DA Confusion for the 2nd of July, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out for the first winter DA of the year.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 2nd of July, 2017

  1. All done. A few wordplay to get still, but overall a good solid DA. I liked 7, 18 down, 11a and 15a.
    Good luck.

  2. Me too Andyw. I think AS (our illustrious host) has gone into early hibernation.

  3. A real mix of ancient and modern and aural and visual kulcha today. I was pretty impressed with the homophones. And particularly liked the dry terrain, after being led down the garden path assuming it was the usual crossword clue for dry.

    I was wary about 7/18 initially as DA’s given us a couple of dog ear clues before, but this one jumped off the page pretty quickly.

    And he’s stirring the pot again with his ‘bogan’ clue . He’s wrong though on two counts, firstly for the putdown, and secondly, this example has a much wider contemporary and historical reach. But I know that DA knows that we know he’s not prescriptive or judgmental, just a silly joke (I hope).

  4. Good morning all. I’m much slower than the experts, have only six. Had never heard of Wookiees, had to Google that, fortunately found 22A.

  5. I didn’t know Wookies either ArthurC, and made more difficult as I saw it as Wookles on my printout. I would never have got that out from the wordplay.

  6. All out, lots of fun here, cultural references, brand names, red herrings, &c. Lots of chuckles once solved 5A, 9A (real music is dead, this person has killed it), 11A, 13A, 15A, 19A, 22A (great surface with “Lucas”), 26A, 29A, 1D, 3D, 17D, 23D (last out, & ROTFL).

    Can someone please explain 8D wordplay – my answer was based on definition alone?

    And please, DA, please make future puzzles 25D-free zones, please?

  7. Gayle, in the same vein as dry terrain – but one step further away – was the harmless chemist!

  8. I had more trouble with the definition in 8D, thinking of another meaning for galley.

  9. Ah, Gayle, shoulda got that, distracted by a different use of “course”. Homophone of an article-free John Hillcoat film starring Viggo Mortensen!

  10. Everybody, 22A was in the most recent (late 2015) episode of the series, too!

  11. Agree that Lucas was clever. Arthur C’s comment brought to mind a famous Arthur C of a similar genre, more in my timezone.

  12. AndyW, (0711), my teenage years were the forties. Sadly, I can’t make any progress with this one, eight only answers, no light at all. A clue for 9A would be helpful but really, i am hopelessly lost.

  13. Arthur C, 9A is a current pop upstart over-dominating the charts. An anagram of one word in the clue with Hearts.

  14. 9A: def is the first word of clue. ‘Played’ is the anagrind, the grist being ‘serenade’ plus the cryptic standard use of ‘hearts’.

  15. Arthur, the artist sang at the AFL Grand final a couple of years ago.

  16. Dear Arthur. As a relative youngster in my 70s I suggest you have a go at 1A 10A 12A 23A 27A 29A and 2D 4D 5D 7/18D 8D 17D 21D . All the rest, I think, use brands, neologisms, ‘popular’ culture, or slang (tho’ 23D was around in my childhood). Best of luck

  17. Also, Mike, 11A has been around in books, comics, films, & TV series, since 1919!

  18. Thanks Celia. Yes I meant 24A – and I was much too busy with books to come across 11A other than incidentally on the tele.

  19. 17d definition is last three words. Wasted day in (5) around station (4).

    I have an answer for 20a which I can only assume is a double definition but I only understand the storyline reference not the bogan one.

    How does the wordplay for 19a work?

  20. Julian, re 19A …
    Definition: “Aim, perhaps”
    “excessively” letters 1-3
    “over” letters 6-9
    “the” remaining letters
    “cases” containment indicator

  21. Maryjane & Julian, re 20A,

    Think how DA’s idea of a bogan would mispronounce “ask”. This gives you a homophone for storylines.

    I presume Julian you could reverse engineer that one?

    Doubt Rebel Wilson’s bogan schoolteacher mum would pronounce it that way, though!

  22. All out before coming here. Must be some kind of record. Had to guess 22A (zero interest in the genre, but had vaguely heard of answer). Knew 9 thanks to having granddaughters. Hadn’t heard of 1D with that suffix: more commonly another three-letter one.

  23. Alice, for 13A, take the chemist’s place of business and make it harmless!

  24. Completely lost on 1d… Not sure if I have the correct word for 1a, however. Any clues? Almost out apart from 1d, 8d.

  25. Selena, re 1A …
    Take one (letter 2) and half a tropical disease (letters 3-6); these are contained in South Africa (letters 1,7) to give a place of exile.

  26. Selena, re 1D, I’m unsure of the 2nd last letter, but dregs are often known as “lees” and that’s what letters 2-5 sound like! Should get rest from your crossers! Except 2nd last letter, enlightenment, please?

  27. Thanks Celia – got it! Had the wrong word in 1a – though it was fitting, just couldn’t make it work.
    Stumped on 8d still. There was an upgrade released for Skype though, just yesterday. Not sure if relevant or if I’m thinking far too much into it!

  28. 1D: Letters 1,7-9 “from ends up”
    23D; Have the three cross letters and can think of only two words but cannot see how either would fit the wordplay

  29. Hi Celia, at first I assumed an O… but with your help conclude it must be an “i” – and I’ve seen a few of these!

  30. Hi Alaric, C for Cocaine, followed by a homonym for stimulant. Not a downer !

  31. Thanks for those above who gave hints to 9a, No idea wqho he/she was so will just quietly bin this one. unless a sudden insoiration comes. try again next week.

  32. Arthur C – although not commonly known for, this artist is also related to a rather moving soundtrack for a Lord of the Rings movie.

  33. I like 25D because, if the letter count changed from 5 to 4, there would be another good answer (the 27th of his ilk).

  34. Selena 8D Skype a homophone indicator, answer sounds like a course! Galley is a medieval ship! Enough hints?

  35. Celia, the penny dropped when I re-read a comment above about slave and kitchen, was the only alternative that made sense!

  36. Hi, I’m with you Arthur C! And thanks Celia for the 25D plea to DA, I so agree! ?

  37. Hi all, first time poster here. Think I have 5D from cross letters but am struggling with wordplay. Any hints?

  38. Carol, re 24A “on vacation” is applied to each of the preceding two words to give letters 1-2 (from summertime) and letters 3-4 (from tourist. The fifth letter is clued by “love”.

  39. Just in case anyone drops in… are there any forums for the other SMH crosswords? I looked but no luck.

  40. Hi Carol. The Australian Crossword Club. They have recently completely revised their website and access and you may need to become a financial member, although not necessarily, according to the administrator. You could try.

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