DA Confusion for the 14th of April, 2017

Is Good Friday the most boring public holiday of the year? Good Friday is definitely the day to try that little bit harder to solve a DA clue — what else is worth doing on the day? But should the clue fail to break, you know you can always come here and ask a question.

104 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 14th of April, 2017

  1. What else indeed AS as per your intro? I’m going to beat everyone else to the start because I might be late to the party. So discombobulated trying to fit 10 days work into 8, and that’s not counting the following week with ANZAC day that I woke up this (Thursday) morning, sleep-deprived, and printed out and solved the crossword, thinking that’s an easier DA than usual, only to see at the end, that it was NS rather than DA.
    Wishing everyone a good FRY DAy. (Although in my strict Anglican/Lutheran childhood, whistling, singing, and any kind of fun was totally forbidden.)

  2. Hi Gayle. Can you help me with something. What time is DA published electronically. Some posters seem to have it completed by around 3 am. ! Thanks

  3. Ottovdb re query to Gayle.
    Sometimes as early as 2:30 am, usually by 3 am, but sometimes much later. My printed delivery sometimes as early as 4 am, at times even earlier!

    Gird your loins, a themed puzzle! Happy Easter solving!

  4. Worked out the theme (8a is the important clue), just need to finish the puzzle now. SW corner completely blank currently.

  5. Solved 2D, 15D, then 10A & 14A (no, it’s not RAVEN), which helped solve 8A. Plain sailing from here, I suspect.

  6. Well, for some of us Good Friday is the holiest day of the year. Today’s DA doesn’t add any brightness to my day, I have only six, and unsure about two of those. Church this morning, DA may be cast aside. I would like to know if 15D is a German’s name? Or UND?

  7. Interesting trick today. Amazing game. First DA bends his mind and then gets us to do the same, only in reverse. Got the instruction out first, which is not often the case. Not plain sailing. I’m stuck in the SW too.

  8. 25A The abandoned extra leaves one letter to put in a word for cast like what a snake does to its skin.

  9. And the frustrating thing is, even with the second last letter of 17 known, that makes 4 possibilities for the 15/2 in 17.

  10. Gayle, thanks for 25a but I got it, by thinking something a horse might do with an extra letter added.

  11. 21. Lovely misdirection. The craft is not nautical. Colloquial word for carry, reversed (hoisted) outside ‘I’ on E(ast).

  12. Oh, that’s interesting Andyw for 25A. Or maybe something humans might do at a fun fair.

  13. #^@*!! Can’t swear on Good Friday, cracks pencil instead. Got 17. Count and look at the letters in the third word, and re-read the rest of the clue, now that we have all the crossers.

  14. Ah, too much information, but thanks, Gayle! All out, all understood, except iffy on 16A:
    does “beginning out” give 1-2,10-11?

  15. I have to say, I often have a few quibbles with DA’s 2/8s but none today, although I was nearly tempted to mention 7 until the penny dropped as to which was the correct definition. And 10 … always a risk. And for such a tricky device, a lot of the surfaces are really good. Enjoyed waking up toDAy.

  16. oops, sorry Andyw and now Celia. I had posted an apology to Andyw, having missed his finishing post, but I musn’t have hit the right button.

  17. I am completely stumped. Any hints on 8 across would be very much appreciated.

  18. Agree Black Pen, and the grid adds another complexity with not a lot of scaffolding for first and last letters.

  19. Brett, 8A wordplay is straightforward, defn is 1st 4 words. “Possibly” suggests these are examples!
    If you have any other answers, read the clue aloud, then your answer!

  20. Wa so looking forward to Good Friday and my DA. But I can’t get a handle on any answers at all. Must I have worked out the theme to start the puzzle? I always have such trouble with these themed crosswords; some kind of mental block when I see those italic letters on the page. Can somebody please help me get started. Thanks

  21. The two hints we jst gave Brett should get you going, as they are non-themed yet a clue to the theme!

  22. Helen D, I kicked off with straightforward 2D & 15D (15D a linear charade, components 3+3+3), followed with 10A and 14A, which gave hints for 8A. Each themed clue’s wordplay is complete within the clue, but with a 15D 2D as well!

