DA Confusion for the 12th of May, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out. All reports say there should be a few of them especially this week.

72 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 12th of May, 2017

  1. DA is back.
    Found it pretty hard work. Finally out and understood. Hopefully flows easier for others.
    Happy solving all.

  2. A very slow start, but have the theme now. A few to go but getting easier.

  3. An hour or so of mental flagellation has produced only six answers. No idea of a theme at this juncture.

  4. Didn’t see the instructions as my printout is in about 4 point. Came here wondering why my solution had no definition. Theme Andyw says. Oh, go back and read the instructions. That means I have 9 more to go, and guessing the theme from my first one in, I think I’m going to have a hard time of it. Might be up Celia’s alley though.
    And thinking of Celia, and thousands of others touched by the wonderful Mark Colvin, my deepest condolences.

  5. Progressing slower than a spastic tortoise. Is 4,3D a person’s name? Business name? Have only ten so far, no idea of a theme.

  6. 4/3 was my first themester in. Top half done, held up unduly in the NE by having 16A the wrong way round.

  7. Ta, Andy W. There are only seven billion possibilities then! But Nipponese sound possible. Must pursue.

  8. Good on DA for today’s theme. I confess to having to confirm a couple (but didn’t google the potential list, pats self on back.) And I liked the way one criterion for inclusion in the theme extends to several other clues.

  9. Gosh, Arthur C, what’s Sanyo an anagram of?

    Gayle, you must be one of my Twitter followers, or you found my post amongst the hundreds of tributes against @Colvinius. Under my real name I met Mark Colvin when I was a relief programmer on 2JJ for five weeks total in 1975, he was in the newsroom there with Jim Middleton, and others. Spoke to him briefly at Tony Barrel’s wake a few year’s back; Mark had delivered the valedictory address. Very saddened at his passing.

  10. Well, NW corner, top row, couple in NE, think I have the theme, so full steam ahead!

  11. Well, Celia, I did eventually guess at the person in 4,3D. Someone i’d never heard of, but fitted the clue. Now have a dozen or thirteen, but time now to get lunch and go shopping. Will look back later.

  12. I only have 3 and a half (4d) so far
    Any more hints from anyone please ?
    Very cold day in Hobart brrrrrrrr…

  13. Melanie, 3D following 4D themed …
    male deer letters 1-4 n.b. not STAG;
    it isn’t gross 5-8.
    n.b. highly unlikely to be related to actor Josh.

    This a fine example of the theme, get the theme spot on and google it, and there’s a beaut gallery that encompasses all the theme’s answers!

  14. There are three clues here where the opening word’s initial letter would normally be capitalised if the word was elsewhere in the clue.
    There is a further clue where a word within the clue has had its opening capital rendered in lower case!

    Just a couple of DA’s tricks

  15. Alice, 17D is themed,
    extra tip-off 1-3
    one 4
    Bohemian 5-8

    The confluence of Sherlock Holmes & The Goons helps!

  16. HandM re 30A …
    letters 1-3 are from “Done”; letter 4 from “penultimate death”.

  17. Did eventually find theme, found six of them, some i knew, some i didn’t (thank you, Google). Time for arvo tea and pool table.

  18. I think I have the answer for 12a but can someone please parse letters 1-3

  19. Scott, the cryptic part breaks up as 1-2, 3-5. Too much more detail might spoil …

  20. Almost finished top half. Have 13a, but don’t know how letters 6-7 clued from “flash drug”. Also, even with all cross letters can’t get 9d. Any hints?

  21. I now have a name which means nothing to me, plus a couple of surnames, likewise. I assume these are themed.

  22. If you get any one of the two-word themed clues, you’ll have a prime example of the theme, Dave R. Each has three specific attributes. Try 5D/8D, “rotten” is an anagram indicator for the rest!

  23. Sandy, in 13A, “flash drug is taken” clues letters 3-7 you need to find a 6-letter synonym of “flash” and take the drug [away].

  24. Sandy : re 13a, letters 6-7 are not clued from “flash drug”. Rather, letters 3-7 are clued by “flash drug is taken”.

  25. Sandy, 9D is an anagram, “criminal” is an anagram indicator, and “guarding” is a container indicator.

  26. Thanks Celia and Geoff. 6-7 was a typo. I meant 3-7. Got it now. Came to me in a flash thanks to Celia’s hint. Now for 9d. And the bottom half.

