DA Confusion for the 9th of June, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out because DA has forewarned: this week there’s going to be many.

74 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of June, 2017

  1. Wow. Got very lucky as guessed / got 19D/11A very early which got me going.
    Wordplay for themed answers quite tricky.
    Happy solving all.

  2. Just seven so far. tried for an anagram for 17D, but nothing coming up. Name of a show, perhaps? Don’t know many of those.

  3. Not having much success so far. Have SE corner and not much else. I will keep plugging away.

  4. Found 13D, though not fully connecting clue with answer. Does it link with 17D as part of theme? Haven’t solved enough yet to know. Have ten so far.

  5. Got the theme finally. Answers coming quicker now. Off to work, It’s not all fun and games!

  6. 26A was one of my first ones in which I got from wordplay but had to look up to confirm. That brought an early chuckle, but after that it was a hard slog. Phoned friend Google for 6D too. Then ground away until most of the ones left had to be themed. The key clue I had never heard of so didn’t get the wordplay until after it was all over. And even then I did it the hard way, writing all the answers out to see a pattern, when the instruction was clear.

  7. Have most of LHS, just a few on RHS. 1A seems impossible. Is it an English word? Need a help with 19D, 11A, and 30-29A. Just eleven to get, i think.

  8. Arthur C. It seems like you’re getting to the same point I did . If it doesn’t make sense it’s probably themed, and not defined.

  9. Gayle, I still haven’t got 17D, so haven’t solved 2D, which might help? homophone suggestive of deficit? i think 17D is key i need.

  10. Yes, I got 17 D last as I didn’t know it and only got it from crossers and googling to confirm.
    What i had for 2D is a synonym for have. zip as in nothing. But now when I come to explain the remaining 2 letters in the light of 17D I’m flummoxed again. I thought I had the manipulation solved! Can’t help Arthur, sorry. I’d better go to work, late already because of today’s crossie.

  11. Well, i’m gettng closer, having found 30-29A. Was thinking if 19A had a different first letter, 19d would be easy. Anyway, only four missing now, so may leave till this afternoon. And OH! I just saw 1A. Must Google. Only three left!

  12. 17d is a game, yes Arthur, where the aim is to achieve a 2d result which is zip as per Gayle’s 9.21

  13. Well finally i saw 17D, haven’t quite sorted how it realates to 2D. will regard puzzle as finished, even if i don’t understand some clues. Farewell.

  14. I’d better pay attention on the road….. will probably tax the FriDAy brain further trying to figure out what I believe is a letter unaccounted for in 2D. Anyone? Too early to give the theme away, but I’ll come back later.

  15. Oh, Arthur, you’ve got it I see. Well, I don’t mind being kept in suspense until others have had a chance. AS said on the other thread that DA has hinted we might need the long weekend to solve today’s offering. So, I guess we’re not doing too badly.

  16. Gayle – 17D answer when applied to 2D answer leaves only the 1 letter (or removes the other 2) and fits your 9:21am description. Hope helps if I understand your concerns.

  17. Made a much earlier start than usual but to no avail. First read-through brought nothing. As is often the case I don’t really understand the extra instruction. Will persevere a while longer but I suspect this might be one for the bin, particularly after reading above how difficult the experts are finding it.

  18. Lucked onto the theme early. Like Gayle, Google helped with 6D.
    Fave clue today was 23A.

  19. Thanks to Ray and Enesem – I missed you earlier. After all that I didn’t bring the grid with me, but I can see now where I went wrong in 2D, somewhere between solving it and coming back to it later.

  20. GeoffD: keep going! I’m no expert but I eventually managed to fill in all the clues even if I’m not sure why they work. If you can get the theme it really helps.

  21. What am I going to do re doing the cryptic when I go overseas for 4 weeks. I have android and age crossword online is not interactive. Thinking of taking hard copy blank grids and writing in numbers and blacking out squares.

  22. Mary-Jane: the iPad edition of SMH let’s you do the puzzle from anywhere, I assume The Age works that way too. Failing that, The Guardian puzzles are free to access still.

    GeoffD: some of the non- themed ones are not too hard, try 10a, 12a, 15a, 25a (a straight anagram), 3D.

  23. To paraphrase Bill Collins, “I’m going to be honest about this crossword (movie)! I love it!”

    My only confusion is that I read the answer to 2D as “have;” then “zip” gives Letter 1 and Letters 2 and 3 are given by a 17D version of “when.” My problem is that this derivation of these two letters is the opposite of 17D.

  24. Jack – 2D – if you 17D the 3 letter answer (for “Have”) it removes letters 2 and 3, leaving just the first letter which = “zip”.

  25. Thanks Ray, I see how it works now. I was reading it with the word “when” being treated with the theme.

  26. It’s quite bad enough for me, thanks, Dom! I hate it when you have to get the answer first and then work out how it relates to the clue.
    Am I the only one to quibble about26a – shouldn’t it be American, not Italian?

  27. I only have four in, including 17d which I think is the key (others 3D, 10a and 6d). But I am struggling. Any clues out there? For anything?

  28. Sandy. 16A involves an anagram (per the “badly” in the following clue. 20A involves the use of a word meaning “snap” but not meaning break..

  29. Sandy, 15A is an adjective (hence the question mark), not a verb. 1D is a reasonable clue and it crosses 15A. You could start there. 8D is a pretty easy one.

  30. Thanks Rob. That gave me 16a. And Jack for 8d. But I still can’t get 20a. And sorry Jack but what is the adjective in 15a? And if 1d is ‘reasonable’ I may have little hope.