  23. Arthur C, I too am fitting in DA around church. Looks like he’s given us an extra hard one to finish Lent with!

  24. Carol (1124), I am totally lost on this one,back from church, but getting nowhere with DA, only ten solved, no light ahead, so bin material, i think. Looked (via Wordfinder) at every possible word for my 3D (I have letters 2, 4, 6) but nothing that seems to fir clue. Will read clues above, but have seen nothing so far that helps.

  25. Arthur C: If you have 8A and 26A, the 26A to 3D “8As” with the first word in the 3D clue.

    The def is the second word in the clue.

    Not sure if that helps or is too cryptic in its own right!

  26. Ta Andrew T, but i couldn’t find 8A, I have the other three in the theme, but no idea on 8A. It is clearly a key word. Tried treats, but that doesn’t help at all. Anyway, lunchtime now, will look back later.

  27. Helen D: … if you are still needing hints, then we figured 8A from 24D!! For 24D – the last word in the clue is the definition. Second word gives letters one to three & words three & four give last letter. Next … ask yourself how this is related to the first word.

  28. 8A: the first four words of the clue are a (rather elliptical) pointer to the answer’s meaning. Letters 1,2 of the answer are clued by words 5,6 of the clue. Letter 4 comes from from word 7 which then then “bores” itself into letters 3,5,6 , which are clued by the last word of the clue.

  29. Thank you all. I am finally making some headway and feel I am not far off ‘cracking the code’. Enjoying the sun in our nation’s capital and am very grateful for the kindness and patience of those on this forum.

  30. I’m still not getting it. Have got 15d 2D and 26a but not 8 a. Have got a couple of answers but don’t know why they are what I think they are…. e.g. 23a. (I’ve also been MIA for a couple of Good Friday hours. That’s one excuse I can come up with.)

  31. No More! In sheer frustration i tore it into little bits and binned it. hardest DA I can rember doing. Will hope for better next week.

  32. Erica: my 8A hint above not getting you there? I’m not sure I can be more help without just giving you the word outright!

  33. Ha ah!! The penny has dropped and I am charging ahead. Thank you all. May your Easter eggs be made of real chocolate.

  34. Erica, there’s one 15D 2D in each clue that 8A with the answer. There are sufficient clues with easy wordplay (try 10A for example) which should lead you to “out” the 15D inclusion, without yet knowing what 8A is (that for 10A is “randy”, does that help?)

    8A’s partial wordplay … vacuous rich 1-2, absolutely 3,5,6.
    Possibly wines and dines “example” definition.

  35. Perhaps my problem is that I would be better not going the crossword today, but reading and contemplating…
    Happy Easter everyone (and thanks Celia).

  36. 8a is the critical clue to the theme. Vacuous is an instruction about what to do with rich. The last 3 words give letters 3-6. I’m stuck on 13d.but love the theme. What a challenge!

  37. Mary-jane, 13D is tricky, not an everyday word, definition is 15D, and the credit card colloquially occupies all but 3-5 into which is squeezed a synonym of “age”.

  38. Ok I got there; got 8a and then soldiered on. Not quite sure why for all of them but they all fit in together so I’m off for a wee nap. Thanks for all your helpful hints. It was pretty torturous (with or without the second ‘r’) !!

  39. Don’t give DA ideas, Erica, but glad to see you made it. Lot easier though with the theme known, a check device, didn’t you find?

  40. Got 24D out first, then 10A. Both easy. Haha, my clues to the theme were “porn” and “randy”. Started searching clues for risqué words till the penny dropped.
    Thanks Gayle. 17D clue really helped.

  41. Def is ‘you”. As in what we are . Fodder is a word for ‘they fear’ which gets snipped as per instruction in clue. Happy Easter all of ‘you’ !

  42. HandM re 18D, defn “you?”; “they fear” an 8-letter word modified by “pruning … crown”; the 15D 2D the “…” between those two.

  43. All out, but I question whether the crowned word in 18D is legit.

    11A is a bit convoluted, but the theme was great.

  44. Jack re 18D, see Webster’s dictionary 1913 and other sources. Not exactly in everyday use, but no reason for it to not be legit.

  45. Once under way, I found the theme made it a little easier than normal. You could eliminate the suspects, if there was a guaranteed letter(s) towards the end of the clue. Very enjoyable and an impressive effort of compilation.

    Is the theme a little bit of a stretch for 12A, or is that too harsh?

  46. Ian F re theme applied to 16A

    Depends where you’re from I suppose, the real world or the other place (to misquote the great Duke).

