DA Confusion for April 28th, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out and enjoy the last weekend of April.

88 thoughts on “DA Confusion for April 28th, 2017

  1. Woke up early and all done but need to work out a few wordplay still.
    23a my first in, helped by being a Victorian. NE corner straight forward.

  2. Sounds tweezy today, looked at 1A & 2A and the Portuguese colony and got each instantly. May be mountains to climb elsewhere though!

  3. Celia, don’t know about being easy or not but There were several straight forward clues and some inspired guessing got me on the way.
    Still not sure about 2d though, the first word is my problem.

  4. All out too. Started off quickly but did slow down and needed the help of a tool or two.
    Loved the literary pessimist.
    re 7D andyw, I reckon there’s a letter unaccounted for, unless I’m seeing /not seeing something.

  5. Andyw, Ray’s given it to you, although I’m reluctant to repeat a spoiler so early in the day.

  6. Agree about blazing 2-4, but there’s an ‘a’ missing in the fodder by my criss-crossing on my scribble sheet. I looked up 1-4 to see if it was an alternative, it is but not of any word for blazing.

  7. Oh, sorry, now it’s me who’s spoiling, but it’s bugging me, 7d that is.
    Learned something new in 10A. DA must have got together with Lily Serna for that one.

  8. Yes I agree with you Gayle about 7d. Maybe that is why I got stuck on it. ?

  9. Gayle, I’m a maths teacher and 10a jumped out at me. I found it as easy as 1,1,2,3..

  10. AndyW, I don’t understand your problem with 2D, it’s another tweezy. Maybe one of your cross letters is incorrect?

  11. Ray @ 6.10. As i said earlier, I looked up 1-4 in 7D in several online dictionaries, and I can only find it as an archaic alternative past participle for a word which means to get off some form of transport. Can anyone enlighten me?

  12. Yes, but it’s still not a word meaning ablaze, not that I can find anyway. Oh well, better 24 any more.

  13. Nope, I don’t get 2D. Nor 17A nor 25A, for that matter. (I’m happy with ‘alit’ for ‘blazing’.)

  14. Carol re 1D, Re soundtrack, think sheet music (synonym), with synonym for “on” “going” (deleted) from it.

  15. Geoff, re 2D, read the clue from the tail end, then slap palm on forehead! Defn is “bugs”.

  16. Geoff re 17A
    Defn is 1st 3 words, “stack” occupies letters 1, 6-9; back 2-5 (“keeps” is a container indicator); then you “top” a very concrete 7-letter word for “stick”.

  17. Geoff re 25A, answer is a literary character, a sort-of imaginary friend in a collection of same. Do you dare to whisper?

  18. Geoff, 25A still …
    “every periodical” 1-3; “rocks” 4-6

  19. Thank you Celia, it all makes sense now. Carol, I think a soundtrack is a score, without “re”, which, as “regarding”, loosely means “on”. I could be wrong …

  20. Yes, Geoff. I had, but not in such detail, because it’s still too early for spoilers.

  21. I’m all done- yay!! a record for this early in the day. if I’m doing the crossword while driving and waiting for the lights to change- is that obsessive??

  22. Re 2D- I got it when i realised it has nothing to do with insects or video games!

  23. Loved 25a, a character I’ve always identified with! I’m another maths teacher for whom10a leapt out. Don’t like the definition in 6d – isn’t there a confusion between inside and outside?

  24. Nearly there. Still 3 to go: 20d, 21a and 18d. Any hints?
    Also while I know the Portuguese colony, I have no idea what Capri Cor has to do with it (i.e. How the clue works).

  25. If I may correct a learned maths teacher: Andyw at
    6:06 am, I thought it read 0, 5. 8 etc. Must include first zero.
    That said, have only five to go, four in SE corner. Celia’s statement that 25A is a literary character, imaginary, leaves me devoid of imagination.

  26. Arthur: as another maths teacher I agree with Andyw that 1, 1, 2, 3 etc is the sequence.
    Finally the first word in 2D makes sense! I, too, had been looking for video games.
    Liked 15D.

  27. Re 6D, Mary. Don’t understand what you mean. Definition words 1-6, “in” is a containment indicator.

    Arthur C, I knew 10A from long back, and heard some learned person the radio saying “you start with two ones, ‘1, 1’ …”

    And by “imaginary” in 25A, I meant the life force of otherwise inanimate characters.

