DA Confusion for the 5th of May, 2017

Have your confusions sorted out here. DA forever.

49 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of May, 2017

  1. First because in in London , I suppose!

    Took longer than usual and I don’t think I can blame the jetlag … the western half was the hardest. Fave was probably 4D , even though it was one of the easier ones.

  2. Good morning trippers. Only about ten in so far, encouraged Andyw says it is straightforward!

  3. Yes , not too tricky, but I’ve fallen short of 24D and can’t fully parse 4D or 5D. Took a while to get the NW corner , mainly because of stumbling over all the permutations of 9A and I think there’s a better def without spoiling the surface. My picks were 1, 10, 11,, 22 and 29 across.

  4. 24D: def is first word of clue. Answer was once the last name of a boxing champion, with his first letter moved down.

    4D: the clue supposes that the group in the answer ran auditions for their members, and Rosemary and Meg must have been unsuccessful.

    5D: take something that glaziers need and shorten it by 1 letter. Def is the last three words of the clue, but a fairly elliptical def!

  5. Except for letters 2 & 4 in 15A, all finished. Is this a Latin expression, like ibid? Remainder of puzzle, as AndyW said (0441), straightforward.

  6. 15A: not at all, simple English word. Take a 3 letter term meaning text and insert something that sounds like ‘you’ into it.

  7. All out, but Rosemary is NOT a 4D letters 1-5! And can’t see how 1st two words of 2D are clued.

    And is 8D 6D, baby?

  8. Thanks Andyw and AndrewT for 24D. I had the def and answer right all along, and the champion, but missed the ‘once’!!!

  9. Alice, re 1A: the two lovers are in the title of the work, one of them the answer here; “ageless habit” 6-7 should be sufficient for you to sort the remainder (“work” and “Romeo” the remaining components).

  10. Got there! Must have been easy…
    One year older from yesterday, I’m a Star Wars kid! ?

  11. Just asked this in the other post, but is anyone able to provide a scan of today’s crossword? Don’t want to cross the picket line.

  12. Sorry, spell checker changed Rohan to Roman.
    Funny, Wednesday night I was at a house of that name – Rohan – to watch Norwegian Wood with friends, architecture tres japonaise!

  13. Should have got 1A way sooner – did my thesis on it back in the day.

    Erica, May the Fourth be with you!

  14. Jason, “dance”=1-3,7;
    “down turn out” gives 4-6 (a 4-letter em word with one letter removed)

  15. Jason, that “em” is a stray that doesn’t belong, an unintentional interloper!

  16. Struggling with 16A, 21A and 15D. Gentle hints welcome.
    Also, don’t get wordplay for 28A.

  17. All out. I agree with Celia about 4d so I must be missing something on that one.

    16a – think edge and church service
    21a – look at the indicator for location this one is straight forward.
    15d – think of titanic as an indicator not the ship.

    28a – look at positioning word in the clue. That one stumped me for a while. Understood the word but not how to derive it.

    Hope my “help” is at the right level.

  18. Struggling with south West corner. 15d, 18 a, 28 a. Sorry Margaret but your hints didn’t help

  19. Two to go – and it’s late afternoon! Still struggling with 22A and, thence, 23D. I have a Sydney beach which fits, but makes 23D impossible.

  20. BillyboyOZ re 23D the cat is female but missing,(“dropping”) “in” but all the other letters are in order. If the Sydney beach has the same name as a British castle then your 22A is correct.

  21. Mary-Jane
    15D senior cop letters 1-5; audibly laments 6-10.
    Morgan Spurlock’s McDonalds doco used this word in its title;

    18a wine letters 1-4; reduction 5-8; defn “grating, historically”

    28A defn last three words, a scientific term, the surgery at letters 5&6, with 1-4 & 7 the “access”

  22. Sorry if the clues were a bit obscure, I was trying to respond to “gentle”. Celia was a bit more direct. I found todays not too bad, once I got started.

  23. Finished my first DA for a few weeks. I’ve read Celia’s explanation for 5A (at 1.45), but can’t for the life of me work out what the word which supplies letters 4, 5 & 6 could be. Nor do I see where in the clue there is an indication to shorten it.


    Dave R re 5A
    “turn-out” take “u” out

  25. Thanks Margaret. Yes, your help was very gentle. All out and understood now except for 16A, which doesn’t seem to have trouble anyone else. Can’t get word for “church ritual” out of my head for the second word. What part of the clue is the def?

  26. Thank you, Celia. I was looking for something less convoluted. Silly me! It’s DA after all.

  27. SB Re 16A Catholics call it a mass, the rest call it a “word 2′. The “edge” is 1-3, the definition is”empty talk”. Kick and face palm yourself when the penny drops!

  28. SB. 16A The answer is another way of saying the last two words of the clue. To get it you need another word for ‘edge’

  29. SB In her 2:33 post, Margaret unthinkingly used the word you’re looking for!

  30. Thanks everyone. Yes, I had that 2nd word but just couldn’t put it all together.
    Doh kick face/palm indeed. No wonder no one had any difficulty!
    Till next week. Meanwhile, good luck to the Fairfax journos!!!!

  31. I’m done,thanks for the help,guys I’ve learnt some new words: 18a,and 23d,.feel like I havent contributed much so here’s a tip for those who read the blog but dont necessarily contribute:
    In 15d ,the defn is the last word and in 28a “without ” tells you what to do with access wrt surgery.

  32. Mary-Jane, as a general rule the definition is usually at the beginning or end of a clue. “Without” is one of many and varied containment indicators. As you progress along the cryptic path, you’ll find it easier to recognize definitions, containment indicators, homophone indicators, etc., even if those may be your “first contact”.

    See the “home” menu for “DA’s Cryptic Tricks & Tips”!

  33. Halloo DA family!

    Can anyone parse 21a or 14d for me? I know 21a has been mentioned but I still don’t get it.

  34. And does anyone else think second word of 8d should be clued by ‘stores’? Always bugs me when people pluralise this store name. You don’t hear people saying “Coleses” or “Kmarts”. Or did it used to be officially in the plural?

  35. Kashbot, we don’t pluralise it – we are saying the store belongs to Mr—-. —-‘s It has always been thus. ?

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