  47. Jack & Celia – interestingly , 18d is on a list of words banned by a Scrabble Club which uses Merriam Webster’s . That is the official New Yorker dictionary. But it does seem to be in Collins. So I guess it’s ok.
    And for all you beer-drinkers – HOPPY YEASTER.

  48. Thanks Graham @ 11.54: I was getting nowhere until your explanation of the clues in the “Beware”.

  49. @Celia. Thanks! Yes the theme was necessary to get this one out. ( But that’s why I prefer straight crosswords because if you can’t get the theme or the particular horrible device he’s dreamed up , you’re stumped. ) I guess the more advanced solvers prefer the extra challenge but I almost did an Arthur!

  50. A timely quote posted on DA’s @dontattempt Mar 9

    “I used to regret not being born Catholic as I was denied the joys of self-flagellation. Then I discovered DA.” – Bill Leak

  51. Erica, just that there was a 15D 2D, knowledge of 8A not necessary. But 8A wordplay could have cropped up anywhere this week, nothing hard, people erect their own psychological fence between themselves and a DA crossword, and rather than broadening the flexibility of their thought processes, narrow them through self-induced fear.

  52. Celia, that’s my flatmate. I’m not even allowed to allude to the crossword on Friday.
    Me: Hey do you know a seven letter word for –
    Her: I DON’T DO DA!

  53. My BFFF just glazes over, whatever clue I run past her. Except that non-DA some time last year where the answer was SYDNEY MARDI GRAS. I just said, “here’s one I think you’ll get”, and she did!

  54. My partner works nights (even on Good Friday) and is asleep when I ‘do DA’. But he used to get a bit worried when I was chatting on Trippers early morning with Rupert a couple of years back. But it was only because Rupert was in NZ and I was awake early. These days there’s Celia and Andyw, Ray (where’s Ray?) and ArthurC.
    When I come home of an evening and need my cryptic fix on the Guardian site (good fun and free), the computer’s on, a glass of wine on the desk before I walk in the door. Husband is a self-confessed example of ‘there’s no such thing as altruism .. . purely self-preservation’. And he even tolerates a few joyful explanations. Lucky me. I’m nowhere nearly as tolerant of football.

  55. Gayle, DA is hardly ever anywhere near as hard as The Times & to a lesser degree, The Sunday Times crosswords republished in The Australian!

  56. Celia, true, and there is a site for Australian solvers of the Times, but I refuse to buy the Australian, ..well, I have done if away from home and desperate. I confess to buying or helping myself in the past to copies of the Telegraph for David Stickley, but they axed him sadly. A good way to learn cryptics. He’s now online only. The Times’ settters have all sorts of rules to abide by. Very prosaic. The Guardian setters are fun, more in the vein of DA (or vice versa), and many more difficult.

  57. In a complete reversal of form, this week I actually worked out the theme, but am having trouble identifying the 15D/2Ds (apart from the few very obvious ones). In cryptic clues prepared by DA it could be almost anything!

  58. Wow Geoff. You’ve often commented about getting the ‘theme’. Congrats. Yes, identifying the 15/2s are not that easy. There are some hints above.

  59. Gayle, I just get Saturday’s for the film reviews … Celia’s recommended list follows, if looking for something to see over Easter weekend, plus, some extras …

    Colossal (for weird!)
    Denial (Rachel Weisz & Timothy Spall both fabulous in this!)
    Frantz (Jake Wilson’s despicable 2-star review today’s SMH notwithstanding)
    Land of Mine
    Loving (Jeff Nichols’ best of 5, to date)
    A Man Called Ove (delightful!)
    The Salesman (if still around)
    Their Finest (Gemma Arterton … ’nuff said!)
    T2 Trainspotting (if still around)
    Viceroy’s House (forthcoming)
    The Zookeeper’s Wife (opens this week … far better than comparable Alone In Berlin)

  60. GeoffD The ones that 8A singular with the answer. Definitions and wordplay are fairly clear, but occasionally one of the 15Ds will get between subject and object. Only really hard in SW! I can send you a list offline of the 15Ds if you like, email not.email.using.person@gmail.com if you want it!

  61. Happy Easter all.
    All out, with help from Celia & AndyW on 15A, Gayle on 25A, and JulieW on 18D.
    Like others I found identifying the 15D/2D hard, and SW hardest. Still don’t get wordplay for 9D.
    All good fun.