  28. All out. Loved 15D and 2D. 25A made me smile when I finally got it. Have a good weekend, everyone.

  29. Celia, (and Ann) the basis of that sequence is that each number is the sum of the previous two. so 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, etc. So, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, >n

  30. You can actually start from any two numbers, but the classic defining one begins 1,1… Starting 0,1 gives you the same terms but different term numbers.
    Celia, I know the derivation of the answer, I’m just quibbling about the meaning of the defining word.

  31. Arthur 25a is probably the best known pessimist in English literature. Think about how “periodical” is usually applied and that gives 1-3.

  32. Mary, and others, ignore my comment above re 6D, I was looking at yesterday’s crossword!

    Re today’s 6D, yes I understand what you mean, Mary.

  33. Too easy today. Had it finished by Caulfield station, which is about par for any other day of the week.

  34. All out too – a PB, but also don’t understand the ‘Capri. Cor’ clue for 14d. Or 8d.

  35. Sandy Don’t think anyone replied to you about the wordplay in 14D. The clue is I think unusual in just giving a hint that the last letter of a 4-letter word has to be removed to get the answer.

    I’m not sure about 12A and 6D that both seem to use children’s alphabets, nor of 19D with its reference to “edges” – of a map? Enjoyed lots of others.

    Thanks to Celia for explaining 17A. Also I agree that 6D should end with ‘meat’ instead of ‘hide’ and that 7D should have had “in a tall green” … and with the plea for no spoilers.

  36. All out with the usual difficulty and waste of half a day, but like Jane cannot justify 14D. Been there though.

    Jane: for 8D put the pig (3) in the racket (3).

  37. Jane, for 14D look at the Zodiac/star signs! And their common names e.g. Aries the Ram etc. Then look at the clue and the answer, and then the penny should drop

    8D defn deny;
    boring an inclusion indicator
    swine 3-5; racket 1,2,6

  38. Suddenly see 14D after posting. I’d already been thinking along those lines but didn’t get it because DA is far to cunning for me. Pity there’s no Zodiac sign for a fox!

  39. Thanks, BillyBoyOz and Celia.
    Should have worked out 8d, an er der moment, but 14d is very cunning!

  40. Thanks Celia for 2d, which made me laugh, and for dear 25a!
    No idea about 14d, and don’t care – just knew what it was. (Don’t do zodiacs, so that’s no help.)

  41. Mike re 19D
    “when edges” are “frayed” (removed) from 2nd word, which thus provides the anagrist for anagrind “alarmingly”.

    re 6D
    see discussion above … but “horse” is letter 5 and “I hung up” is 4,3,2,1.
    Children’s alphabet???

    re 12A
    “Plant” letters 1-4
    “hands” letters 5&6 [not L&R but one of DA’s patented obfuscation techniques]
    “(dripping) around” 9,8,7
    Defn. “hearty meal”
    Again, children’s alphabet???

  42. Erica, Star Signs pop up regularly in cryptics, they may be bullsh but not even knowing their names is a serious impediment to solving when they appear in a cryptic clue.

  43. Indigo, 24A Double definition:
    “Rudely leave / plain [=obvious]”
    1st word of answer is usually 4 letters in this phrase.

  44. Thank you Celia and Geoff.

    Mary Jane, I too do DA at the stoplights. Basically DA is an itch I can’t stop scratching till I get it all out, which means I’m usually scratching till midnight.

  45. Celia Thanks for 12A and 19D – D’oh! x 2. I blame the opening of the Van Gogh exhibition today.

    Re 6D the only way I can get letter 5 from ‘horse’ is from children’s alphabets as in “A is for apple…”. Of course it also appears in acronyms such as the well-known(!) RHA.

    I’d love to know your explanation, and look forward to Astle using ‘horse’ for ” ‘h’ or ‘se’ ” one of these DAs.

  46. Mike, my Australian Concise Oxford, 4th ed. 2004, at lower case “h” entry 1, lists 1. height 2. horse 3. hot 4. hour(s) 5. husband.
    It’s a standard abbreviation! Cheers!

  47. Well, finished. Not too bad, started late and certainly didn’t spend all afternoon on it. So relatively easy really…

  48. Hi Celia
    My 1954 COED doesn’t show that, nor my wonderful 1979 Collins.

    Sadly I know the usage you mean (too many rellies and friends) . I just wish David would not use it.

    Why would anyone who knows what that “H” does want to promote it???

  49. Mike, “h” is for “horse”, not a drug in its dictionary entry abbreviation nor in its appearance in DA’s crossword. Nothing I posted implies that meaning either.

