DA Confusion for the 19th of May, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of May, 2017

  1. All done and dusted. Not too difficult today. Getting 12a, 1a, 23a early makes it easier.

  2. Bit slow going if you don’t get the long one early. I’m still chipping away. RHS in first. This is more the old style DA. Multiple operations, eg 25A.

  3. Just got it! Twigged to the likely def and tried to tune in to DA’s wavelength. There was a phrase lurking …. had the last word and got the rhythm and … bingo. Love it.

  4. All done. I didn’t find it easy, Lots of tricky misdirects and parsing. 15 held me up. Had the wrong orderly, and then the Spoonerism went in last.

  5. My ‘Six of the best’ has expanded to a very un14D (if my guess there is correct) eleven. I’m angling for a solution to the big one, haven’t got the right bait,. Will persevere. Is 19D the little beastie that used to trouble us RAAF/RAF types?

  6. Yes, Arthur C, it is!

    Slept in, finding this one slow because at pres I am.

    For some easy ones (those I have so far) try 10A, 18A & 25A, and 1D, 5D, 9D, and Arthur C’s 19D giveaway.

    btw online SMH was available 1:30 am, maybe earlier, today!

  7. Well, thank you Andrew T and Celia. That was a stab in the dark, I have absolutely no idea how it fits the clue, other than troublemaker. Seems to confirm my guess about 25A, another answer i don’t fully understand. Still very much lost,will keep trying.

  8. ArthurC 19D: def is indeed the last word of the clue. Take a 3 letter word for ‘love’ then a 5 letter word for ‘fuse’ which you shorten by one letter. Then reverse the lot for the answer.

  9. Thanks, Andrew T. I can see it when someone explains it. I’ve more or less conceded defeat on the rest, made a wild guess at 4,28, no idea on the big one. Will check back after lunch.

  10. Arthur C, see my easy list @ 9:12 am to which I add … 16A, 20A, 29A, 2D, 3D, 6D, 8D, 14D, 17D, 19D, 24D, 26D.

    Some parses I no get yet, but will mull over. Think the punishment in 13D a parental one, will accept, one less on the list.

    Main expression 12A 1A 23A I’ve encountered with eggs, & there’s another version related to tea. Loved “economies of scale”.

    Lots to do today, may drop by later on, cheers!

  11. Not sure about your easy list, Celia. I have completed everything except 6D and 11A. Any subtle hints? I’m not sure of the definitions for either of them.

  12. Ann, for 6D, think Sound of Music down and TV news up (latter with deletion “briefly”)

    For 11A the ellipsis “…” carries the definition forward from 10A, “(plurals) pluralizes it. “ebbing” is a reversal indicator, a synechdoche for “yacht” occupies letters 7-4 (as “steam” is a synechdoche for a powered vessel), and a loose synonym for “experienced” letters 3-1.

    By the way, fans of singer Lily Dior may be interested to learn her mothers name is the singular of 11A, and if you’re Jewish she may have sung at your wedding!

  13. RE the big clue. I. Every 12,,1,23A: it has nothing to do with weighing instruments and is a question

  14. I like Celia’s ‘Easy’ list, most of them totally beyond me. Don’t have 2,3,4,5,7,8D and if my 6D is correct, don’t see how it fits clue. No idea on 11A, 12A, 15A, 16a, 22D. Guessed 4A might be to do with insurance, but if my answer is correct, cannot fit it to clue. So, enough trouble, will go and play pool. Farewell DA.

  15. Home and hosed, but once again a whole morning has gone!
    Came here to justify 22D, but no-one mentions it above.

  16. bbOZ, 22d. I wondered about this one, too. Eventually decided letter 2 is ‘creating facade’, ‘housing’ container indicator, ‘and erect’ letters 5431

  17. Billyboyoz 22d def is first word. Second word is 1,3,4,5 up. Letter 2 is facade of 5th word. Housing is containment indicator. Last letter is close to perfect.

  18. Almost there. Only 16a and 8d to go. Any hints?
    Also don’t understand how 4,28a works.
    And is the def of 2d the first or last word? I think it works either way.

  19. Sandy, I think 4,28 is the pick of today’s clues. Have a look at the letters of I’ll and see how they fit in villa.
    The way 2D is written, I believe that the first last is the definition.

  20. In 16A, after judge’s first, remove the casing from worn-out and make an anagram of the rest.

  21. Sandy, 2D, no, you need praise first to trade old for a to get the destroyer, positioning is wrong for the reverse.

  22. I finally got 12…..
    Started about 3pm
    Thanks for all the help, esp celia telling me which ones are “easy”….it Spurs my brain on!

  23. Thanks, Melanie, I think I had to concede 11A was a little too complicated, more queasy than easy!

    The one that caused me most wordplay problems was 22D, took me ages to realise “and” was there!


  24. Although I can see Ian F that private may seem a little superfluous. Just adds to the definition, and the misdirection. Same number of letters. had me down the wrong path for a while, coupled with shot.

  25. Thanks, Celia and Gayle. So looks as if private is simply there to help with the surface misdirection (though perhaps in that case, it shouldn’t be there at all).

  26. Surprised no one has mentioned the absent apostrophe in the clue for the ten-word phrase.

  27. Kate, excluding apostrophes is a standard crossword convention. Dashes/hyphens yes, apostrophes no!

  28. Got it all except 22D, with which no one else seems to have had trouble. I then found the word from crosswordsolver.org (it isn’t a feline) but still can’t get my head around how to derive the answer from the clue.

  29. Oh, 22D did cause others problems: my Control+F command failed to proceed.

  30. Jenny T: 9D is a double-definition.

    Re 22D: The question I asked has been answered elsewhere; I would have deleted those two posts if ’twere possible.

  31. Finished. Been busy. Not too bad this week. Jenny T if still looking at 9d the label is a fairly common name for it and the mammal is very large. Common Australian bird.

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