  62. SB,, I have to confess I was wrong on 25A in my first post. Andyw and my second post were closer to the mark.
    9d. Definition is hot. Anagram (bash) piessodain and m (mouth of motor0.

  63. That’s just motor. The 15/2 that 8A with 26A is rationed, which I suspect you’ve already got.

  64. Thanks Celia, but I think I’ll persevere at least for the rest of the evening. I often get inspiration about 11 o’clock !! Yes the SW corner is worst for me too.

  65. Today was a good Friday, ran through this one I am pleased to say. Usually takes me all weekend, so now I will have nothing to do!

    My first 2 in were 2d and 8a so that helped. 24d got me properly twigged to the theme.
    Favourite clues were 5d and 21d.

  66. Celia, you mean it’s all my fault????
    I could accept your philosophical dissertation, which was splendid, except that there is no forum for any other day of the week. …
    Anyway I don’t lack courage, I finished it.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ‘See’ you next Friday. ?

  67. Does anyone have a link to an electronic copy of this crossword? We have missed out on our paper copy as we’re currently travelling.

  68. Well I finally got there. I didn’t contribute here because I got going very late. And I have to say that having done so after a rich day of church reflecting on the heart of who I am and a lovely time with family, I found the comment at the top about Good Friday being boring as, well almost offensive.

  69. Finally done. Phew.
    13d is a brain bender but nice to expand the vocabulary a bit. Not sure of the wordplay for 25a. Last in was 17d which I had been overthinking.

  70. Black Pen, 2D isn’t a themed clue, it’s part of the theme definition in the head note.

  71. Well I’m still stuck on that SW 17,19 & 22!! I’ve had fun, nice people here, (secular or not), witty and respectful. Happy hols everyone.

  72. Finally got it out. Got the theme pretty quickly then got bogged down in SW as well. Glad it wasn’t just me. Happy holidays to all. The theme certainly made it easier than normal once you found it.

  73. Chris Y.

    If you’re still there…

    17. Seal over = the definition (not a very common word, but maybe think of bread and pies)
    Just = theme word
    Fixed = anagrind
    Punctures = anagram, with the surplus two letters accounted for by the remainder of the clue.

    19. 6D = definition
    Pain = theme word
    Victor = 6 letter synonym
    Exposed = remove first and last letters of synonym
    Nursing ‘a’ = insert into answer

    22. Take in = definition (in sense of ‘mislead’)
    Food = theme word
    D = D
    Duck = verb meaning

  74. Well I got one Answer ,so I come here for a few tips, I know you guys don’t want to give too much away but gee some of the clues that you give are tougher or more cryptic than DA’s clues lol.

  75. Terry, it is late in the day we can be more direct if you like.

    For the 4 theme answers.

    Radical 1,2,3
    German joiner 4,5,6
    Wants – walls removed 7,8,9
    Overall – not being needed

    Overall – promise, as in give ones ….
    Expose classic weaponry – strip off first and last of a type of old weaponry.

    Vacuous Rich 1,2
    Maiden – 4
    Boring absolutely 3,5,6
    Overall – What do wines and dines do? Think sounding

    Hope that helps but happy to talk more if this isn’t enough.

  76. Ian F Thanks, I got 22A after your help with 17 & 19 (I had the D-Duck one) and almost had to kick myself!

  77. ChrisY – they only look easy once you know how they work. Many times I’ve got stuck with one that no one else had problems with.

  78. Thanks Margaret, I wasn’t having a go at you all, I actually find this forum quite helpful, This weeks DA was harder than normal and I can usually crack a few answers but this week I really struggled which is frustrating, I just think some of his clues step outside the fun side of doing a cryptic crossword ( only my opinion) , I don’t usually have trouble solving anyone else’s Cryptic but this guy scrambles what brain cells I have left lol.

  79. Sandy, though I agree with your comment – we cannot condemn the blind because they cannot see. However, we could pray that they might.

  80. Huh? This was the most fun DA for a long while. And if they weren’t a challenge – compared to Fairfax’s 20-minute offerings on other days – this forum wouldn’t exist.

  81. I’m just finishing this one off and I can’t work out the wordplay for 22A. I’ve got the answer and rhyming word=fresher and force is the definition but not the rest – can you explain?

  82. Tony 22a
    Force is the answer which rhymes with fresher(as you say). Refined gives you letters 1, 6-8. The rest is an item of clothing with the first gone.

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