DA Confusion for the 26th of May, 2017

Don’t leave May discombobulated: get your confusions sorted out.

45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of May, 2017

  1. Morning Trippers. I think there was meant to be a big chuckle in there, or is it just a groan? 10/15. In this household, we call that a Mascot (went straight over my head).
    All out , bar the intersecting 9a and 7d, and don’t understand the def for 21a from the letters I have from wordplay and crossers.

  2. I have the top half done, except 7d and most of the East side. Finding it a bit harder this week.

  3. A bit harder, Andyw? After an hour or so of pondering (intermittently), I have solved two easy ones in column 2. Will keep looking.

  4. Oh joy oh bliss. Looked up some movies I’d never heard of, gave me two more!

  5. Gayle 9a
    1-3 = plastered on a
    456,10 = crawl returned
    789 = at nights end

  6. No idea for 7d,
    But my printed copy has the clue the (-4) not (4) is that a misprint or deliberate?
    I’m thinking U.T.I.S

  7. Tthanks Andyw for 9A.
    I think the hyphen in the letter count is a typo, and the answer is a two-word exclamation, from a common medical suffix (hanger-on). I was trying so hard to put leech in there, but it wouldn’t fit!

  8. Okay, almost all done, almost all understood, except ….

    20A/22D I have an ache at 20A and a brewing need at 22D, but can’t otherwise relate to the clue.

    Someone please parse 4D for me. I presume “yet” is 9-14, but how does the rest fit? 10A! 15A!

    Recently saw the doco on Ledger, but 17D was overlooked!

    Amazingly, 10A & 15A were among my first few solved.

    Been attending the American Essentials Film Festival in training for Sydney FF, have seen many times the trailer for famous (restored) 9A film.

  9. Celia 20/22 was a newie to me, despite knowing something about cricket. def is first 3 words.

  10. Celia, 4d, the ‘sponge’ is a 3 letter container (absorbing) the sea at 3-8. You’ve got the rest. I must admit that sense of sponge was new to me, although soak is familiar.

  11. 10 and 15 went in early for me too, but still haven’t got the wordplay for 10.

  12. 4d, I meant a 3 letter container for the sea, but. (I can say that, I’m a Queenslander.)

  13. 4D Thanks, Gayle, got it.

    Bye everyone, off to see Wilson @ 10 am screening. Happy solving!

  14. Hi everyone, this is interesting. Usually I’m hopeless and I come here for help! Today I found it easy and there’s a few people struggling. Strange.

    I have everything except how the definition works in 21A?

    The hyphen in lettercount for 7D is deliberate and gives the game away. You could remove the hyphen and make lettercount 2,2, swapping definition and wordplay.

  15. Steve,
    It’s defined in the sense of being a certainty/sure thing.

    Only clue I can’t parse is 24a, any help?

  16. Splashy, I didn’t bring my grid with me and can’t remember 24a. If no one else chimes in, could you post it here?

    I still don’t get the def for 21a, even with your explanation. My answer did mean a certainty, but from memory the only word that could be the def was the first word and I can’t get the connection.

  17. 24A – Defn = “Drew near”. “a”= 1. “quiet” = 2. “river” = 4. “hot” the rest.

  18. 21a, looked it up, I get it now. Bookie’s jargon. They just dropped the certainty. I wonder what other words there are like this? I can think of some in rhyming slang, eg butcher’s.

  19. All out; the man had an early work call so I started early as well. Not too bad today; however, I agree that some of the answers are a tad obscure in meaning and thanks all for the clarifications/confirmations. I always have a few stragglers that take a while at the end; very frustrating.

    2 down was the first and 23a was the last (head slap when I realised).

    The other two I know for slang are “me old china” and “blowing rasberries”.

  20. 8A/20D: def is first word of clue. ‘relay’ is the anagrind, the grist of which is words 2 and 3 of the clue, plus ‘race finale’.

  21. With many outrageous guesses, have filled most in. I thought 7D, discussed above was one of the simpler ones. Still lacking 4D, 23A, and 19D, but possibly have some others wrong. Not sure i have 8A, 20D right either. so its been a guess and hope job today.

  22. I see, from finally reading above, most of my doubtfuls are correct. I think I’ve guessed 4d now, but maybe not, something to make one stop and ponder? Anyway, enough brain fag for today.

  23. Arthur,
    4d – def is the first four words, synonym for sponge encloses name of sea and synonym for yet.
    23a – Fish (discovered) 1-3 and synonym for merchandise 4-8 – def by surprise.
    19d – One state becomes another state with the removal of two letters. (The trick is that the two states are pronounced differently).

  24. Ah thanks everyone for the ‘moral’ def. Never heard that.

  25. That’s very good, Arthur C. Your words “something to make one stop and ponder” define 4D perfectly.

  26. 21 Very poor surface.
    23 Deserves a question mark given the way ‘discovered’ is used.
    11 DA has been doing crosswords long enough to know the convention of ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ for down clues and ‘front’ and ‘back’ for across clues.
    4 ‘in sea’ is a tad awkward; ‘in the sea’ is better.

  27. Completed but cannot parse 3D. Presume the first two words of the clue are the definition and ??? the last two letters of the answer are the French article but the rest ???

  28. In 3D, binge essentially gives letter 2 and it’s contained in different (letters 1, 3-6). French article gives Letters 7-8.

  29. After three weeks of DA-less holiday I’m clearly out of touch. Not a start anywhere. Where are the “two easy ones in column 2” Arthur?

  30. 3D – alaric, you’re right about the definition. The rest is a bit fiddly. I’m not quite sure how to explain without giving too much away for Friday, aside from 7,8 giving the French article and wearing being a containment indicator (at least I think that’s the right terminology; I’m not so good at ‘the language’).
    I usually don’t get to look at DA until Saturday or Sunday. So, maybe it’s because I’m not at work and/or I ‘guessed’ 10 and 15 A early, but I mostly found this easier than most; aside from 4D that is which I only got after the clues above.

  31. As usual, I arrive panting at the finish line, only to find everyone else gone home!

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