DA Confusion for the 21st of April, 2017

Get your confusions sorted out. Do it.

66 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 21st of April, 2017

  1. Done and dusted. 1A and 18A were my picks.
    And thought cluing of 15A was a bit 15A.

  2. Checked in to see how the other early birds are going. Ray and Andyw steaming along. I must be having a case of FriDAyitis. Finding it really difficult to get a foothold this morning. Only 4 solutions on first pass. And usually with 2 or 3 word answers it’s not that hard. Hate clues with iPhone features. I didn’t get it the last time DA put one in. Don’t have one. Need coffee.

  3. All out all done …
    Some hard clues but lots of fun;
    G&S, two Shak-e-speare
    Even make appearance here!

    Though I hate it when it appears, thought best clue was that for 12A. Otherwise, like Ray, 1A & 18A my faces, and maybe 6A for a convolutedness that produces so obvious an answer!

  4. Ah , coffee’s working. Missed the old crossword chestnut 13D first time round and i think I’ve seen 1/26 before too.

  5. Re head note: today also 1st anniversary of passing of Lonnie Mack, and anniversary of passing of Chrissie Amphlett, Lobby Loyde, Nina Simone, and Sandy Denny.

  6. Done too, thanking you, Celia @ 6.23. The G&S and Shakespeare being last in for me. I would never have got them otherwise, having no clue as to the definitions, and no familiarity with either.
    A broad general knowledge needed today,, and some very cryptic defs. I did like 1A, 25A, 18A, and 23D. I got the IPhone feature! … but only after looking it up :-)
    It was a fun puzzle, worth persevering,

  7. Andyw The depleted funds is a colloquial 6 letter word for money with its last letter deleted.

  8. AndyW re 16A … this was my last out, so think may be ditto for many others, as hints the defn is “old telco”, “founder on bottom” is letter 5, and “depleted funds” makes up most of the rest, bar 2 letters.

  9. 12A! GRRRR!. Had to explain to elderly lady recently what it was. Going well otherwise, also liked 18A, haven’t found 1A yet. Fitted in one shopping trip (on scooter), second one (2.4 km away) still to come.

  10. Only have 5d so far, thanks to celia
    Off to babysit the grandson. I should be able to get baby show er….

  11. Ta Celia (0806) I had written in the answer much earlier, but didn’t initially register the second meaning of shower. After second shopping trip, preparing lunch, coping with unwanted guest, can get back to looking at clues, Now only four to go, in NE corner. Go and have my 5D, i think.

  12. emu re 24A

    defn. “just”
    Sometimes we say “gotta run” and sometimes we say “gotta f34” where “34” are letters 3 & 4 of the answer, they are a word for “run” that has lost its lead (“f”). Letters 1 & 2 are defined by “running”.

  13. I must be 15A as, even after reading hints above, I still can’t figure out 16A.

  14. Ann, re 16A,

    It’s a very old electronics company, founded in 1928, still going.
    “founder on bottom” = bottom of “foundeR” occupies letter 5, letters 3-4 are in the clue, and the funds a colloquial 6-letter term for money, “depleted” by its final letter, occupying letters 1-2,6-8.

  15. Great, Ann, wish I’d noticed your post, but mine is now there for the next person.

  16. I am very stuck in the NE corner. Thought I had 12 across then was thrown by a ‘y’ in 5 down….. maybe its incorrect. Am stumped on 6 & 10 Across and 8 down. Any hints would be very much appreciated.

  17. Brett. No Y in 5D. 6A take the heading off Cat and … 8D ‘rank’ has nothing to do with ‘off’ or a level in a hierarchy.

    PS Thanks Celia re 24A

  18. Finally, only one wrong, no idea on right answer for 5D. I had put in NANNI-NAP, which only vaguely relates to clue. But when i finally got 16A, that was cancelled. Glad to have got so close, but 5D is a puzzle.

  19. Arthur, 5D is a puzzle indeed. I have been stuck on it all day and still nothing after resorting to google. I am 35yo so maybe something from years back?

  20. Arthur C, your 16A must be wrong then too.

    5D You have the wrong forty winks in the wrong place, the forty winks occupies letters 4-6, the rellie 1-3, and the loves 7-8.

  21. Expert help required. I used to have a DA shortcut on my Desktop, but in changing computers I have lost it. Can someone please help an ignoramus put one in?

  22. As Celia said earlier, think Gilbert and Sullivan
    Any clues for 1, 26 please? I’m finding it tricky today…

  23. Melanie, 1,26:
    def is words 3&4
    Doing = 2-2
    court = 4 (think romance, not law)

  24. Arthur

    I nearly refused to reply: if you’re an ignoramus, I’m a banana.

    The URL for this site is http://datrippers.com/about/
    David Astle’s own page is: http://davidastle.com/

    Copy each separately into your browser search box. When the page loads there should be a menu item (an asterisk in Firefox) to say you want to make a bookmark.

    You should then be able to find them just by search for ‘crossword’. Best of luck

  25. All out (with help from above for some of the wordplays) except for 22D and 27A. Gentle hints welcome.

  26. Just realised, my previous comment might be misconstrued. I wasn’t suggesting you were alive in the time of Gilbert and Sullivan, Arthur!

  27. SB,
    22D is an anagram after losing opening.
    27A broadcast means homophone of next 2 words

  28. SB

    2D anagram with deletion, cheers (a toast), Scandinavian I think!

    27A a well-known TV host, homophonically (“broadcast”) “show” (as in “expose”)/”quizzes” (as in “interrogates”)

  29. Ha! ” well-known TV host”s are only well-known to those who own a TV! That’s not me, but the homophone clue by Celia helped a lot. I had never heard of anybody with that given name, either. I only got it by pattern matching against a “given name” list

  30. GeoffL … and letter 7 is “Y” and I have lived without a TV for 25 years!

  31. Just worked out 27A thanks to clues above. Although I’d vaguely heard of him I’ve never seen him (despite having a TV). What shows does he host? ( I first tried to fit Lucky G—–s into the answer!! Showing my age)

  32. Can someone please explain why 12A is 12A? I don’t understand the union reference.
    Thanks in advance.

  33. All good except wordplay for 6A. Which makes me think I might have wrong answer. Definition is birthplace?

  34. Ian F re 6A
    Remove “cat [with] heading off” from a “marsupial” to give “birthplace”.

    Hint: 1A aids inspecting this birthplace!

  35. Thank you everyone, I’m still going. Or rather I’ve returned after full day with grand baby yesterday . Brain goes out the window
    Thank god for Friday’s crossword!

  36. Thanks Celia. Was looking for another word for cat when there was no need.

  37. Got the last one in just before midnight, as usual. But I don’t understand the working for 21A.

  38. Carol, 21 A: Letters 6-12, ‘star trainer reportedly’ is a homophone for a leading horse trainer, now deceased. ‘Needing’ indicates to add something else. A dram and the word at letters 1-5 are synonyms for strong alcoholic drinks served in small quantities.

  39. Mike (21/1612) i finally got my shortcut, thanki you. Had lost my internet for about 16-18 hours. All OK now.

  40. All out, finally. 21a is a bit hmmm for me. Thanks for the explanation.

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