  27. Thanks again Celia. Never heard of it, but my first guess of the anagram worked.

  28. Dave R, google the name that means nothing to you, and from the information gained you may deduce the theme.

    Tell me what clue number.

    In the other post for today, I think I’ll list the themed clues numbers. Don’t wish to spoil.

  29. OK, after needing no help from anyone (including Google) last week, I do need help today. Top half done, but bottom half is almost empty. Let’s start with 21a, for which I have the last letter of each word and 20d, for which I have the first letter. That might get me started.

  30. All out, but I had to use Google to find some of those themed ones. It was tricky to realize that 30A was themed.
    Having participated quite a bit in 9D, I rather liked that one.

  31. Sandy, the first word of 20A was once a low-denomination Indian coin. Hence, to donate that would make you pretty thrifty.

  32. Sandy, they’re both themed.
    20D is hard because it’s a Spoonerism clue. Google a couple of the themed answers you’ve found, all the themed answers here are in the gallery you’ll find when you subsequently twig to the three specific attributes of the theme and google that.

    21A recently famous, wordplay convoluted again, but 1st four letters are a former Indian currency unit, the rest is a synonym of “donor”.

  33. Having worked out 6D and 4/3D, then googling the latter, I think I have the theme. This does not give me confidence concerning the remaining themed clues. 6D has recently been in the news, but I shall have to wait for great-grandchildren before I become familiar again with that area.

  34. Thanks Celia. I didn’t find 21a in the Google gallery. But I got it from finding the currency and googling that in the theme.

  35. Dave R, 6D has a fourth attribute in addition to the three shared by all the themed ones here. So don’t let that one attribute that might involve great-grandchildren deter you from finding the others, many of whom you may well be more familiar with!

  36. Sandy, I found the gallery and searched for word-patterns, then tried to tie them to wordplay. You’d have to be Dame Leonie Kramer reincarnate to get all of those here. Though some were easily deduced from the wordplay!

  37. Yes, Celia, I only have two themed to go. I am guessing 15d and 18d might be the ones. But can’t find anyone in the gallery to fit what I have.

  38. Ahh. I had 30a wrong (though it fitted the theme). Now have the right last letter for 18d and twigged to answer. Still not sure of the help that has ditched tips though.

  39. 15D non-themed “intoxicated” is anagrind for anagrist that follows. Never heard of this before.

    18D definitely in the gallery I viewed. Well known, here’s the wordplay …
    “ditch” letters 1-3
    “tips for help” 4-5
    “sanctuary” 6-8.

  40. Carol, it makes a great surface with “guarding”!

    Also indicates that an ability to think laterally is a vital asset for solving cryptics. There are literally thousands of words that could qualify as anagrinds, so cultivating an ability to recognise them is a worthwhile practice.

  41. Well, I’m off to see Detour tonight. It hasn’t officially opened yet, but is in the American Essentials Film Festival in the Palace chain. One of its stars is Bel Powley, who was the lead in Diary of a Teenage Girl, and a totally hilarious Princess Margaret in A Royal Night Out (set in 1945). Hope there are more in the theatre than the ten at last night’s screening of George Lazenby doco, Becoming Bond.

    Happy solving!

  42. Celia, 20A is in the themed gallery- you just have to scroll across and she’s “buried” there! I reckon DA is sneaky putting 22d as a clue which could lead one astray as to the theme.
    Never heard of 15d- so learnt something new.
    I like to read,which helped with the theme.

  43. I think I now have all the themed answers, thanks to Google. However, the one clue I can’t work out is 26A which no-one else seems to have had any trouble with. The only word I can find that fits my available letters doesn’t make sense.

  44. Mary-Jane, I think only 30A isn’t in the gallery.

    There is no 20A, do you mean 20D? The poor thing is there too, she had a horrible disease, and euthanased herself last year, threw a farewell party beforehand. My best friend was a close friend, was invited but unaware it was a farewell declined as she had another engagement, and was devastated when she found out later on. Very sad.

  45. Ann, Civic is capitalised, and so too the answer. Wordplay: hearts letter 1; on letters 2-3; setter (guess who!) letters 4-5.

  46. Celia
    5:41 I do try and think laterally, which is why I enjoy DA, even when I’m frustrated. (Also, a clue’s ‘surface’ is something I’ve only recently come to appreciate. Some setters don’t seem to bother too much about it.)
    6:00. My goodness, how awful for her.

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