  31. 20a: def is last three words of clue. First word of clue gives letters 1-3, second word modified by third word gives letters 4-6.

    15a: def is first word of clue, which is an adjective not a verb. Second word of clue gives letters 1-2. Last two words of clue give letters 3 and 6. ‘Dividing’ is a container indication for ‘in’.

  32. Ann and AndrewT, thanks for the encouragement and hints. I’ve returned to the puzzle after being out most of the day and now have a few answers (though not yet the theme) so I’ll continue into the evening.

  33. Sandy. 1d. First word is defn. 4th word gives letters 3-5. Last three words give letters 6-7. You should be able to work out letters 1-2 after you get the rest.

  34. Jack at 1.09. So was I working on ‘when’ in 2D. Don’t feel so bad now… am in good company.

  35. If 17D is associated with someone with the initials A.A. I think I finally have the theme! It’s only taken all day!

  36. Finally got there, though don’t understand all the word play. Would have helped if I hadn’t had Gonwana (sic) in 10a. Thanks for the help.

  37. All out and thoroughly enjoyed it. Stumbled onto 4d/5a early, and the theme popped out pretty quickly (it helped that 17d is a particular favourite of mine). Just in case anyone’s still up, I’m still perplexed by how the first two letters of 1d are clued, so would love to be enlightened…

  38. Couple of wordplay queries left outstanding. Any comments welcomed, please.

    I have two letters associated with computing in 30/29A, that should represent the word ‘healthy’, if I”m correct. But don’t seem to.

    And I’m having a brain freeze on the wordplay for 13D altogether.


  39. Luke (@ 12.02 ) or anyone – Please help me with the clueing of the first 2 letters of 1d !

  40. Hi Julie – it’s a four letter word for ‘only’ with the standard 2 letter abbreviation for ‘way’ taken ‘out’.

  41. Ian F, 13 D did my head in until I got the theme and the trick.
    it’s an anagram (revolutionary) of the roman numerals that make up 1702 (individually, not as a whole) plus or minus, really what you’re supposed to do with it .

  42. No , that’s misleading it’s 1702 in Roman numerals, anagrammed. Plus a few missing letters.

  43. I can’t fully explain 30/29 . The ‘retired’ indicates a reversal and there’s the’ before’ relating to the player. I suppose it depends where you start and finish. I saw ‘fit’ as healthy and “I’ as one.

  44. I understand the theme that the seven answers share in common, but I am yet to full grasp how to solve their respective clues.
    I know it has something to do with NSEW; but how do you make up the extra letters, i.e. 13D, I have an anagram of “at MDCCII a ; but HOW does the SE come into it.
    Same with 30,29A: How do you know to add the ENSEN?

  45. Jo, I’m not really sure about 1a either. Assuming you’ve got the theme and the maniuplation, my guess, and I’m not happy with it, was PAR(e) for cut + E for ecstasy all inside JOY. Maybe someone else has a better explanation?

  46. Hi Gayle, yes I do have 17D, so I know we’re dealing with those four letters. But I just can’t seem to work out how you’re supposed to know which ones of those to add.

  47. Hi Bianca. You don’t know which ones are missing. .. could be any in any combination. You just have to juggle what you’ve got with the possibilities. I didn’t get 17 D until the end, and the significance of it only later. For those who got the theme early, it was probably more a matter of filling in the solution, and not worrying too much about what was missing or working backwards to parse it.

  48. Gayle…thanks for 1a parse. Try pared not pare and now I think I am all done…finally

  49. Ah, thanks Croydon MAL. Those verbs which don’t change in the past tense … got me this time.

  50. Thanks Andrew, but still don’t see it. Suspect I’m missing the obvious (again), or I have something else wrong.

  51. LJ, it is another on the theme. As suggested, ‘cuckoo’ is an anagrind and the fodder is first word with a few points added – two of one and one of another.

  52. Hi. New at this. 27A???? Last one to get and have word that fits the definition but cant figure out the word play….

  53. Jillian, the first word is the definition. The way I read it is that the second word gives a four letter word and the last three words give a three letter word for a forum to talk.

  54. After many hours, I have this one solved. Thank you to the early risers who help us all, as we toil away later in the day…or the next day…and the next day. There are many of us who do not post, as we are later to the game, but we are always appreciative of the comments and tips from you DA megastars.

  55. Reckon DA went a little too obscure in this one. I’ve never heard of the tv show, and considering that it’s British and as far as I’m aware never been shown in Australia, 17D is a very mean clue.

  56. Thanks to all – as Scott says, I suspect there are quite a few like us that are late to the challenge so rarely post; but I am always very appreciative of those that do – esp, as is often the case, when there are one or two where I need a hand, or can’t quite parse.
    I was reasonably new to DA when I first stumbled across the “Trippers” and have always been very grateful to have found this website/community.

    Also agree with AS about this week’s DA. There were several that I’d never heard of, and suspect were never shown in Australia (but it is DA after all … )

    “See” you all next week.

  57. I must have set a record. “Solved” it all, but failed to completely work out at least 60% of the clues.

  58. All those shows have been shown in Australia. The one shown here least was hosted by Tony Barber and only cracked 1 season, but is still on US telly after 30 years where it (and its music) is huge. You’ll catch it on Foxtel. It was also in Cheers.
    The rotating game show is the source of one of my favourite game show moments.

  59. It’s now Tuesday afternoon and with a lot of help from you Trippers, I finally got there. Like many of you, had to work out what the clue meant once I had guessed the answer.

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