  50. I”m with you Mike. But I believe that DA is probably not thinking about that . And probably most of the solvers and bloggers. DA seems to be a wordy-nerdy fellow, And otherwise an ingenue. Witness his schoolboyish humour. This may be a perfectly neutral and common abbreviation . It’s too late tonight for me to look it up, after dealing all day/all week with the connotation you refer to.
    1954??!! How many volumes? I bet is has a special place on your bookcase.
    i asked for Skeats Etymological Dictionary for my 21st birthday present. Who does that?!

  51. I am totally stuck on 15d so must have some wrong cross letters. Would love some help. Thanks for such helpful comments by the way.

  52. Pat B, re 15D.
    It’s a clever riddle. When something starts to “turn” it could be said to be “going off”. So what is the: “Turning point?”

  53. I’ve got 19D but have a mental block on the wordplay. If I take the edges off the second word I’m not left with an anagram of the answer. To do that I’d need to remove the first letter, yes, but also the penultimate letter not the last one. I’m obviously missing something, as no one else seems to have a problem.

    Also, is ‘plain’ an exact synonym for 24A as a definition, or a bit of a stretch. I’m just finding it hard to find a sentence where the two are interchangeable. Again, might be off somewhere along the line.

    Finally, with 14D I got the right answer by the wrong means, which sometimes happens. I thought it was the “core” of a 6 letter word more often associated with rabbit wool. It can’t be that, but it got me to the answer.

  54. Ian F

    19D: From whitening you remove the edges of WheN, this gives you hiteing as grist for your answer.

    24A plain to see, obvious

    14D angora? What in the clue made you think that that had anything to do with the answer?

  55. 19D. Aha. I see. Mental block removed.

    24A. You can’t substitute ‘plain’ in ‘plain to see’ for the solution and get a phrase or sentence with justifiable syntax, can you? I agree you could if you added ‘-es’ to the first word.

    14D. Angora goats, that’s what. Core of angora plus a. Problems – no ‘t’ and it’s cor not core. It’s not right, but it was briefly seductive.

  56. Re the use of h for horse. I believe the abbreviation for horsepower is hp…

  57. 23A: OK, I get the 91.4cms bit, but “Pangaea ends” for me is PA. Where is the source (or the mouth / end) of that Victorian “flower”?

  58. Peter from Perth – like you, I was stuck on that for a while. It’s a misdirect. It’s the ends of ‘after’ and ‘Pangaea’.

  59. Hey people, not DA but I’ve just done the Sunday crossword EXCEPT for 6D, can anyone help with this terribly annoying 4letter word?

  60. Everyone’s probably moved on. But I’d love to understand 26a, 18d, and 22d.

    Thanks for keeping me in the DA game.


  61. I got 22d (suppose you could call it my last stand). And assuming campus = U, and mere = fair, then I understand the dance steps.

    Now if i can just get those rhinos…

  62. I think the rhinos is sounds like for 2 words.
    Bent – wry
    Sensor – nose

    On phone being the sounds like. That is what I think anyway. Someone else might enlighten us. That was my last as well.

  63. @Dan
    18D think Margaret is right
    22D you got it
    26A. My problem was I didn’t know it was a dance! Yes to what you said, just add in the even letters of first word.
    Don’t suppose you got 6D on Sunday ? ? (See my prev post)

  64. Erica – 6d on Sunday. I presume this is the herb and season one? If so then the herb sounds like what the season, e.g spring, is a passage of. Give me a yell if the wrong clue or not clear enough.

  65. @Erica

    6D – it’s a terrible clue from a terribly out-of-date crossword.

    BLOB – Be first = B; lout = LOB (only in Chambers, not in Macquarie or Australian Oxford)
    BLOB = DUCK (noun) – a zero score in cricket.
    The “to” is wrong as it suggests a verb yet the answer is a noun.

    (Gave up on this puzzle a long time ago when it was clear it’s a mishmash of the former compiler’s (Noel Jessop) clues put together in an unprofessional way)

  66. Hi Stig. Glad you’re still around. I just couldn’t get the duck and I’ve never resorted to the pay whatever it is per minute to find out. I’ve been around cricket but never heard off BLOB. And my guess of BYOB of course brought up the usual acronyms, and nothing to do with ducks.

  67. Erica, sorry the online Sunday must be different to the paper one. Glad you got your answer.

  68. Thanks for trying to help Margaret and Gayle, glad it wasn’t just me! ?

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