21 Its = It’s (2’1).

  30. Did much better this week, only missing four in the NE corner, including three I’d never heard of. As always, many hints were gained from this site. Thanks everyone.
    Like FHF I also think that the apostrophes should be shown in the clues.

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